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In Other News: Chiefs in SHAMBLES, Lakers IST CHAMPS, and MORE!

In Other News: Chiefs in SHAMBLES, Lakers IST CHAMPS, and MORE!

Good morning sports fans, and welcome back to In Other News. The date is Monday, December 11th, and there’s plenty to catch up on.

Last night brought us quite a few note worthy moments, but let’s start with the Bills 20-17 win over the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Chiefs have now dropped four of their last six games and the AFC playoff picture is absolutely nuts right now.

This final stretch of the season should prove to be absolutely CHAOTIC, and I’m here for it.

Back to the topic at hand however, it’s HOW the Chiefs lost that makes this game so interesting. As I said before, after years of watching Mahomes and the Chiefs be given handout after handout by the NFL, it’s quite comical to see how quickly Chiefs players and fans call to burn the town after a few things don’t go their way.

Here’s the play in question.

Now, I will give them this. This was one of the craziest plays that I’ve ever seen. For Kelce to try a play like this given the situation and the moment takes guts. HOWEVER, offsides is offsides.

After the play was called back, Mahomes was visibly upset, taking a lot of his anger out on his poor, poor helmet. Yelling, screaming, and slamming things seemed to be a theme for the Chiefs tonight.

Are the Chiefs in shambles??

They have a pretty cake schedule to end the regular season, so that should help them a bit, but it will be interesting to see if anyone other than Kelce will step up to help the Chiefs achieve their ultimate goal.

The In-Season Tournament Was a Success!

Image via CNN

For NBA fans, nothing beats a playoff atmosphere. Furthermore, nothing beats having a playoff atmosphere in November and December!

When Adam Silver announced the In-Season Tournament, it came with a lot of confusion and backlash. However, now that it’s over, I can confidently say that the IST was a huge success, and I’m excited for what it can become in future years.

From young stars taking a leap on the national stage, to LeBron dropping dominate 30 burgers like it’s mid June, this years IST came with a lot of incredible moments.

Eagles got Shellacked… AGAIN

Sooooooo, Philly fans. What’s going on? The Eagles got off to a great 10-1 start the year. The last two games however have looked absolutely brutal.

From fumbling the ball every chance they could, to not getting stops when they were needed, this was an all around demoralizing loss for Philly as they should be hitting their stride.

Not unlike the Chiefs, they too have a pretty cake schedule to end the year, so we’ll see what happens.

For today’s Memes of the Night, I wanted to compile memes from the Chiefs game and Eagles game because they were all so good.

So enjoy.

And finally,

Well reader, that’s all I have for today. This weekend held a great slate of games, moments, and memes to cover with you all. I’ll speak with you all tomorrow, and as always, try and have yourselves a good one.


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