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2021 NBA Draft Big Board

An information filled article where we rank the top 30 players in the loaded 2021 NBA draft

1. Cade Cunningham, PG, Oklahoma State

<strong>Draft Range <strong>1
Age: 19.81Height: 6’8Weight: 220lbsWingspan: 7’0
PPG: 20.1RPG: 6.2APG: 3.5SPG: 1.6
BPG: 0.8FG%: 43.8%3P%: 40.0%FT%: 84.6%


  • Complete control of the ball and his team on offense
  • Great shooter in every way
  • Very good ball handler
  • Great passer
  • High level and versatile defender
  • Switchable on defense
  • Big game player
  • Leader
  • Not many weaknesses


  • Relatively high turnover percentage at 18.7%
  • Not a top level athlete

Best Potential Fits: Pistons

Worst Potential Fits: N/A

Resembles: Luka Doncic, Jayson Tatum, LaMelo Ball, taller Shai Gilgeous-Alexander

2. Jalen Suggs, Guard, Gonzaga

<strong>Draft Range<strong> 3 5
Age: 20.07Height: 6’4Weight: 205lbsWingspan: 6’6
PPG: 14.4RPG: 5.3APG: 4.5SPG: 1.9
BPG: 0.3FG%: 50.3%3P%: 33.7%FT%: 75.4%


  • True winner
  • Great passer
  • Overall great athlete
  • Efficient scorer when he wants to
  • Great leader
  • Great defender


  • Questions about his jump shot, shot 33.2% from three and 75.4% from the free throw line

Best Potential Fits: Raptors, Thunder

Worst Potential Fits: Cavaliers

Resembles: Jason Kidd, Jrue Holiday, Chauncey Billups, Eric Bledsoe

3. Jalen Green, SG, G-League Ignite

<strong>Draft Range <strong>2 4
Age: 19.44Height: 6’6Weight: 178lbsWingspan: 6’7
PPG: 17.9RPG: 4.1APG: 2.8SPG: 1.5
BPG: 0.3FG%: 46.1%3P%: 36.5%FT%: 82.9%


  • Best scorer in the draft
  • Can score at all 3 levels
  • Defense is average now and if he locks in he can be elite
  • Insane athlete
  • Passing vision is good and with better teammates assists should go up


  • Is prone to shoot questionable shots
  • Has tools to be a good defender but must lock in to become a good defender
  • All gas no brakes, must learn to slow down to become high level offensive player

Best Potential Fits: Rockets

Worst Potential Fits: Raptors

Resembles: Zach LaVine, Vince Carter, rich mans JR Smith

4. Evan Mobley, Big, USC

<strong>Draft Range <strong>2 4
Age: 20.08Height: 7’0Weight: 215lbsWingspan: 7’4
PPG: 16.4RPG: 8.7APG: 2.4SPG: 0.8
BPG: 2.9FG%: 57.8%3P%: 30.0%FT%: 69.4%


  • Not many seven footers can move like he can
  • Amazing defensive instincts
  • Primary scoring potential
  • Amazing passing big
  • Good finisher around the rim
  • Real shooting potential


  • Physically is to too thin
  • Size causes him to not be able to play around the rim against strong defender
  • Even with instincts, his size might not allow him to guard bigs
  • Does not have a an arsenal of post moves

Best Potential Fits: Cavaliers

Worst Potential Fits: Rockets

Resembles: Anthony Davis, Kevin Garnett minus the edge, skinny DeAndre Ayton

5. Scottie Barnes, PF, Florida State

<strong>Draft Range <strong>5 10
Age: 19.96Height: 6’8Weight: 225lbsWingspan: 7’3
PPG: 10.3RPG: 4.0APG: 4.1SPG: 1.5
BPG: 0.5FG%: 50.3%3P%: 27.5%FT%: 62.1%


