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NBA 23-24 Win Record Projections: Atlantic Division

NBA 23-24 Win Record Projections: Atlantic Division

With the 23-24 NBA season being a little more than a month away, we can now start our yearly win record projections for each team. Starting with the Atlantic Division in the Eastern Conference, how can each of these teams perform during the regular season? Let’s analyze them:

Boston Celtics

Projecting NBA 23-24 Win Record: Atlantic Division. Boston Celtics

Among the teams with the best chances of having a fruitful year, the Celtics have what it takes to clinch a top playoff seed due to their winning record. Sticking to their talented core, they can potentially achieve their peak level this season.

23-24 Record: 56-26

Brooklyn Nets

Projecting NBA 23-24 Win Record: Atlantic Division. Brooklyn Nets

This is a slightly difficult team to project, as they could either perform excellently or have a rough time finding consistency and chemistry as a team. Overall, they are a really capable young roster with high hopes for the upcoming season.

23-24 Record: 47-35

New York Knicks

Projecting NBA 23-24 Win Record: Atlantic Division. New York Knicks

The Knicks are slowly coming back to being a playoff contender team. Not only have they encountered their identity as a group, but they are also open to change, quickly adapting to what each matchup requires.

23-24 Record: 49-33

Philadelphia 76ers

Despite the uncertainty around James Harden and the organization, the 76ers are still a top Eastern Conference team that is always consistent in the regular season. Therefore, they should have no issues clinching a favorable seed for the postseason.

23-24 Record: 53-29

Toronto Raptors

While the immense talent this team has is undeniable, it is still somewhat unclear how quickly their new additions will adapt and play well together. However, we expect a similar or better performance than last season, where they ended up with a .500 record and the 9th seed.

23-24 Record: 42-40

This division will definitely be fun to watch. Even though the Celtics and 76ers are the superior groups, the rest of the teams can all contend for a playoff spot with no clear disadvantage and similar performance across the board. We would not be surprised if almost every team (if not all) makes it all the way to the 23-24 NBA postseason games.

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