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2023 NBA Draft Guide

2023 NBA Draft Guide

Today is the day. This guide is the culmination of 12 months of work on this draft cycle. Everyone is wrong when it comes to scouting it isn’t a perfect science and it is a constant learning experience. I am excited to learn new lessons from this draft after a year of analyzing it.

This guide is full of information and includes my top 70 players in order. With each player is information and his stats which I will explain below.

Mock Draft Position: Where the player went in my latest mock draft, Mock Draft 3.0
Consensus Big Board Ranking: The big board ranking among the top scouting websites including ESPN, Tankathon, No Ceilings, Sports Illustrated, The Ringer, CBS, NBADraft.Net, and my own ranking
Selling Point: Biggest reason or reasons why a team should consider the player
Biggest Hesitation:
Reasons why not to select the player

This is a reminder that this is NOT the order I believe the players will be selected in but instead my rankings. Under each player’s picture is a range I believe the player will be taken in tonight.

1. Victor Wembanyama, Alien, Metropolitans 92 (France)

Draft Range: 1
Mock Draft PositionConsensus Big Board Rank
1 (San Antonio)1.0
Draft Day Age: 19.46Height: 7’5Weight: 220 lbsWingspan: 8’0
PPG: 20.9RPG: 10.3APG: 2.4BPG: 3.0
SPG: 0.8FG%: 46.8%3P%: 27.2%FT%: 81.8%

Selling Point: All time defensive prospect with high offensive ceiling.

Biggest Hesitation: History says 7’3+ bigs don’t hold up long term. Injuries could be a problem.

Best Fit(s): Spurs

Worst Fit(s): Metropolitans 92

Resembles: Ralph Sampson, No one

2. Scoot Henderson, Guard, G-League Ignite

Draft Range: 2-3
Mock Draft PositionConsensus Big Board Rank
2 (Charlotte)2.3
Draft Day Age: 19.38Height: 6’2Weight: 195 lbsWingspan: 6’9
PPG: 17.6RPG: 5.1APG: 6.4BPG: 0.4
SPG: 1.2FG%: 44.3%3P%: 32.4%FT%: 75.0%

Selling Point: Elite offensive talent that can score for himself and playmake for others

Biggest Hesitation: Shorter height with an unproven three point shot

Best Fit(s): Hornets, Trail Blazers (without Dame)

Worst Fit(s): Trail Blazers (with Dame)

Resembles: Russell Westbrook, Chris Paul

3. Amen Thompson, Guard, Overtime Elite (USA)

Draft Range: 3-6
Mock Draft PositionConsensus Big Board Rank
4 (Houston)4.6
Draft Day Age: 20.39Height: 6’6.75Weight: 214 lbsWingspan: 7’0
PPG: 16.3RPG: 6.4APG: 6.2BPG: 0.8
SPG: 2.4FG%: 56.8%3P%: 23.3%FT%: 64.6%

Selling Point: Top 0.1% athlete, 6’7, good ball handling, elite playmaking, defensive upside

Biggest Hesitation: Absolutely 0 resemblance of a jump shot

Best Fit(s): Rockets

Worst Fit(s): Trail Blazers, Pistons, Magic

Resembles: Ja Morant, Russell Westbrook, DeJounte Murray

4. Ausar Thompson, Wing, Overtime Elite (USA)

Draft Range: 5-10
Mock Draft PositionConsensus Big Board Rank
8 (Washington)5.9
Draft Day Age: 20.39Height: 6’6.75Weight: 218 lbsWingspan: 7’0
PPG: 16.3RPG: 6.9APG: 6.1BPG: 1.3
SPG: 2.7FG%: 48.3% 3P%: 30.0%FT%: 67.1%

Selling Point: Elite athlete and great defender with playmaking upide.

Biggest Hesitation: Bad jump shot: form, results, and touch.