  • Swiss army knife, do it all kind of player
  • Defensive master
  • Can guard 1-4 with potential to play a small ball 5
  • Can handle the ball and bring it up the court
  • Above average passer and rebounder
  • Physically can hold up and very good athlete
  • Makes winning plays


  • Jump shot is major question
  • Free throw percentage shows that he may never be an above average shooter
  • Struggles to create shots for himself
  • Only shot 4/19 for shots off the dribble
  • Not a back to the basket player, lacks sophisticated post game

Best Potential Fits: Thunder, Warriors

Worst Potential Fits: Magic, Kings

Resembles: Draymond Green, Ben Simmons, Kyle Anderson, Jabari Parker

6. Keon Johnson, SG, Tennessee

<strong>Draft Range <strong>7 15
Age: 19.36Height: 6’5Weight: 185lbsWingspan: 6’7
PPG: 11.3RPG: 3.5APG: 2.5SPG: 1.1
BPG: 0.4FG%: 44.9%3P%: 27.1%FT%: 70.3%


  • Best jumper in this draft
  • Best perimeter defender in the draft
  • All-Defensive team potential
  • Incredible athlete
  • Will dunk on anyone
  • Super raw but offensive potential is there


  • Extremely raw prospect
  • Not a go too scorer at this point
  • Poor shooter
  • Poor playmaker, negative AST-TOV ratio

Best Potential Fits: Magic, Pelicans, Hornets

Worst Potential Fits: Warriors, Kings

Resembles: Victor Oladipo, smaller Aaron Gordon, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

7. James Bouknight, SG, UConn

<strong>Draft Range<strong> 8 15
Age: 20.83Height: 6’5Weight: 190lbsWingspan: 6’8
PPG: 18.7RPG: 5.7APG: 1.8SPG: 1.1
BPG: 0.3FG%: 44.7%3P%: 29.3%FT%: 77.8%


  • Great scorer
  • 3 level scorer potential
  • Good at getting the free throw line
  • Good athlete
  • Does well finishing around the rim, can be an acrobatic finisher


  • Bouknight has a high usage rate but only averaged 1.8 assists a game on 31 minutes a game
  • Poor 3 point shooter especially later in the year, although free throws and touch show potential development
  • Has tools to be good defender but is inconsistent

Best Potential Fits: Pelicans, Hornets

Worst Potential Fits: Thunder, Kings, Spurs

Resembles: DeMar DeRozan, Jordan Clarkson, Eric Gordon, Malik Monk, Anfernee Simons

8. Franz Wagner, SF, Michigan

<strong>Draft Range<strong> 8 13
Age: 19.89Height: 6’8Weight: 205lbsWingspan: 6’8
PPG: 12.5RPG: 6.5APG: 3.0SPG: 1.3
BPG: 1.0FG%: 47.7%3P%: 34.3%FT%: 83.5%


  • Plug in to any situation player
  • Spot up 3 point shooter
  • Versatile defender
  • Switchable
  • Glue guy skills


  • Ceiling is not as high as other prospects in this range, you know what you are gonna get with him
  • Not a big isolation scorer
  • Not an insane athlete
  • Needs to make his shot more consistant

Best Potential Fit: Kings, Pelicans, Spurs, Pacers

Worst Potential Fit: Magic, Hornets

Resembles: Andrei Kirilenko, Trevor Ariza, Nicolas Batum, Deni Avdija

9. Moses Moody, SG, Arkansas

<strong>Draft Range <strong>11 18
Age: 19.13Height: 6’6Weight: 211lbsWingspan: 7’1
PPG: 16.8RPG: 5.8APG: 1.6SPG: 1.0
BPG: 0.7FG%: 42.7%3P%: 35.8%FT%: 81.2%


  • Big 3 and D potential
  • Good spot up 3 point shooter
  • Good on ball defender
  • Above average rebounder especially for height


  • Poor finisher at the rim
  • Struggles to finish floaters or runners
  • Probably will never be a primary scorer

