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In Other News: McCord TRANSFERS, Chiefs SCREWED, and More…

Goooood morning sports fans, and welcome back to this Monday’s edition of In Other News. Let’s catch up.

Ohio State fans woke up this morning to some pretty bitter-sweet news.

Junior QB Kyle McCord has entered his name into the transfer portal as it has just opened up this morning.

This last season McCord threw for 3170 yards, 24 TDs, and 6 INTs. To be honest, even typing it I would be inclined to believe that was a good, even great season.

HOWEVER, being the QB at a university like Ohio State comes with some pretty extreme expectations.

The bottom line? He didn’t play good enough to beat Michigan.

McCord’s decision to transfer just ads more talent into the portal, and the incoming weeks should be nothing but ABSOLUTE CHAOS for college football.

The Chiefs got SCREWED!?

Image via Arrowhead Pride

Coming from a Browns fan that lived in KC for quite some time, I found it simply comical that Chiefs fans were blaming the refs for their 19-27 loss to an improving Packers squad.

But… are they wrong?

Now I could say that the Chiefs are just getting a taste of their own medicine, and while part of me does want to say that, some of these calls, or lack there of, were just atrocious.

This will take us beautifully into our Memes of the Night

And finally,


Image via Philadelphia Inquirer

Well, uh, I was excited for this game going into Sunday. I figured the rematch of the NFC Championship would live up to the hype, especially considering the success that both these teams have had this year.

The 49ers had different plans, I suppose. What was a slow start for the Niners turned into an absolute MURDER of the Philadelphia Eagles, continuing the Niners dominant run against their bird gauntlet.

Well reader, that’s all the time I have for today.

Thank you for reading this edition of In Other News, and as always, try and have yourselves a good one.


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