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In Other News: Cavs Win Without Mitchell, Matt Canada Fired, and More…

Happy Turkey Day Eve sports fans and welcome to another edition of In Other News. Let’s catch up.


Cleveland looked good again last night without their All-NBA Guard in Donovan Mitchell, with their last two games being wins against the reigning Finals MVP, and reigning regular season MVP.

Garland shined in the 122-119 OT effort to beat Philly as the Cavs move to 2-1 in tournament play.

Matt Canada Fired!

Image via San Diego Union Tribune

Well Steelers fans, you can rejoice. Starting NOW your Super Bowl run begins. Uh, actually not really, but Matt Canada is gone! You could still throw a parade for that. Right?

Head coach Mike Tomlin had this to say:

This will lead us right on into the Memes of the Night. Have a look:

And finally,

Moving o- wait a minute. Do you hear that? I think someone said its time for BONUS MEMES.

And finally (for real this time),

Lakers Dominate

Image via CNN

Read that title very literally sports fans. The LAKERS dominated. Not just LeBron, not just AD, the whole team DOMINATED.

Seven players were in double figures, while five players had 15+ points on the night.

The Lakers are also UNDEFEATED in in-season tournament play.

Well reader, that’s all the time we have for today. Make sure to check in on Turkey Day for another edition of In Other News, and try to have yourself a good one.


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