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Ranking the NBA 2020-2021 Earned Edition Jerseys

The NBA yesterday released its 2020-2021 Nike “Earned” Edition uniforms, this collection was released solely to the 16 teams that made the playoffs last season. Let’s take a look at these jerseys that will be debuted by most of the teams in the next week.

16. Miami Heat

The Heat may have made it to the Finals last season, but they definitely missed with these jerseys. They resemble more the Indiana Pacers or the collegiate Iowa Hawkeyes than the fresh Miami Vice jerseys, among others, of late.

15. Los Angeles Clippers

Kawhi Leonard is probably the player in the NBA that cares the least about what his jersey looks like, and I think even he won’t like these. The odd gray color with the offset blue and red trim on the arms is not working.

14. Houston Rockets

The Rockets haven’t won a basketball game since February, losing 13 straight, and they can add this jersey to that streak. While this jerseys aren’t meant to be flashy or immensely different, the Rockets seem to have designed something that looks exactly like the other jerseys they have been using this season.

13. Dallas Mavericks

I think this jersey looks exactly like the ones the Mavs already have, other than the interesting neckline. Pass.

12. Boston Celtics

While the use of the lighter green trim around the shoulders is nice, this jersey is fairly basic.

11. Milwaukee Bucks

The horns on the sides of the jersey are pretty cool, but other than that this jersey isn’t drawing much attention from anyone. (Also, who knows why the NBA chose to display Khris Middleton’s number instead of Giannis Antetokounmpo.)

10. Philadelphia 76ers

These jerseys are pretty cool, and have a throwback feel to them with the bell and the classic red/blue trim. Congratulations Philly, you’ve cracked the top 10.

9. Utah Jazz

These jerseys look oddly familiar (2018 anyone?) but they don’t look bad. The addition of the white stripe along the side was a welcome one.

8. Oklahoma City Thunder

These jerseys are pretty clean, they stray from the typical orange that is featured in most of Oklahoma City’s jersey rotation (a good choice in my opinion). The “crack” through the team name is nice.

7. Denver Nuggets

The contrast of the blue and maroon logo is interesting, but makes for a decent looking jersey. They stray from the typical Denver jersey that features some wording on the front, also an interesting touch.

6. Indiana Pacers

This jersey features some classic Indiana stripes while still having a modern feel. These are a big win, and Pacers should be excited to watch their team in the second half, especially with the upcoming return of newcomer Caris Levert (expected to return sometime in March).

5. Portland Trailblazers

No, the image isn’t black and white. While you would expect for a Blazers jersey to feature red somewhere, this Earned Edition doesn’t, and I am not complaining.

4. Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers released this jersey, closely resembling the Mamba Edition jerseys, without the mamba skin. There isn’t much more to say about these, fresh look for the defending champs.

3. Brooklyn Nets

Along with a new roster identity, the Nets have developed a new brand identity over the past few years. This jersey matches perfectly with that identity, modern and flashy.

2. Orlando Magic

While Magic fans may not have a ton to be excited about this season, they can relish in this jersey. The stars along the side are great, a fresh, new look to a rotation of generally outdated jerseys.

1. Toronto Raptors

Easily the best Earned Edition jersey. The colors, the layout, and while the placement of the letters may seem odd, it creates an overall very nice look for the Raptors.

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