Best Fit(s): Rockets, Pistons, Wizards

Worst Fit(s): Magic, Mavericks

Resembles: Andrew Wiggins, Jaylen Brown, Andre Iguodola

5. Brandon Miller, Forward, Alabama

Draft Range: 2-4
Mock Draft PositionConsensus Big Board Rank
3 (Portland)3.0
Draft Day Age: 20.58Height: 6’9Weight: 200 lbsWingspan: 6’11
PPG: 18.8RPG: 8.8APG: 2.1BPG: 0.9
SPG: 0.9FG%: 43.0%3P%: 38.4%FT%: 85.9%

Selling Point: Shot making at 6’9.

Biggest Hesitation: Finishing/scalability to NBA offense

Best Fit(s): Trail Blazers, Hornets

Worst Fit(s): Rockets

Resembles: Brandon Ingram, Jabari Smith, Rudy Gay

6. Cam Whitmore, Wing, Villanova

Draft Range: 4-10
Mock Draft PositionConsensus Big Board Rank
5 (Detroit)6.5
Draft Day Age: 18.96Height: 6’6.75Weight: 235 lbsWingspan: 6’8.5
PPG: 12.5RPG: 5.3APG: 0.7BPG: 0.3
SPG: 1.4FG%: 47.8%3P%: 34.3%FT%: 70.3%

Selling Point: Hyper athletic 6’7 wing with shooting potential and creativity

Biggest Hesitation: Shooting consistency, ball protection, offensive role.

Best Fit(s): Pistons, Pacers,

Worst Fit(s): Rockets, Mavericks

Resembles: Jaylen Brown, Aaron Gordon, Miles Bridges

7. Bilal Coulibaly, Wing, Metropolitans 92 (France)

Draft Range: 9-16
Mock Draft PositionConsensus Big Board Rank
9 (Utah)12.6
Draft Day Age: 18.91Height: 6’8Weight: 194 lbsWingspan: 7’2.25
PPG: 10.9RPG: 4.1APG: 1.4BPG: 0.5
SPG: 1.4FG%: 52.7%3P%: 33.6%FT%: 70.5%

Selling Point: Athletic raw wing that was able to contribute in major ways in French playoffs.

Biggest Hesitation: Limited experience against high end competition, shooting consistency.

Best Fit(s): Jazz, Raptors, Thunder

Worst Fit(s): Mavericks, Magic

Resembles: Mikal Bridges, Victor Oladipo

8. Gradey Dick, Wing, Kansas

Draft Range: 9-19
Mock Draft PositionConsensus Big Board Rank
11 (Orlando)11.0
Draft Day Age: 19.59Height: 6’7.25Weight: 204Wingspan: 6’8.75
PPG: 14.1RPG: 5.1APG: 1.7BPG: 0.3
SPG: 1.4FG%: 44.2%3P%: 40.3%FT%: 85.4%

Selling Point: 6’8 sharpshooter that has intriguing pick and roll stats that could indicate upside.

Biggest Hesitation: Defense, what is he other than shooter.

Best Fit(s): Thunder, Magic

Worst Fit(s): Pelicans

Resembles: Peja Stojakovic, Reggie Miller, Kevin Huerter

9. Anthony Black, Guard, Arkansas

Draft Range: 5-9
Mock Draft PositionConsensus Big Board Rank
6 (Orlando)7.8
Draft Day Age: 19.42Height: 6’6.75Weight: 210 lbsWingspan: 6’7.5
PPG: 12.8RPG: 5.1APG: 3.9BPG: 0.6
SPG: 2.1FG%: 45.3%3P%: 30.1%FT%: 70.5%

Selling Point: Versatile jumbo guard that impacts winning.

Biggest Hesitation: Jump shot is very poor, rim finishing.

