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BREAKING: Jets Want to Start Wilson, Wilson ‘Reluctant’

What started as a Hollywood Dream type season for the New York Jets quickly turned into a cold, cold north eastern New Jersey nightmare.

Sitting at 4-8 (and Rodgers reportedly not coming back this year), the Jets have a lot of reflecting to do. That reflection period started when they benched Zach Wilson for what seems like the billionth time.

Wilson however was understanding this time around, and took it as a challenge for him.

“…you can sit there and be happy with the progress I feel like I’ve made personally, but it doesn’t matter if you can’t score, and I truly understand that. It starts with the quarterback and it’s finding a way to get it done, and we’re not doing that. If you keep doing the same thing, nothing’s gonna change, so I understand.”

Zach Wilson on being benched

What’s Happening Now?

After benching Wilson, one thing was very clear. There isn’t a QB in that room not named Aaron Rodgers that will do any better with this team than Wilson.

Only problem? He’s reportedly not too keen on becoming the starter again.

My question is this.

Can you blame him?

With some horrible offensive line play, judgement from the fans, and just the flat out fact that he was already benched, there isn’t a whole lot to incentivize Zach Wilson to be giddy and excited to come back.

I do understand that he is an employee of the Jets company and is under contract, but I can’t sit here and act like he has no leverage in not wanting to come back.

Will he? Won’t he? That isn’t for this article to decide, but it will be a very interesting situation moving forward if Wilson decides not to play.


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