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Week 6 NFL Power Rankings

Week 5 has gone by and the NFL has been getting quite interesting, to say the least…

COVID cases are rising in the NFL and even though it’s quite concerning, the league is still going. A lot of teams were surprising this Week 5 and we got more of an idea on who’s the contenders and pretenders. There’s the teams that are completely lost right now like the New York Jets or the Seahawks who are chugging on behind Russell Wilson and his MVP campaign.

32, New York Jets (0-5)

31. Washington Redskins (1-4)

30. Atlanta Falcons (0-5)

29. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-4)

28. New York Giants (1-4)

27. Cincinnati Bengals (1-3-1)

26. Detroit Lions (1-3)

25. Denver Broncos (1-3)

24. Houston Texans (1-4)

23. Philadelphia Eagles (1-3-1)

22. Dallas Cowboys (2-3)

21. Minnesota Vikings (1-4)

20. San Francisco (2-3)

19. Miami Dolphins (2-3)

18. Los Angeles Chargers (1-4)

17. Arizona Cardinals (3-2)

16. Carolina Panthers (3-2)

15. New England Patriots (2-2)

14. Las Vegas Raiders

13. Chicago Bears (4-1)

12. Indianapolis Colts (3-2)

11. New Orleans Saints (3-2)

10. Cleveland Browns (4-1)

The Cleveland Browns are on fire after getting embarrassed Week 1 vs Ravens. The Browns have found their stride and are playing at a high level behind good play from their offense and improved play from their defense which has definitely helped them get to their best start since Bill Belichick was their HC.

9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-2)

Buccaneers are lower on the power rankings as they lost to the Bears 19-20 on Thursday night. They’re still a top 10 team that just needs to iron some things out. They have the talent and of course the GOAT, they just need to put it together. Let’s not even get into that 4th down situation with Brady, that was NOT pretty.

8. Los Angeles Rams (4-1)

The Rams are winning again. Although 4 out of their 5 games played has been vs the extremely weak NFC East, they’ve taken care of business and won the games they should be winning this year. They had a terrible year last year and underperformed mightily after a Super Bowl appearance but seem to be back on track for the playoffs as they demolished the Washington Football Team.

7. Buffalo Bills (4-1)

Let’s be real here, the Bills got exposed. After a hot 4-0 start to the season, their defense got exposed by Ryan Tannehill and Derrick Henry absolutely bulldozing in for touchdowns. Josh Allen looked human again, although he’s still having a great season… He had his worst game of the season for sure vs the Titans. The Bills are still a playoff team and can still make noise, they just got hit with the wakeup call in the Titans.

6. Tennessee Titans (4-0)

What a dominant showing by that offense. Ryan Tannehill had 4 total TDs and Henry had 2 touchdowns to demolish the Bills 42-16. The Titans have been the team that people have seriously disliked due to their COVID issues but they kept chugging along and had a great showing vs the Bills.

5. Baltimore Ravens (4-1)

Ravens took care of business vs the Bengals as they harassed rookie Joe Burrow throughout the whole game with 7 WHOLE sacks as the defense smothered the Bengals offense. Ravens are looking good but certainly feel like something is missing from the passing offense, they need to find more of their stride in the passing offense other than Mark Andrews to rely on.

4. Pittsburgh Steelers (4-0)

Steelers had a close game against the Eagles but took care of business in the end. The Steelers might’ve found themselves their new star WR of this decade in Chase Claypool. There’s the Hines Wards, the Antonio Browns, the Jujus, and now… the Claypool?

3. Seattle Seahawks (5-0)

Game wasn’t looking pretty at all for the Seahawks in the first half at all until they put their foot down and scored 21 points in the 3rd quarter to take a 21-19 lead. The game ended up being a 1-point game but the Seahawks pulled through behind a touchdown by DK Metcalf.

2. Kansas City Chiefs (4-1)

The Chiefs had no answer Josh Jacobs and Henry Ruggs as the defense had allowed 40 points to the Raiders offense. After being the #2 ranked defense in scoring, they allowed an insane 40 points to the Raiders. Chiefs offense is still explosive and the best in the league, but that defense might need to look at some tape to see what happened vs Raiders. Was it an outlier or did the defense get exposed?

1. Green Bay Packers (4-0)

Packers didn’t play due to a bye, but that doesn’t hurt the fact they’ve been playing at an extremely high level.

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