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In Other News: TNF was GREAT, NIL Chaos, and More…

Goooooooood morning sports fans, and welcome to this FriYAY edition of In Other News. As I sit here sipping on my morning coffee, I come to you all with a great amount of sorrow.

I made my first incorrect prediction of In Other News

The Cowboys… looked good?

Unlike my prediciton, Them Boyz beat the Seahawks in a 41-35 thriller which left fans thinking one thing.


This will take us into today’s Memes of the Night.

And finally,

Transfer Portal Chaos

Image via SportsRecruits Blog

Well college football fans, the end of the regular season means one thing.

It’s time for the portal madness to begin.

Whether you love or hate the portal and NIL, there’s one thing that remains absolute. The landscape of college football is changed, and it will never go back to how it was.

Here’s a short list of some of the key players already in the portal.

  • 4 Star – Dante Moore, QB (UCLA)
  • 4 Star – Will Howard, QB (K State)
  • 4 Star – Tobias Merriweather, WR (ND)
  • 4 Star – Dj Uialalelei, QB (OSU)
  • 4 Star – Riley Leonard, QB (Duke)

Chet ROTY?

Image via Forbes

Coming into this season, I think most people thought Chet was going to be good, but probably not going to win ROTY (rookie of the year) due to the mass media hype train for Victor Wembenyama.

While this might still be very true, the Chet Train has been gaining a lot of traction.

Here’s a look at the two players seasons so far.

Not to mention that Chet’s team is also competing for a top seed in the West right now, while Victors team has the second worst record in the league.

Chet went off last night against the Lakers hitting big bucket after big bucket.

Take a look.

Well reader, that’s just about all the time we have for today.

Lots of things to look forward to this weekend.

  • Conference Championship Weekend (CFB)
  • Huge In-Conference Games (NFL)
  • Massive Saturday Slate (NHL)
  • Potential Conference Finals Preview (NBA)

This should prove to be a great weekend in sports, and I’m excited to break it down with you all on Monday. As always, try and have yourselves a good one.


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