Best Fit(s): Jazz, Magic

Worst Fit(s): Pacers, Thunder

Resembles: Lonzo Ball, Josh Giddey, Markelle Fultz

10. Jarace Walker, Forward, Houston

Draft Range: 5-9
Mock Draft PositionConsensus Big Board Rank
7 (Indiana)7.5
Draft Day Age: 19.80Height: 6’7.5Weight: 249 lbsWingspan: 7’2.5
PPG: 11.2RPG: 6.8APG: 1.8BPG: 1.3
SPG: 1.0FG%: 46.5%3P%: 34.7%FT%: 66.2%

Selling Point: Defensive monster with offensive upside.

Biggest Hesitation: Offensive role, shooting.

Best Fit(s): Pistons, Pacers

Worst Fit(s): Wizards, Magic

Resembles: Draymond Green, Paul Milsap, Aaron Gordon

11. Keyonte George, Guard, Baylor

Draft Range: 13-22
Mock Draft PositionConsensus Big Board Rank
17 (LA Lakers)13.6
Draft Day Age: 19.62Height: 6’4Weight: 185 lbsWingspan: 6’9
PPG: 15.3RPG: 4.2APG: 2.8BPG: 0.2
SPG: 1.1FG%: 37.6%3P%: 33.8%FT%: 79.3%

Selling Point: Dynamic scoring guard with playmaking and defensive flashes.

Biggest Hesitation: Everything is projecting, shot 33.8% from 3.

Best Fit(s): Lakers, Raptors, Nets

Worst Fit(s): Hawks, Heat, Pelicans

Resembles: Bradley Beal, Jamal Murray, Jaden Hardy

12. Taylor Hendricks, Forward, UCF

Draft Range: 6-12
Mock Draft PositionConsensus Big Board Rank
10 (Dallas)7.9
Draft Day Age: 19.58Height: 6’9.25Weight: 214 lbsWingspan: 7’0.5
PPG: 15.1RPG: 7.0APG: 1.4BPG: 1.7
SPG: 0.9FG%: 47.8%3P%: 39.4%FT%: 78.2%

Selling Point: Defensive master and good spot up shooter.

Biggest Hesitation: In between game on offense, finishing.

Best Fit(s): Mavericks, Magic, Thunder

Worst Fit(s): Jazz, Wizards

Resembles: Herb Jones, Robert Covington, Jerami Grant

13. Cason Wallace, Guard, Kentucky

Draft Range: 11-20
Mock Draft PositionConsensus Big Board Rank
16 (Utah)12.0
Draft Day Age: 19.62Height: 6’3.5Weight: 195 lbsWingspan: 6’8.5
PPG: 11.7RPG: 3.7APG: 4.3BPG: 0.5
SPG: 2.0FG%: 44.6%3P%: 34.6%FT%: 75.7%

Selling Point: Do it all winning player that thrives on the defensive end.

Biggest Hesitation: Offensive position, shooting.

Best Fit(s): Jazz, Heat

Worst Fit(s): Hawks, Pelicans

Resembles: Jrue Holiday, De’Anthony Melton

14. Brice Sensabaugh, Wing, Ohio State

Draft Range: 15-27
Mock Draft PositionConsensus Big Board Rank
21 (Brooklyn)20.9
Draft Day Age: Height: 6’6Weight: 235 lbsWingspan: N/A
PPG: 16.3RPG: 5.4APG: 1.2BPG: 0.4
SPG: 0.5FG%: 48.0%3P%: 40.5%FT%: 83.0%

Selling Point: All around great scorer.

Biggest Hesitation: How does he effect the game besides scoring.

Best Fit(s): Nets, Kings

Worst Fit(s): Warriors, Trail Blazers, Pacers

Resembles: TJ Warren, Cam Thomas, Devin Booker lite

15. Jett Howard, Wing, Michigan

Draft Range: 12-25
Mock Draft PositionConsensus Big Board Rank
19 (Golden State)19.6
Draft Day Age: 19.77Height: 6’8Weight: 215 lbsWingspan: N/A
PPG: 14.2RPG: 2.8APG: 2.0BPG: 0.7
SPG: 0.4FG%: 41.4%3P%: 36.8%FT%: 80.0%

Selling Point: 6’8 shooter with playmaking upside.

