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Jaden Ivey Scouting Report

Welcome to another Joey Barrett scouting report. I have been watching games and film all season and it is finally time to compile my thoughts into scouting reports, mock drafts, and more big boards. So far this draft cycle I have written seven scouting reports, three big boards, and one mock draft which you can check out below in my 2022 NBA Draft Database.

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For my eighth scouting report, I’ll be doing future top five pick…Jaden Ivey!

To see my overall thoughts, read until the end.

My Big Board Ranking as of 6/6: 4

Draft Night Age: 20.35Height: 6’4Weight: 200 lbsWingspan: 6’9
PPG: 17.3RPG: 4.9APG: 3.1SPG: 0.9
BPG: 0.6FG%: 46.03P%: 35.8FT%: 74.4
Stats via Tankathon

Most Impressive Stats

47.2% of his shots come around the rim which is a staggering number and impressive how much he gets to the hoop


  • Great at attacking the hoop
  • Athletiscm is incredible especially his speed, he is lightning quick
  • Great change of speed
  • Good handle
  • Good rebounder for his size
  • Finishes well around the hoop
  • Good rebounder for his size
  • Pesty defender, will get some steals
  • Seemed to elevate his play against upper Big Ten teams


  • Is average playmaker but if he wishes to be a point guard he needs to be a better one
  • Three point shot is questionable but it is not broken
  • Can struggle sometimes to go left while attacking
  • One of his worst games of the year was on biggest stage in loss to St. Peter’s, although one loss does not mean anything

Best Potential Fits: Pistons, Pacers

Worst Potential Fits: Rockets, Kings (they will be on everybody’s list)

Shades Of: Prime Victor Oladipo, John Wall, Donovan Mitchell

Best Game: 11/12/21 Vs Indiana State


Worst Game: 3/5/22 Vs Indiana


Best 5 Games Stretch: 1/27/22-2/8/22 @Iowa, Minnesota, Vs Ohio State, Michigan, Illinois


Overall Thoughts

Jaden Ivey is as dynamic as it comes with the ball in his hands. When Ivey gets down hill there is very little anyone can do to stop him from getting to the hoop thanks to a combination of size, speed, handle, and verticality. Shooting is something Ivey needs to work on as he has a low release point and a generally slow shot but by no means is it broken and with the right team he can become a 37-38% shooter. His offense alone could make Ivey an all star in his prime.

On defense, I would cosider Ivey no a liability. That may not sound very attractive but with as skilled as he is on offense that is not that bad. Ivey is athletic enough to be pesky, get steals, and get in passing lanes but he will have to improve on being a good one on one defender.

This is a three player top tier draft but Ivey is clearly number four. If I were the Rockets I would consider Ivey but ultimately not take him. I do think Ivey should be the 4th pick regardless of if that is the Kings or if that pick is dealt. If Ivey ends up going to Sacramento there is a chance that him and Fox could be the fastest back court in NBA history. There is a lot of flashes of stardom in Jaden Ivey but his jump shot will be the swing skill that could make him a superstar.

Career Projection: 3x All-Star, Career Starter, Frequently on House of Highlights

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