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NBA 23-24 Win Record Projections: Pacific Division

Back again with our NBA 23-24 win record projections, it is turn for the Pacific Division on the Western Conference. With the recent changes and off-season moves, this division will be more competitive than ever, making it even harder to analyze and predict what each of these team’s records be? Let us find out.

Los Angeles Clippers

Projecting NBA 23-24 Win Record: Pacific Division. Los Angeles Clippers

Despite this team being surrounded by uncertainties and unfortunate injuries, the Clippers have a sensational roster with pretty high chances of playing well in the regular season and securing a spot for the playoffs. Many tend to underrate the Clippers, which ends up in them exceeding expectations.

23-24 Record: 49-33

Sacramento Kings

Projecting NBA 23-24 Win Record: Pacific Division. Sacramento Kings

Last season’s dark horse, the Kings are nowhere near stopping their ambitious, hard-working roster from striving for a top seed in the West and a better playoff run. They can now learn from their previous experience to improve their consistency and winning record even more.

23-24 Record: 51-31

Los Angeles Lakers

Projecting NBA 23-24 Win Record: Pacific Division. Los Angeles Lakers

Even though they made it to the Western Conference Finals, the Lakers had one of the worst, most inconsistent regular seasons. Nevertheless, this upcoming year looks better than ever, as they had one of the best, most coherent off-seasons in the league.

23-24 Record: 48-34

Phoenix Suns

Another team with plenty of changes in the summer, the Suns NEED to clinch a top spot to have a shot for the long-awaited NBA title. Despite their lack of defense within their roster, we still expect a much better record than last season.

23-24 Record: 53-29

Golden State Warriors

The Warriors are still in time to make yet another trophy run. Similarly, they had a subpar performance during the regular season last year, which ultimately made things more difficult for them when the playoffs started. Since they greatly benefit from home-court advantage, that is something they would need to exploit to clinch a better seed.

23-24 Record: 50-32

As you can see, this will be one of the most competitive divisions in the NBA 23-24 season, which makes us believe it is almost safe to say that we will see ALL TEAMS in the playoffs next spring.

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