Best Potential Fits: Pelicans, Hornets

Worst Potential Fits: Pacers, Spurs, Wizards

Resembles: Khris Middleton, Richard Hamilton, thinner Dillon Brooks, Wesley Matthews

10. Jonathon Kuminga, SF, G-League Ignite

<strong>Draft Range <strong>4 8
Age: 18.78Height: 6’8Weight: 210lbsWingspan: 7’0
PPG: 15.8RPG: 7.2APG: 2.7SPG: 1.0
BPG: 0.8FG%: 38.7%3P%: 24.6%FT%: 62.5%


  • Potential off the charts
  • Body and athleticism are incredible
  • Body suggests he could become great defender
  • Could become great passer
  • Can finish around the rim


  • Everything good about Kuminga is based around his upside
  • Was flat out just bad this year in the G-League
  • Poor shooter at 24.6% and 62.5% from line
  • Has tools to be a good defender but has not done it yet

Best Potential Fits: Thunder, Kings

Worst Potential Fits: Magic, Warriors

Resembles: Jaylen Brown, OG Anunoby, Rudy Gay, Jeff Green

11. Jalen Johnson, Forward, Duke

<strong>Draft Range <strong>7 14
Age: 19.58Height: 6’9Weight: 210lbsWingspan: 7’0
PPG: 11.2RPG: 6.1APG: 2.2SPG: 1.2
BPG: 1.2FG%: 52.3%3P%: 44.4%FT%: 63.2%


  • 6’9 athlete that moves like a guard
  • Good rebounder
  • Grab and go forward that plays well in transition
  • In high school he was an exceptional passer so there is real potential there
  • Good finisher
  • Defensively he could become elite
  • Very switchable


  • Does not have too much film, lacked minutes at Duke
  • Not great shooting potential despite 44.4% percentage
  • Similar to many players, has defensive potential but has yet to consistently show it
  • Left IMG during his senior year and left Duke after 13 games, some worry about quitting mentality

Best Potential Fits: Kings, Pacers, Spurs

Worst Potential Fits: Pelicans, Hornets, Warriors

Resembles: Ben Simmons lite, less athletic Aaron Gordon, Kevin Knox

12. Davion Mitchell, PG, Baylor

<strong>Draft Range <strong>7 17
Age: 22.87Height: 6’1Weight: 202lbsWingspan: 6’4
PPG: 14.0RPG: 2.7APG: 5.5SPG: 1.9
BPG: 0.4FG%: 51.1%3P%: 44.7%FT%: 64.1%


  • At Baylor he was a total stopper on defense
  • If that was right he could be an elite level defender in the league
  • Became a very good three point shooter last season
  • Crafty with the ball, looked like an NBA offensive player
  • Very good finisher around the rim
  • Makes winning plays has a chip
  • Very efficient


  • Almost 23 years old
  • Not great size for a two guard but lacks playmaking abilities of a point guard
  • Three point shot was bad his first two years in college the suddenly got better, that in addition to his poor free throw shooting could mean it was a fluke season
  • Biggest selling point is his defense but he lacks the size and wingspan of elite defender

Best Potential Fits: Warriors, Pelicans, Hornets

Worst Potential Fits: Magic, Kings

Resembles: Donovan Mitchell, shorter Marcus Smart, Gary Payton, Lugentz Dort

13. Alperan Sengun, C, Beşiktaş J.K. (Turkey)

<strong>Draft Range <strong>9 16
Age: 18.98Height: 6’10Weight: 240lbsWingspan: 7’0
PPG: 19.0RPG: 8.7APG: 2.7SPG: 1.3
BPG: 1.6FG%: 63.2%3P%: 20.0%FT%: 79.4%


  • Great interior player
  • Amazing footwork
  • Great finisher around the rim
  • Post move arsenal is great
  • Good passer for a big
  • Good free throw shooter, could show shooting potential
  • Locked in defensively, although he’s not great the effort is there


