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Top 3 Teams Contenders Don’t Want to Face in the Playoffs

Top 3 Teams Contenders Don’t Want to Face in the Playoffs

This year’s playoffs is expected to be WILD if everyone gets healthy for the playoffs. A big-3 in Brooklyn, LeBron and AD on the Lakers, PG13 and Kawhi on the Clippers, and other contender tandems will make this a very intriguing year for the playoffs.

A lot of these teams with superstars will be contending for the Finals, let’s get into some teams that might provide problems for them on the way…

Boston Celtics

I don’t classify the Celtics as contenders, but they could definitely get there. The star tandem of Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown are peaking at the perfect time right now and they could be lethal come playoff time. A team like the Nets or 76ers should be unwilling to play against the Celtics who are playing great basketball right now. Kemba Walker has become more understanding of his role on the team which has helped.

Not to mention, the addition of Robert Williams to the starting lineup. With players like Tatum, Brown, and Kemba on the Celtics, you wouldn’t expect Robert Williams to be the x-factor, but he is. Robert Williams will play a big factor in whether the Celtics are ready to go to the next level and be contenders. I will definitely be curious to see how the Celtics will fare in the playoffs and wouldn’t want to play them if I were the Nets, 76ers, or Bucks.

Dallas Mavericks

The Mavericks are going to be an intriguing playoff team this season. Well… they’re always intriguing when they have a player of Luka’s caliber, but you get my point. As of the current standings in the Western Conference, the Mavericks would face off against the Suns and I don’t like that matchup that much for the Suns. I think it’ll be a great first-round series and will be interesting to see how Luka does in his 2nd time around in the playoffs with Porzingis now.

The Mavericks have the pieces to force an upset in the playoffs. If they do force an upset, I wouldn’t be too surprised. The Luka factor is real.

Miami Heat

Last but not least, I mean… it’s pretty obvious right? The Heat are that scrappy tough team you just don’t want to get in a dog-fight with and Jimmy Butler is the leader of it. Butler showed why he is one of the best playoff performers in the league last season and I expect it to continue this playoffs. I would definitely be scared to play the Heat if I was a contender in the Eastern Conference in the 1st round.

They have a lot of good role players that could provide to be important like Herro, Robinson, Achuiwa, etc. Not to mention, if Oladipo gets healthy by the playoffs… they get another ball-handler and defender that can also get his points. Bam Adebayo has been insane all year on the defensive end and could end up being the x-factor that the Heat need to knock off a contender.


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