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NBA Teams That Can Return to the Playoffs in 2023-24

Since the NBA underwent a series of significant changes this off-season, many teams can have a much higher chance of performing well, thus securing a spot in the playoffs.

We expect the league to be even more competitive than before, as the list of potential contenders grew bigger ahead of the start of the 2023-24 regular season. What teams are in this conversation after missing last year’s playoffs? Let us rank them.

Indiana Pacers

The Pacers were only five games away from clinching a play-in spot last season, which leaves us quite hopeful for their future as a team. Moreover, their off-season moves can be pretty helpful in solidifying their identity as a team.

Bruce Brown Jr. and Obi Toppin, as well as their draft picks, will impact them for the better as soon as they adapt to this role change. While climbing up to the top of the Eastern Conference can be an arduous task, Indiana will be on the play-in race. No question.

Seed prediction: 8th

Dallas Mavericks

After a subpar performance during the last games of the 22-23 regular season and the controversy behind it, the Dallas Mavericks need to redeem themselves and prove they can be one of the top teams in the Western Conference, clinching a direct postseason seed as a result.

Luka and Kyrie, alongside the newest additions, still have a lot of room to improve, especially in terms of team chemistry. However, they can, without a doubt, achieve great form in this upcoming season.

Seed prediction: 6th

San Antonio Spurs

NBA Teams That Can Return to the Playoffs After Missing Them Last Year. San Antonio Spurs.

Perhaps the most obvious answer to this question. The Spurs will finally come out of their “tanking phase” to pursue a winning record that allows them to contend for a playoff seed.

Even though we have yet to see how the team adapts to their new star and manages his playstyle in this uncharted territory, we expect the team to work well together and find their long-awaited comeback within the organization. At least a play-in position is what they need to clinch.

Seed prediction: 8th

While there can be more teams in this conversation, these three are solid choices, with a lot of potential to bounce back this season and return to NBA playoff contention, improving their game across the board.

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