  • Very little versatility
  • Solely inside player on both sides of the floor
  • Currently lacks the ability to stretch the floor
  • Probably will never be even an average perimeter defender

Best Potential Fits: Kings, Hornets, Warriors

Worst Potential Fits: Pelicans, Pacers

Resembles: Nikola Vucevic, Domantas Sabonis Pau Gasol, Greg Oden, Boris Diaw, Dario Saric

14. Corey Kispert, SF, Gonzaga

<strong>Draft Range <strong>10 14
Age: 22.38Height: 6’7Weight: 224lbsWingspan: 6’7
PPG: 18.6RPG: 5.0APG: 1.8SPG: 0.9
BPG: 0.4FG%: 52.9%3P%: 44.0%FT%: 87.8%


  • One of the best shooters in the draft
  • Can shoot in all ways (spot up, screens, etc.)
  • Can finish around the rim
  • Good defender will probably be slightly above average in the league
  • Big time competitor that has shown a high work ethic


  • Not anywhere near elite at creating his own shot of the dribble
  • Average defender but quickness needs to be improved in order for him to be a good defender
  • Lacks ball handling in order for him to be much more than a 3 and D player

Best Potential Fits: Kings, Pelicans, Hornets, Pacers, Warriors

Worst Potential Fits: Magic

Resembles: Klay lite, Joe Harris, Wally Sczerbiak

15. Usman Garuba, PF, Real Madrid

<strong>Draft Range <strong>15 23
Age: 19.36Height: 6’8Weight: 229lbsWingspan: 7’3
PPG: 4.7RPG: 4.6APG: 0.8SPG: 0.7
BPG: 0.5FG%: 47.1%3P%: 31.6%FT%: 65.9%


  • Elite defender
  • Is willing to try harder than anyone else on the court
  • Very switchable defender
  • 7’3 wingspan will help him guard bigger offensive players
  • Makes winning plays
  • Good rebounder
  • Good at finding the first open man


  • Poor shooter
  • Below average offensive player in general

Best Potential Fits: Grizzlies, Knicks

Worst Potential Fits: Thunder, Rockets

Resembles: Serge Ibaka, Paul Millsap, Udonis Haslem, Amir Johnson

16. Tre Mann, PG, Florida

<strong>Draft Range <strong>26 43
Age: 20.45Height: 6’4Weight: 178lbsWingspan: 6’4
PPG: 16.0RPG: 5.6APG: 3.5SPG: 1.4
BPG: 0.1 FG%: 45.9%3P%: 40.2%FT%: 83.1%


  • Spark plug offensive player
  • Great three point shooter
  • Herkie jerky with the ball, hard to guard
  • Killer step back
  • Great handle
  • Is possibly still growing


  • Lacks elite decision making skills as a passer
  • Asist and turnover ratio were essentially the same this year (19.6% and 21.9%)
  • Not elite athlete
  • Will need to figure out defensive side of the floor in order to ever be elite

Best Potential Fit: Nuggets, Suns, 76ers, Bucks, Knicks

Worst Potential Fit: Nets, Jazz, Magic

Resembles: D’Angelo Russell, CJ McCollum, Darius Garland, Jordan Poole

17. Josh Giddey, PG, Adelaide (Australia)

<strong>Draft Range <strong>9 12
Age: 18.77Height: 6’8Weight: 205lbsWingspan: 6’7
PPG: 10.8RPG: 7.4APG: 7.4SPG: 1.1
BPG: 0.5FG%: 42.5%3P%: 29.3%FT%: 69.1%


  • Extremely talented passer
  • High IQ player
  • Deadly in the pick and roll
  • Good finisher when it can get to the hoop
  • There is hope that his jump shot could develop
  • His height will allow him to hide on defense


