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2023 NBA Draft Big Board 1.0

Finally the time!

The 2023 draft is one of the best in league history and I do not think that is an exaggeration. There are 12-15 guys in this draft that can be legit contributors on a championship team.

I have wanted to get out big board 1.0 for some time but the more I watch the more I want to change things. For this reason, I will simply show their measurements and a sentence or two to describe them.

Before I take to long and change my mind, here is big board 1.0

Guys I have not watched enough of yet

Judah Mintz, Syracuse

Colby Jones, Xavier

Brice Sensabaugh, Ohio State

Ricky Council, Arkansas

Baylor Scheierman, South Dakota State

Tyler Hendricks, UCF

1. Victor Wembanyama, Metropolitans 92 (France)

Position: AlienDraft Age: 19.46Height: 7’4Weight: 229 lbs

If you don’t know him by now google his name and read the thousands of articles about him. Either the greatest or second greatest prospect since the merger. Check out my articles involving him Here and Here.

2. Scoot Henderson, G-League Ignite

Position: GuardDraft Age: 19.38Height: 6’2Weight: 195 lbs

One of the best consolation prizes this league has ever seen. Think of Dwyane Wade in Damian Lillard’s body.

3. Amen Thompson, City Reapers (OTE)

Position: GuardDraft Age: 20.39Height: 6’7Weight: 200 lbs

Never seen an athlete like him ever.

4. Nick Smith Jr., Arkansas

Position: GuardDraft Age: 19.17Height: 6’5Weight: 185 lbs

Has not played yet.

5. Cam Whitmore, Villanova

Position: WingDraft Age: 18.95Height: 6’7Weight: 232 lbs

Also has not played yet.

6. Ausar Thompson, City Reapers (OTE)

Position: WingDraft Age: 20.39Height: 6’7Weight: 208 lbs

If the shot comes around he is an Andrew Wiggins-type player.

7. Keyonte George, Baylor

Position: GuardDraft Age: 19.61Height: 6’4Weight: 185 lbs

Has cooled off a bit but has surprised me with defense and playmaking.

8. Dariq Whitehead, Duke

Position: WingDraft Age: 18.88Height: 6’6Weight: 190 lbs

Although he’s back he is still hurt so basically hasn’t shown anything.

9. Brandon Miller, Alabama

Position: WingDraft Age: 20.58Height: 6’9Weight: 200 lbs

The shot has looked great but hasn’t finished around the hoop great (the complete opposite of what I expected at the beginning of the year).

10. Anthony Black, Arkansas

Position: GuardDraft Age: 19.41Height: 6’7Weight: 195 lbs

In my opinion, the prospect who has jumped the most on boards the past two weeks. Love the fire he plays with.

11. Jarace Walker, Houston

Position: ForwardDraft Age: 19.79Height: 6’8Weight: 220 lbs

The defense is incredible and the offense is nice but I don’t ever see him as a dominant or even all-star level offensive player.

12. GG Jackson, South Carolina

Position: ForwardDraft Age: 18.51Height: 6’9Weight: 210 lbs

Super raw but man is there talent. Also hard to judge someone when his team sucks and just feeds him the ball.

13. Kel’el Ware, Oregon

Position: BigDraft Age: 19.17Height: 7’0Weight: 210 lbs

Shot blocking big man that has floor spacing potential, count me in.

14. Maxwell Lewis, Pepperdine

Position: WingDraft Age: 20.90Height: 6’7Weight: 195 lbs

Fits the NBA perfectly as a 6’7 shooter and versatile defender.

15. Cason Wallace, Kentucky

Position: GuardDraft Age: 19.62Height: 6’4Weight: 193 lbs

I am not usually pro non elite self-creating guards but Wallace wows me in similar ways to Jrue Holiday. Wallace’s screen navigation is special and the shot looks good, he could get to the lottery.

16. Dereck Lively, Duke

Position: BigDraft Age: 19.35Height: 7’1Weight: 215 lbs

So far he has disappointed but if his high school tape is who he truly is, he will be a great defensive big.

17. Jett Howard, Michigan

Position: WingDraft Age: 19.77Height: 6’8Weight: 215 lbs

I just think there is only so low you can drop a 6’8 shooter who can play defense.

18. Terquavion Smith, NC State

Position: GuardDraft Age: 20.47Height: 6’3.75Weight: 165 lbs (yikes)

It seems the Jordan Poole, Anfernee Simons, Tyler Herro mold is more common nowadays and Terq fits into that.

