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In Other News: CFB Championship SET, NFL Playoff Picture, and More…

In Other News: CFB Championship SET, NFL Playoff Picture, and More…

Good morning and Happy New Year sports fans. Welcome to the first In Other News of 2024! I hope your holiday break was as refreshing as mine was.

Well, it WAS..

I can’t lie to you dear reader. It hurt this Ohio State fan’s heart to see the Maize and Blue start off their new year by biting down on roses in victorious fashion as they beat Alabama in overtime to go to the National Championship Game.

I know it has to hurt ESPN that they will have to air a (future) Big 10 matchup for the natty on their air waves.

NFL Playoff Teams Locking In

Image via Sporting News

As the 2023-24 NFL regular season comes to a close, we are getting a lot of teams who have locked in their spot to the playoffs, and also have a lot of teams who are fighting down to the last week to punch their ticket.

Above is the current NFL Playoff Picture
Here are the teams that are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs.

Wingstop Cooked?

Image via Wingstop

So… This whole segment is just one big Memes of the Night.

For those of you who don’t know, Wingstop made one of the smartest promotional deals in history with the Detroit Pistons. They said for every win the Pistons get, they would give out free wings. This was then followed by the longest losing streak in NBA history as the Pistons would go on to lose 28 straight games.

That is… until they played the Raptors on December 30th.


And finally,

Well reader, that’s all we have for today. Happy New Year to all, and we will see you in tomorrow’s edition of In Other News!


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