  • Not a good shooter, will need to develop the jump shot in order to thrive in pick and roll
  • 6’8 will allow him to stay on the court but he is a terrible defender
  • Shorter wingspan than height
  • List of good players with shorter wingspans than their height is a very short list

Best Potential Fit: Spurs, Pacers

Worst Potential Fit: Kings, Pelicans, Hornets

Resembles: taller Ricky Rubio, Kyle Anderson, Evan Turner

18. Kai Jones, Big, Texas

<strong>Draft Range <strong>12 22
Age: 20.50Height: 6’11Weight: 221lbsWingspan: 7’2
PPG: 8.8RPG: 4.8APG: 0.6SPG: 0.8
BPG: 0.9FG%: 58.0%3P%: 38.2%FT%: 68.9%


  • Projects to be a great rim runner
  • Good defender and keeps guards in front
  • Could be switchable in the league
  • Good perimeter player, especially as an big
  • Amazing athlete, few bigs move as fluid as him


  • A big at 6’11 should be a good rebounder but Kai Jones is below average
  • Not a post player offensively
  • Gets pushed around defensively by large bigs
  • Poor playmaker

Best Potential Fits: Hornets, Thunder, Knicks

Worst Potential Fits: Pacers, Grizzlies, Hawks

Resembles: Myles Turner, Chris Boucher

19. Jaden Springer, Guard, Tennessee

<strong>Draft Range <strong>13 27
Age: 18.81Height: 6’4Weight: 202lbsWingspan: 6’8
PPG: 12.5RPG: 3.5APG: 2.9SPG: 1.2
BPG: 0.4FG%: 46.7%3P%: 43.5%FT%: 81.0%


  • Incredible on ball defender
  • Overall great defender
  • Good passer and finding the open man
  • Good at attacking the hoop
  • Real shooting potential if he switches some things


  • Lacks elite athleticism to get by NBA defenders on a consistent basis
  • Takes too long to get his shot off
  • Below the rim finisher who is often blocked or has his shot altered
  • Only shot 9 pull up jump shots all season, shows lack of confidence

Best Potential Fits: Knicks, Hawks, Grizzlies

Worst Potential Fits: Warriors, Thunder

Resembles: Malcolm Brogdon, less flashy Rajon Rondo, George Hill, Neckeil Alexander-Walker, Jerryd Bayless

20. Chris Duarte, Wing, Oregon

<strong>Draft Range <strong>17 22
Age: 24.1Height: 6’6Weight: 190lbsWingspan: 6’7
PPG: 17.1RPG: 4.6APG: 2.7SPG: 1.9
BPG: 0.8FG%: 53.2%3P%: 42.4%FT%: 81.0%


  • Knock down shooter
  • Can shoot in every way (off catch, scree, etc.)
  • Great perimeter defender
  • Best player in Pac-12 last season
  • High floor
  • Hustler


  • 24 years old by draft night
  • Because of age, he is closer to the final player he will be than others in the draft
  • Lacks elite athleticism needed to keep players in front of him on defense

Best Potential Fits: Warriors, Knicks, Lakers

Worst Potential Fits: Thunder, Hawks

Resembles: Really poor mans Klay, Aaron Afflalo, Thinner Desmond Bane

21. Cam Thomas, SG, LSU

<strong>Draft Range <strong>24 31
Age: 19.766Height: 6’4Weight: 210lbsWingspan: N/A
PPG: 23.0RPG: 3.4APG: 1.4SPG: 0.9
BPG: 0.2FG%: 40.6%3P%: 32.5%FT%: 88.2%


  • Great offensive skills
  • Can shoot from beyond NBA range
  • Good isolation scorer in college
  • Can finish at the hoop
  • Great at drawing fouls and makes them pay at the line
  • Offensive potential is extremely high


  • Prone to taking really bad shots
  • Plays an iso heavy game but at this point he lacks the skills to make that work in the league
  • Sloppy, lazy on defense

