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Can Derrick Henry Reach 2,000 Rushing Yards By End of the Season?

In 14 games this season so far, Derrick Henry has had a monstrous 1,679 rushing yards (1st in the NFL) and 15 touchdowns (3rd in the NFL) on 5.2 yards per carry.

Henry also had a strong season last year in which he had 1,540 rushing yards & 16 touchdowns. His consistency and dominance has made him one of the best running backs in the game (if not the best).

The question arises…

Can Derrick Henry be the next 2K rusher in a season?

In NFL history, there only has been 7 previous 2,000 rushers. It’s an exclusive club to be a part off. Let’s look at previous 2,000 yard rushers in league history.

  1. Eric Dickerson: LA Rams (1984) 2,105 yards
  2. Adrian Peterson: Minnesota Vikings (2012) 2,097 yards
  3. Jamal Lewis: Baltimore Ravens (2003) 2,066 yards
  4. Barry Sanders: Detroit Lions (1997) 2,053 yards
  5. Terrell Davis: Denver Broncos (1998) 2,008 yards
  6. Chis Johnson: Tennessee Titans (2009) 2,006 yards
  7. O.J. Simpson: Buffalo Bills (1973) 2,003 yards

Derrick Henry has dominated this whole season with two 200 yard rushing games, which is just… insane.

Derrick Henry’s 2020 season (per game)

Week 1 at Denver: Henry’s stats: 116 rushing yards on 31 carries

Week 2 vs. Jaguars: Henry’s stats: 84 rushing yards on 25 carries

Week 3 at Minnesota: Henry’s stats: 119 rushing yards on 26 carries, 2 touchdowns

Week 5 vs. Buffalo: Henry’s stats: 57 rushing yards on 19 carries, 2 touchdowns

Week 6 vs, Houston: Henry’s stats: 212 rushing yards on 22 carries, 1 touchdown

Week 7 vs. Pittsburgh: Henry’s stats: 75 rushing yards on 20 carries, 1 touchdown

Week 8 at Cincinnati: Henry’s stats: 112 rushing yards on 18 carries, 1 touchdown

Week 9 vs. Chicago: Henry’s stats: 68 rushing yards on 19 carries

Week 10 vs. Indianapolis: Henry’s stats: 103 rushing yards on 19 carries

Week 11 at Baltimore: Henry’s stats: 133 rushing yards on 28 carries, 1 touchdowns

Week 12 at Indianapolis: Henry’s stats: 178 rushing yards on 28 carries, 3 touchdown

Week 13 vs Cleveland: Henry’s stats: 60 rushing yards on 15 carries

Week 14 at Jacksonville: Henry’s stats: 215 rushing yards on 26 carries, 2 touchdown.

Week 15 vs. Detroit: Henry’s stats: 147 rushing yards on 24 carries, 1 touchdown.

Looking at Derrick Henry’s rushing stats right now, he needs 321 yards in two games.

Next 2 games…

This week the Titans face the Packers. Packers’ defense ranks 13th against the run allowing 109.6 rushing yards per game.

In the final week of the season, the Titans go up against the Texans, who rank 31st against the run & allow an insane 152.3 rushing yards per game.

Henry had a big game against the Texans already this season with 212 on 22 carries and a touchdown. If he can have a similar game, he will be ahead of the 160.5 yards per game needed.

The Packers are going to be more challenging because they rank 13th against the run.

If Derrick Henry can reach 2,000 rushing yards. He will be the 8th player in NFL history to ever reach that feat and the 2nd Titans running back to do it( Chris Johnson).

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