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2022 NBA Draft Big Board 4.0

Today’s the day. After a year of waiting the draft is finally here. My board has been incredibly fluid all year and it feels as if this years draft is even more hard to guage than the normal year. With that being said I wanted to release my top 70 players before the draft.

All draft cycle I have been releasing content and have put the links to all my work including scouting reports, big boards, and mock drafts (I released one yesterday) into a draft database which you can check out below.

2022 NBA Draft Database

With all that being said here is my final rankings for the prospects in the 2022 NBA Draft along with informatiom from Tankathon. I also included any scouting reports with the prospects I wrote them on. Also just as a reminder this is not my predictions for the draft but instead how I rank prospects 1-70 in this draft. For my predictions check out yesterdays MOCK DRAFT.

1. Jabari Smith, Power Forward, Auburn

Age: 19.1Height: 6’10Weight: 210 lbs
Draft Range: 1-2

Jabari Smith Scouting Report

2. Chet Holmgren, Big, Gonzaga

Age: 20.1Height: 7’0Weight: 195 lbs
Draft Range: 1-3

Chet Holmgren Scouting Report

3. Paolo Banchero, Big, Duke

Age: 19.6Height: 6’10Weight: 250 lbs
Draft Range: 2-3

Paolo Banchero Scouting Report

4. Jaden Ivey, Guard, Purdue

Age: 20.4Height: 6’4Weight: 200 lbs
Draft Range: 2-5

Jaden Ivey Scouting Report

5. AJ Griffin, Wing, Duke

Age: 18.8Height: 6’6Weight: 222 lbs
Draft Range: 7-13

6. Keegan Murray, Power Forward, Iowa

Age: 21.8Height: 6’8Weight: 225 lbs
Draft Range: 4-6

Keegan Murray Scouting Report

7. Bennedict Mathurin, Wing, Arizona

Age: 20.0Height: 6’6Weight: 205 lbs
Draft Range: 5-9

Bennedict Mathurin Scouting Report

8. Dyson Daniels, Guard, G-League Ignite

Age: 19.3Height: 6’7.5Weight: 195 lbs
Draft Range: 6-8

9. Ousmane Dieng, Forward, New Zealand (NBL)

Age: 19.1Height: 6’9Weight: 185 lbs
Draft Range: 8-14

10. Johnny Davis, Guard, Wisconsin

Age: 20.3Height: 6’5.75Weight: 196 lbs
Draft Range: 9-15

Johnny Davis Scouting Report

11. Malaki Branham, Wing, Ohio State

Age: 19.1Height: 6’5.5Weight: 195 lbs
Draft Range: 11-20

12. Shaedon Sharpe, Wing, High School

Age: 19.1Height: 6’5.25Weight: 198 lbs
Draft Range: 6-11

13. Jalen Duren, Center, Memphis

Age: 18.6Height: 6’11Weight: 250 lbs
Draft Range: 7-13

14. Bryce McGowens, Wing, Nebraska

Age: 19.6Height: 6’6.5Weight: 181 lbs
Draft Range: 21-35

15. Ochai Agbaji, Wing, Kansas

Age: 22.2Height: 6’5.75Weight: 217 lbs
Draft Range: 13-21

16. Mark Williams, Center, Duke

Age: 20.5Height: 7’2Weight: 242 lbs
Draft Range: 12-17

17. Dalen Terry, Guard, Arizona

Age: 19.9Height: 6’7.25Weight: 19.9
Draft Range: 14-23

18. Tari Eason, Wing, LSU

Age: 21.1Height: 6’8Weight: 217 lbs
Draft Range: 15-22

19. Nikola Jovic, Wing, Mega Basket (Serbia)

Age: 19.0Height: 6’11Weight: 223 lbs
Draft Range: 20-33

20. Jalen Williams, Wing, Santa Clara

Age: 21.2Height: 6’5.75Weight: 209 lbs
Draft Range: 13-20

Jalen Williams Scouting Report

Jalen Williams Interview

21. EJ Liddell, Big, Ohio State

Age: 21.5Height: 6’7Weight: 243 lbs
Draft Range: 18-25

22. Jeremy Sochan, Power Forward, Baylor

Age: 19.1Height: 6’9Weight: 230 lbs
Draft Range: 12-20

23. Gabriele Procida, Wing, Bologna (Italy)

Age: 20.1Height: 6’7.75Weight: 193 lbs
Draft Range: 35-UD

24. Jake LaRavia, Forward, Wake Forest

Age: 20.6Height: 6’8Weight: 227 lbs
Draft Range: 23-36

25. Jaden Hardy, Shooting Guard, G-League Ignite

Age: 19.9Height: 6’4Weight: 190 lbs
Draft Range: 17-35

26. Blake Wesley, Guard, Notre Dame

Age: 19.3Height: 6’4.25Weight: 187 lbs
Draft Range: 18-30

27. TyTy Washington, Point Guard, Kentucky

Age: 20.6Height: 6’3.75Weight: 196 lbs
Draft Range: 17-35

28. Max Christie, Shooting Guard, Michigan State

Age: 19.4Height: 6’5.75Weight: 189 lbs
Draft Range: 25-40

29. Christian Braun, Wing, Kansas

Age: 21.2Height: 6’7Weight: 209 lbs
Draft Range: 24-33

30. MarJon Beauchamp, Wing, G-League Ignite

Age: 20.7Height: 6’6.5Weight: 197 lbs
Draft Range: 21-33