Best Potential Fits: Knicks, Rockets, Clippers, 76ers

Worst Potential Fits: Nets, Nuggets, Pistons

Resembles: Highest potential is Bradley Beal, CJ McCollum but Lou Williams, Brandon Knight, Malik Monk realistically

22. Jared Butler, PG, Baylor

<strong>Draft Range <strong>15 23
Age: 21.81Height: 6’4Weight: 193lbsWingspan: 6’4
PPG: 16.7RPG: 4.8APG: 3.3SPG: 2.0
BPG: 0.4FG%: 47.1%3P%: 41.6%FT%: 78.0%


  • Good shooter
  • High effort defender
  • Good ball handler
  • Good in the pick and roll (can’t go under)
  • Will have a good NBA career
  • High floor


  • As a point guard he is average at best as a playmaker
  • Capped ceiling
  • Small on defense

Best Potential Fits: Lakers, Hawks, Grizzlies

Worst Potential Fits: Wizards, Thunder

Resembles: George Hill, Malcolm Brogdon

23. Sharife Cooper, PG, Auburn

<strong>Draft Range <strong>18 21
Age: 20.10Height: 6’1 or 6’4Weight: 180lbsWingspan: N/A
PPG: 20.2RPG: 4.3APG: 8.1SPG: 1.0
BPG: 0.3FG%: 39.1%3P%: 22.8%FT%: 82.5%


  • Best passer in the draft
  • 8 assists in college is no joke
  • Offensive leader
  • Great control of the ball
  • Possibly grew
  • Shooting potential because of high free throw percentage
  • Can finish well around hoop


  • Measured at 6’4 during combine but many believe that is an error, he was 6’1 all season
  • Awkward three point shooter, leans backwards on every set shot
  • Poor defender
  • Lacks most tools required in todays league outside of passing

Best Potential Fits: Knicks, Thunder

Worst Potential Fits: Hawks, Clippers, Nets

Resembles: Trae Young minus the jumper, Rajon Rondo, Tony Parker, Ish Smith

24. Trey Murphy, Forward, Virginia

<strong>Draft Range <strong>17 26
Age: 21.10Height: 6’9Weight: 206lbsWingspan: 7’0
PPG: 11.3RPG: 3.4APG: 1.2SPG: 0.8
BPG: 0.4FG%: 50.3%3P%: 43.3%FT%: 92.7%


  • Knockdown spot up shooter
  • At 6’9 has great screener potential
  • Good rebounder
  • Good defender, could become highly switchable
  • Keeps ball moving
  • 7’0 wingspan


  • Strictly 3 an D player, is not above average in any other facet
  • Good spot up shooter but not great in any other way shooting (move, dribble, screens)
  • Poor ball handler

Best Potential Fits: Grizzlies, Lakers, Knicks, Clippers

Worst Potential Fits: Hawks, Thunder, Suns

Resembles: Cam Johnson, Robert Covington

25. Joel Ayayi, Guard, Gonzaga

<strong>Draft Range <strong>24 43
Age: 21.37Height: 6’5Weight: 180lbsWingspan: 6’7
PPG: 12.0RPG: 6.9APG: 2.7SPG: 1.1
BPG: 0.2FG%: 57.5%3P%: 38.9%FT%: 78.1%


  • Solid in almost every way
  • High floor
  • Good shooter
  • Can handle the ball well
  • Good defender
  • Keep guards in front of him
  • Great rebounder at 6’5
  • Efficient


  • Is not elite in any single way
  • Possibly the lowest ceiling out of anyone on this list
  • Thin framed

Best Potential Fit: Nuggets, Suns, Jazz

Worst Potential Fit: Clippers, 76ers

Resembles: Kendrick Nunn, Delon Wright, Frank Ntilkina, Nickeil Alexander-Walker

26. Quentin Grimes, SG, Houston

<strong>Draft Range <strong>25 29
Age: 21.20Height: 6’5Weight: 210lbsWingspan: 6’8
PPG: 17.8RPG: 5.7APG: 2.0SPG: 1.4
BPG: 0.3FG%: 40.6%3P%: 40.3%FT%: 78.8%