19. Kris Murray, Iowa

Position: ForwardDraft Age: 22.84Height: 6’8Weight: 225 lbs

It is really crazy we are shocked about Kris Murray’s breakout considering his twin did the same thing last year and was the 4th pick in the draft.

20. Gradey Dick, Kansas

Don’t you just want to draft him
Position: WingDraft Age: 19.58Height: 6’8Weight: 205 lbs

A 6’8 JJ Redick-like shooter. That’s it.

21. Baba Miller, Florida State

Position: ForwardDraft Age: 19.21Height: 6’11Weight: 204 lbs

Has not played yet, but the lottery wouldn’t surprise me.

22. Marcus Sasser, Houston

Position: GuardDraft Age: 22.75Height: 6’2Weight: 195 lbs

Although he is old, Sasser is a guy you watch and just think he is an NBA player.

23. Dillon Mitchell, Texas

Position: WingDraft Age: 19.71Height: 6’8Weight: 205 lbs

The athletiscm and defense is eye popping but I am waiting for everything else to click.

24. Rayan Rupert, New Zealand Breakers (New Zealand)

Position: WingDraft Age: 19.05Height: 6’6Weight: 192 lbs

7’3 wingspan and shooting potential.

25. JJ Starling, Notre Dame

Can’t find Notre Dame pictures
Position: GuardDraft Age: 19.27Height: 6’4Weight: 200 lbs

A shooter that has picked up where Blake Wesley left off.

26. Kyle Flipowski, Duke

Position: BigDraft Age: 19.62Height: 6’11Weight: 220 lbs.

He has impressed a lot early offensively but would like to see more defense.

27. Terrence Arceneaux, Houston

Position: WingDraft Age: 19.61Height: 6’5Weight: 195 lbs

Super raw but seems to have the tools of a good 3 and D player.

28. Emoni Bates, Eastern Michigan

Position: WingDraft Age: 19.40Height: 6’10Weight: 175 lbs

Pedigree, shooting, and handles, the problem is his finishing isn’t bad and I do not know how he operates as a role player.

29. Julian Phillips, Tennessee

Position: WingDraft Age: 19.63Height: 6’8Weight: 200 lbs

A 6’8, athletic wing. I can’t understand anyone putting him outside of the top 35.

30. Nikola Djurisic, Mega Basket (Serbia)

Position: WingDraft Age: 19.33Height: 6’8Weight: 214 lbs

Any wing who can pass and has shooting potential has my interest.

31. Tyrese Proctor, Duke

Position: GuardDraft Age: 19.22Height: 6’4Weight: 176 lbs

Good sized playmaker and a good defender, but his scoring abilities are very elementary at this point.

32. Julian Strawther, Gonzaga

Position: WingDraft Age: 21.18Height: 6’7Weight: 205 lbs

Prototypical 3 and D.

33. Trevon Brazile, Arkansas

Position: BigDraft Age: 20.45Height: 6’10Weight: 212 lbs

A mobile shot blocker who can guard multiple positions is enticing.

34. Adem Bona, UCLA

Position: BigDraft Age: 20.24Height: 6’10Weight: 225 lbs

As of today Bona is just a highly athletic, physical, big man.

35. Jalen Hood-Schiffiano, Indiana

Position: GuardDraft Age: 20.01Height: 6’6Weight: 215 lbs

I love the defense and the mid-range creation but the three-point shot really scares me.

36. Arthur Kaluma, Creighton

Position: ForwardDraft Age: 21.30Height: 6’7Weight: 200 lbs

20% of the time I wonder if he is Paul George and 80% of the time I wonder what the hell he is doing.

37. Jordan Walsh, Arkansas

Position: WingDraft Age: 19.30Height: 6’7Weight: 200 lbs

A solid role player that does everything well but nothing on an elite level.

38. Chris Livingston, Kentucky

Position: WingDraft Age: 19.68Height: 6’6Weight: 220 lbs

Highly touted out of high school but he has looked poor so far.

39. Jordan Hawkins, UConn

Position: WingDraft Age: 21.15Height: 6’5Weight: 195 lbs

A critical piece on a contender. Hawkins is a solid 3 and D guard.

40. Sidy Cissoko, G-League Ignite

Position: GuardDraft Age: 19.22Height: 6’5Weight: 176 lbs

A good versatile defender that is still raw on offense.

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