Biggest Hesitation: Defense and playmaking.

Best Fit(s): Celtics, Kings, Trail Blazers

Worst Fit(s): Nets

Resembles: Alec Burks

16. Dereck Lively, Big, Duke

Draft Range: 10-18
Mock Draft PositionConsensus Big Board Rank
12 (Oklahoma City)16.1
Draft Day Age: 19.36Height: 7’1Weight: 215 lbsWingspan: 7’8
PPG: 5.2RPG: 5.4APG: 1.1BPG: 2.4
SPG: 0.5FG%: 65.8%3P%: 15.4%FT%: 60.0%

Selling Point: Great shot blocking and finishing.

Biggest Hesitation: Self creation/scoring.

Best Fit(s): Mavericks, Thunder

Worst Fit(s): Pelicans, Jazz

Resembles: Tyson Chandler, Mitchell Robinson

17. Jalen Hood-Schfino, Guard, Indiana

Draft Range: 9-17
Mock Draft PositionConsensus Big Board Rank
15 (Atlanta)14.0
Draft Day Age: 20.01Height: 6’5.25Weight: 217 lbsWingspan: 6’10.25
PPG: 13.5RPG: 4.1APG: 3.7BPG: 0.3
SPG: 0.8FG%: 41.7%3P%: 33.3%FT%: 77.6%

Selling Point: High Bball IQ player/hard nosed defender.

Biggest Hesitation: 3 point shooting.

Best Fit(s): Hawks, Warriors, Jazz

Worst Fit(s): Heat, Thunder

Resembles: Malcolm Brogdon

18. Leonard Miller, Forward, G-League Ignite

Draft Range: 12-27
Mock Draft PositionConsensus Big Board Rank
18 (Miami)20.9
Draft Day Age: 19.57Height: 6’10.25Weight: 213 lbsWingspan: 7’2
PPG: 16.9RPG: 10.1APG: 1.6BPG: 0.8
SPG: 1.0FG%: 53.7%3P%: 30.4%FT%: 79.2%

Selling Point: Defensive versatility and fast improving offensive player.

Biggest Hesitation: Offense is hypothetical, without big improvements its questionable.

Best Fit(s): Heat, Warriors

Worst Fit(s): Hornets, Jazz

Resembles: Kevon Looney, Jaren Jackson lite

19. Kobe Bufkin, Guard, Michigan

Draft Range: 8-15
Mock Draft PositionConsensus Big Board Rank
13 (Toronto)16.4
Draft Day Age: 19.75Height: 6’5.25Weight: 187 lbsWingspan: 6’7.75
PPG: 14.0RPG: 4.5APG: 2.9BPG: 0.7
SPG: 1.3FG%: 48.2%3P%: 35.5%FT%: 84.9%

Selling Point: Dynamic offensive player on and off ball.

Biggest Hesitation: Small frame, defensive ability.

Best Fit(s): Raptors, Jazz

Worst Fit(s): Thunder, Pelicans

Resembles: Jordan Poole, Killian Hayes (promise that isn’t a diss), Immanuel Quickley

20. Jordan Hawkins, Wing, UConn

Draft Range: 11-20
Mock Draft PositionConsensus Big Board Rank
14 (New Orleans)17.3
Draft Day Age: 21.15Height: 6’5.25Weight: 186 lbsWingspan: 6’6.75
PPG: 16.2RPG: 3.8APG: 1.3BPG: 0.5
SPG: 0.7FG%: 40.9%3P%: 38.8%FT%: 88.7%

Selling Point: Shooting/On ball defense

Biggest Hesitation: Everything else

Best Fit(s): Thunder, Magic

Worst Fit(s): Pelicans, Raptors

Resembles: Max Strus, Gary Trent

21. Dariq Whitehead, Wing, Duke

Draft Range: 15-28
Mock Draft PositionConsensus Big Board Rank
26 (Indiana)26.5
Draft Day Age: 18.89Height: 6’6.75Weight: 217Wingspan: 6’10.25
PPG: 8.3RPG: 2.4APG: 1.0BPG: 0.2
SPG: 0.8FG%: 42.1%3P%: 42.9%FT%: 79.3%

