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In Other News: Mavs Magic, Booker Buckets, and MORE!

In Other News: Mavs Magic, Booker Buckets, and MORE!

Gooooood morning sports fans and welcome to this Humpday edition of In Other News. The date is December the 13th, and we have a lot to catch up on.

The Dallas Mavericks toon on the Los Angeles Lakers last night in what turned out to be a 127-125 victory for the Dallas ball club. Luka really shined with 33 points, 17 assists, and 6 rebounds.

One of those assists just happened to be one of the best passes I’ve EVER seen on a basketball court.

As good as Luka was, he wasn’t alone in the winning efforts. This included a really efficient 32 bomb from THJ, and weirdly enough, another good effort in what is a wild resurgence of Dante Exum’s career that I don’t think anybody had on their bingo card.

Booker’s Buckets Beat the Warriors

Image via Sporting News

Last night’s battle between the Suns and Warriors saw Devin Booker go up against Steph Curry in a shoot out that went right down to the very end.

Even without KD, the Suns offense looked like it was flowing, and Suns fans have to be really excited to see it at it’s full potential.

Even though it was Booker who lead the way for the Suns, he was not alone.

Brad Beal, Jusuf Nurkic, Josh Okogie, Chimezie Metu, and Jordan Goodwin ALL scored in double figures on the night.

Uhh… Draymond??

Image via X

So… uh… I feel like I have to use this picture from now on when talking about Draymond Green, because the only time he’s ever made these columns are when he’s out there physically assaulting someone.

Just roll the clip.

What are we doing here, bud?

I struggle to even find words for it anymore. Is Dray okay? Does he not like to play basketball anymore? Did he fall and hit his head and this is just who he is now?

Nurkic certainly thinks something happened.

I mean… this just HAS to take us into our Memes of the Night.

And finally,

Well reader, that’s all I have for you today. Hope you enjoyed this edition of In Other News, and as always, try and have yourselves a good one.


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