  • Very good college 3 point shooter which should translate
  • Strong defender
  • Good 3 and D potential
  • Has shown flashes of creating his own shot


  • Lacks explosiveness or burst of speed
  • Below average ball handler
  • Only two assists a game as a guard

Best Potential Fits: Clippers, Nuggets, Nets, 76ers

Worst Potential Fits: Suns, Magic

Resembles: Bogdan Bogdanovic, Josh Hart

27. JT Thor, Forward, Auburn

<strong>Draft Range <strong>28 40
Age: 18.91Height: 6’9Weight: 203lbsWingspan: 7’3
PPG: 9.4RPG: 5.0APG: 0.9SPG: 0.8
BPG: 1.4FG%: 44.0%3P%: 29.7%FT%: 74.1%


  • Crazy high potential
  • Body and athleticism are great
  • Great perimeter defender
  • Very switchable
  • 3 point potential


  • Poor three point shooter but free throw percentage could show potential
  • Negative AST-TOV ratio

Best Potential Fits: Magic, Thunder, Pelicans, Pistons

Worst Potential Fits: Jazz, Bucks

Resembles: Jonathon Isaac ceiling, Al Farouq-Aminu

28. Josh Christopher, SG, Arizona State

<strong>Draft Range <strong>26 34
Age: 19.61Height: 6’4Weight: 215lbsWingspan: 6’9
PPG: 14.3RPG: 4.7APG: 1.4SPG: 1.5
BPG: 0.5FG%: 43.2%3P%: 30.5%FT%: 80.0%


  • NBA level scoring
  • Able to make very difficult shots
  • Jump shot looks really good
  • Really good in mid range area
  • Defensive potential


  • Extremely questionable shot selection
  • Defensive tools but probably never more than average on defense
  • Shot looks great but percentages are not great

Best Potential Fits: Knicks, Suns, Bucks

Worst Potential Fits: Nuggets, Jazz, 76ers

Resembles: Anthony Edwards without some athleticism, Xavier Henry, Nick Young

29. Nah’Shon Hyland, Guard, VCU

<strong>Draft Range <strong>28 43
Age: 20.86Height: 6’2Weight: 169lbsWingspan: 6’9
PPG: 19.5RPG: 4.7APG: 2.1SPG: 1.9
BPG: 0.2FG%: 44.7%3P%: 37.1%FT%: 86.2%


  • Elite scorer
  • Crafty with the ball
  • Good 3 point shooter
  • Very good ball handler
  • Good finisher around the rim
  • Long wingspan, if he adds weight he could be an average defender


  • Very skinny and lacks defensive mentality at this point
  • Great scorer but can get tunnel vision playmaking wise

Best Potential Fits: Suns, Pelicans, Bulls, Celtics

Worst Potential Fits: Magic, Pistons, Kings

Resembles: Immanuel Quickley, taller Collin Sexton, Tim Hardaway Jr.

30. Isaiah Jackson, Big, Kentucky

<strong>Draft Range <strong>19 26
Age: 19.52Height: 6’10Weight: 206lbsWingspan: 7’2
PPG: 8.4RPG: 6.6APG: 0.7SPG: 0.8
BPG: 2.6FG%: 54.0%3P%: 0.00%FT%: 70.0%


  • Can serve as a real lob threat
  • Great athlete
  • Has perimeter potential
  • Good rebounder
  • High energy


  • Lacks clear offensive role
  • Poor finisher around hoop for size
  • Nearly zero shooting potential
  • Unsure if his defense will work because of lack of size or mass
  • Gets in foul trouble

Best Potential Fits: Knicks, Clippers, Nets

Worst Potential Fits: Hawks, Lakers

Resembles: Nerlens Noel, Robert Williams


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