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In Other News: Day on the Hot Seat, Dobbs “Pass”tronaut Run Over, In-Season Tournament is GREAT!

Goooooood morning sports fans, and welcome back to In Other News. This years Thanksgiving weekend brought great food, family, and lots and lots of football.

Speaking of football, let’s talk about the biggest game of the year. The Game.

Ryan Day disappoints Buckeye nation once again as Ohio State falls to Michigan 24-30 in Ann Arbor on Saturday which leaves Ohio State fans with one big looming question for the off-season.

Should Ryan Day be fired?

At any other school, saying that he should be fired would be hyperbole. However, this isn’t just any other school, and this isn’t just any other game.

Former Buckeyes weigh in on Day and question the preparation he put his team through:

Is the Passtronaut Run Over?

Image via Fox News

Well folks, it looks like the Jeremy Lin-esque run for Joshua Dobbs might becoming to an end. In what was a fabulous and mind boggling start to the season turned ugly on MNF when he threw four picks and lost to a bears team that didn’t score a single touchdown.

Here’s what head coach Kevin O’Connell had to say.

Unfortunately for the NFL’s feel good story of the year, this takes us to the Memes of the Night.

And finally,

In-Season Tournament Success?

Image via NBA

The In-Season Tournament was… interesting to say the least.

What started out as a confusing and seemingly pointless extra set of games with horrible court designs has actually turned into some fun, high intensity basketball.

The stage is set for the knock out round, and it looks to be fun.

Hopefully, for the fans and leagues sake, these games are highly competitive, fun to watch, and bring that playoff-like atmosphere to December basketball.

That’s all I have for you today reader. Hope you enjoyed this edition of In Other News, and as always, try and have yourselves a good one.


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