Selling Point: Blue chip high school talent that shot well

Biggest Hesitation: Injuries, lack of college results

Best Fit(s): Celtics, Nuggets, Kings

Worst Fit(s): Pacers, Trail Blazers

Resembles: Quentin Grimes, Allen Crabbe

22. GG Jackson, Forward, South Carolina

Draft Range: 18-35
Mock Draft PositionConsensus Big Board Rank
22 (Brooklyn)30.1
Draft Day Age: 18.51Height: 6’9.25Weight: 214 lbsWingspan: 6’11.5
PPG: 15.4RPG: 6.9APG: 0.8BPG: 0.8
SPG: 0.8FG%: 38.4%3P%: 32.4%FT%: 67.7%

Selling Point: Size, age, fluidity, and shot making is rare combination.

Biggest Hesitation: Shot diet, immaturity, defense, playmaking.

Best Fit(s): Heat, Nuggets, Jazz

Worst Fit(s): Nets, Trail Blazers

Resembles: Marcus Morris

23. Kris Murray, Forward, Iowa

Draft Range: 19-27
Mock Draft PositionConsensus Big Board Rank
20 (Houston)21.9
Draft Day Age: 22.84Height: 6’8.75Weight: 213 lbsWingspan: 6’11.75
PPG: 20.2RPG: 7.9APG: 2.0BPG: 1.2
SPG: 1.0FG%: 47.6%3P%: 33.5%FT%: 72.9%

Selling Point: Good defender, with known offensive role.

Biggest Hesitation: NBA ceiling, shooting.

Best Fit(s): Kings, Warriors

Worst Fit(s): Heat

Resembles: Keegan Murray, Otto Porter

24. Maxwell Lewis, Wing, Pepperdine

Draft Range: 21-33
Mock Draft PositionConsensus Big Board Rank
29 (Denver)26.6
Draft Day Age: 20.90Height: 6’7.25Weight: 207 lbsWingspan: 7’0
PPG: 17.1RPG: 5.7APG: 2.8BPG: 0.8
SPG: 0.8FG%: 46.8%3P%: 34.85%FT%: 78.7%

Selling Point: Raw offensive talent with good frame and great catch and shoot numbers.

Biggest Hesitation: Defense is poor, not a priary option.

Best Fit(s): Kings, Nets

Worst Fit(s): Trail Blazers, Celtics

Resembles: Trey Murphy

25. Sidy Cissoko, Wing, G-League Ignite

Draft Range: 24-37
Mock Draft PositionConsensus Big Board Rank
24 (Sacramento)33.5
Draft Day Age: 19.22Height: 6’6.5Weight: 224 lbsWingspan: 6’9.75
PPG: 11.6RPG: 2.8APG: 3.1BPG: 1.0
SPG: 1.1FG%: 43.6%3P%: 31.4%FT%: 64.3%

Selling Point: Big defensive guard that when downhill is hard to stop.

Biggest Hesitation: Shooting/half court finishing

Best Fit(s): Nets, Pacers, Hornets

Worst Fit(s): Kings, Jazz

Resembles: Jeff Green,

26. Nick Smith Jr., Guard, Arkansas

Draft Range: 13-25
Mock Draft PositionConsensus Big Board Rank
25 (Boston)19.1
Draft Day Age: 19.18Height: 6’5Weight: 185 lbsWingspan: 6’8
PPG: 12.5RPG: 1.6APG: 1.7BPG: 0.1
SPG: 0.8FG%: 37.6%3P%: 33.8%FT%: 74.0%

Selling Point: Former 5 star, good playmaker, tough shot maker.

