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In Other News: Browns Season Over, Draymond Suspended, Clippers Cooked?

In Other News: Browns Season Over, Draymond Suspended, Clippers Cooked?

Buenos dias sports fans and welcome back to In Other News.

I would like to take a moment of recognition for all the Browns fans across the country whose hearts just shattered to yesterdays news (it’s me, I’m “the Browns fans”).

The team announced yesterday that their starting QB Deshaun Watson will be undergoing a season-ending surgery. View the full statement here:

This SO VERY UNFORTUNATELY takes us to the Memes of the Night

Chill out this isn’t a real quote…. It is fake….. right???
We’re just in a silly goofy mood.

And finally,

Draymond Suspended for FIVE Games

Image via Larry Brown Sports

Now, I was going to put an actual picture for this headline, but I just love this one too much. Rudy Gobert fighting for his life, Draymond looking down at Rudy like he’s his B-Word, and KAT just kind of standing there analyzing, no, pondering the situation at hand. Take notes kiddos. This is modern art.

Steve Kerr was asked about the incident in an interview and he had this to say:

Kerr on the incident between Draymond and Gobert.

Uhh… Steve?? Stephen?? Stephen Douglas Kerr?

I’m not entirely sure we were watching the same altercation, because from every angle, it looked as if Rudy was just trying to separate the two interlocked players, NOT TO MENTION the fact that you’re calling into question Rudy having his hands on Klay’s neck?

Need I remind you Stephen Douglas Kerr:

This is worse, Steve. This is so much worse.

ALSO need I remind you the player in question?

Draymond’s career highlights

Are the Clippers Cooked?

Image via Sports Illustrated

The Los Angeles Clippers are a mess. No quippy first line to the segment. Just fact.

Whether it’s James “The System” Harden not buying in and playing like buns, Russell Westbrook snarling at the fact that he’s being subbed out of games, or Kawhi Leonard yelling at teammates and not participating in timeouts, one thing is clear. Something needs to change.

The Clippers 6 game losing streak is the longest of Kawhi’s career, and their upcoming schedule could prove to be a challenge.

They take on a young and hungry Houston team who’s been playing some good basketball as of late, and then they stay in Texas to take on The Spurs and Victor “Wet Bananas”.

That’s all I have for you today dear reader. As always, try to have yourself a good day, and I will speak with you again tomorrow.


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