31. Ismael Kamagate, Center, Paris (France)

Age: 21.4Height: 6’11Weight: 220 lbs
Draft Range: 30-50

32. Wendell Moore, Wing, Duke

Age: 20.8Height: 6’5.5Weight: 217 lbs
Draft Range: 20-35

33. Ryan Rollins, Guard, Toledo

Age: 19.9Height: 6’3.25Weight: 179 lbs
Draft Range: 28-43

34. Patrick Baldwin Jr., Power Forward, Milwaukee

Age: 19.6Height: 6’10.25Weight: 231 lbs
Draft Range: 20-37

35. Jaylin Williams, Big, Arkansas

Age: 19.9Height: 6’10Weight: 237 lbs
Draft Range: 30-44

36. Kennedy Chandler, Point Guard, Tennessee

Age: 19.8Height: 6’0.5Weight:172 lbs
Draft Range: 25-40

37. Trevor Keels, Wing, Duke

Age: 18.8Height: 6’4.75Weight: 224 lbs
Draft Range: 30-40

38. Jean Montero, Guard, Overtime Elite

Age: 18.9Height: 6’2.25Weight:172 lbs
Draft Range: 30-45

39. Christian Koloko, Center, Arizona

Age: 22.0Height: 7’0Weight: 221 lbs
Draft Range: 25-45

40. Vince Williams Jr., Wing, VCU

Age: 21.8Height: 6’6Weight: 205 lbs
Draft Range: 35-UD

41. Dereon Seabron, Guard, NC State

Age: 22.1Height: 6’5.75Weight: 182 lbs
Draft Range: 36-50

42. Kendall Brown, Forward, Baylor

Age: 19.1Height: 6’7.5Weight: 201 lbs
Draft Range: 20-37

43. Walker Kessler, Center, Auburn

Age: 20.9Height: 7’1Weight: 256 lbs
Draft Range: 20-37

44. Dominick Barlow, Forward, Overtime Elite

Age: 19.1Height: 6’9.75Weight: 221 lbs
Draft Range: 40-58

45. John Butler, Forward, Florida State

Age: 19.6Height: 7’0.75Weight: 174 lbs
Draft Range: 34-53

46. Alondes Williams, Guard, Wake Forest

Age: 23.0Height: 6’5Weight: 209 lbs
Draft Range: 42-UD

47. Orlando Robinson, Center, Fresno State

Age: 21.9Height: 6’11Weight: 244 lbs
Draft Range: 39-52

48. Caleb Houstan, Small Forward, Michigan

Age: 19.5Height: 6’8Weight: 205 lbs
Draft Range: 40-UD

49. Jabari Walker, Forward, Colorado

Age: 19.9Height: 6’8Weight: 218 lbs
Draft Range: 42-56

50. Julian Champagnie, Small Forward, St. John’s

Age: 20.9Height: 6’7.75Weight: 212 lbs
Draft Range: 47-UD

51. Jared Rhoden, Wing, Seton Hall

Age: 22.8Height: 6’6Weight: 210 lbs
Draft Range: 52-UD

52. David Roddy, Forward, Colorado State

Age: 21.2Height: 6’6Weight: 261 lbs
Draft Range: 38-54

53. Peyton Watson, Forward, UCLA

Age: 19.8Height: 6’8Weight: 203 lbs
Draft Range: 30-UD

54. Andrew Nembhard, Point Guard, Gonzaga

Age: 22.4Height: 6’4.5Weight: 196 lbs
Draft Range: 20-40

55. Hugo Besson, Guard, New Zealand (NBL)

Age: 21.2Height: 6’5.75Weight: 180 lbs
Draft Range: 36-58

56. Trevion Williams, Big, Purdue

Age: 21.8Height: 6’8.75Weight: 265 lbs
Draft Range: 46-UD

57. Khalifa Diop, Center, Gran Canaria (Senegal)

Age: 20.4Height: 6’11Weight: 231 lbs
Draft Range: 36-58

58. Keon Ellis, Wing, Alabama

Age: 22.5Height: 6’4.75Weight: 167 lbs
Draft Range: 45-UD

59. Josh Minott, Forward, Memphis

Age: 20.5Height: 6’8Weight: 205 lbs
Draft Range: 45-UD

60. Kenneth Loften Jr., Forward, Louisiana Tech

Age: 19.9Height: 6’7Weight: 275 lbs
Draft Range: 50-UD

61. Karlo Matkovic, Big, Mega Basket (Serbia)

Age: 21.2Height: 6’10Weight: 231 lbs
Draft Range: 47-UD

62. Michael Foster, Big, G-League Ignite

Age: 19.4Height: 6’9.25Weight: 237 lbs
Draft Range: 53-UD

63. Jordan Hall, Wing, Saint Joseph’s

Age: 20.4Height: 6’7Weight: 215 lbs
Draft Range: 50-UD

64. Justin Lewis, Wing, Marquette

Age: 20.2Height: 6’7.5Weight: 235 lbs
Draft Range:43-UD

65. Moussa Diabate, Big, Michigan

Age: 20.4Height: 6’10.25Weight: 217 lbs
Draft Range: 43-UD

66. Hyunjung Lee, Wing, Davidson

Age: 21.7Height: 6’7Weight: 210 lbs
Draft Range: 54-UD

67. Yannick Nzosa, Big, Malaga (Spain)

Age: 18.6Height: 6’10Weight: 195 lbs
Draft Range: 48-UD

68. Scottie Pippen Jr., Guard, Vanderbilt

Age: 21.6Height: 6’3Weight: 185 lbs
Draft Range: UD-UD

69. Tevin Brown, Wing, Murray State

Age: 23.7Height: 6’5Weight: 175 lbs
Draft Range: 56-UD

70. Kofi Cockburn, Center, Illinois

Age: 22.8Height: 7’0Weight: 292 lbs
Draft Range: 48-UD

Best Non Ranked

JD Davidson, Point Guard, Alabama

Johnny Juzang, Wing, UCLA

Ron Harper Jr., Big, Rutgers

Iverson Molinar, Point Guard, Mississippi State


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