Biggest Hesitation: Horrible defender, tough shot taker.

Best Fit(s): Raptors, Nets

Worst Fit(s): Celtics, Heat, Pelicans

Resembles: Jamal Crawford, Tyler Herro

27. Rayan Rupert, Forward, New Zealand Breakers (NBL)

Draft Range: 21-35
Mock Draft PositionConsensus Big Board Rank
32 (Denver)28.1
Draft Day Age: 19.06Height: 6’7Weight: 193 lbsWingspan: 7’2
PPG: 6.8RPG: 2.4APG: 0.8BPG: 0.2
SPG: 0.7FG%: 36.9%3P%: 31.2%FT%: 73.8%

Selling Point: Phenomenal defender, great at getting downhill.

Biggest Hesitation: Bad shooter, inefficient.

Best Fit(s): Kings, Timberwolves, Nets

Worst Fit(s): Jazz, Clippers

Resembles: Tony Allen, Nicolas Batum

28. James Nnaji, Big, Barcelona (Spain)

Draft Range: 21-33
Mock Draft PositionConsensus Big Board Rank
23 (Portland)29.1
Draft Day Age: 18.85Height: 7’0Weight: 251 lbsWingspan: 7’7.25
PPG: 3.6RPG: 2.1APG: 0.3BPG: 0.6
SPG: 0.1FG%: 71.4%3P%: 0 ShotsFT%: 50.7%

Selling Point: Endless motor defender that is built like a 28 year old pro.

Biggest Hesitation: Lacks touch or offensive skill

Best Fit(s): Nets, Trail Blazers

Worst Fit(s): Jazz, Hornets, Nuggets

Resembles: Jalen Duren, Clint Capela

29. Julian Strawther, Wing, Gonzaga

Draft Range: 27-39
Mock Draft PositionConsensus Big Board Rank
37 (Denver)34.8
Draft Day Age: 21.18Height: 6’7Weight: 209 lbsWingspan: 6’9.25
PPG: 15.2RPG: 6.2APG: 1.3BPG: 0.4
SPG: 0.8FG%: 46.9%3P%: 40.8%FT%: 77.6%

Selling Point: Well rounded off ball scorer.

Biggest Hesitation: Not great with ball in his hands/defense.

Best Fit(s): Nuggets, Celtics, Jazz

Worst Fit(s): Clippers, Wizards

Resembles: Seth Curry, Joe Harris

30. Kobe Brown, Wing, Missouri

Draft Range: 28-44
Mock Draft PositionConsensus Big Board Rank
28 (Utah)43.1
Draft Day Age: 23.47Height: 6’7.5Weight: 252 lbsWingspan: 7’0.75
PPG: 15.8RPG: 6.4APG: 2.5BPG: 0.4
SPG: 1.5FG%: 55.3%3P%: 45.5%FT%: 79.2%

Selling Point: Versatile offensive player that thrives in modern system.

Biggest Hesitation: Shooting legitmacy/age.

Best Fit(s): Nuggets, Jazz

Worst Fit(s): Pistons, Spurs

Resembles: Thaddeus Young, David Roddy

31. Brandin Podziemski, Guard, Santa Clara

Draft Range: 18-28
Mock Draft PositionConsensus Big Board Rank
33 (San Antonio)29.8
Draft Day Age: 20.32Height: 6’4.75Weight: 204 lbsWingspan: 6’5.5
PPG: 19.9RPG: 8.8APG: 3.7BPG: 0.5
SPG: 1.8FG%: 48.3%3P%: 43.8%FT%: 77.1%

Selling Point: Well rounded offensive player that shoots very well.

Biggest Hesitation: Defense/weak first step

Best Fit(s): Jazz, Clippers, Nets

Worst Fit(s): Celtics, Pacers

Resembles: Donte DiVincenzo, Goran Dragic

32. Julian Phillips, Wing, Tennessee

Draft Range: 28-39
Mock Draft PositionConsensus Big Board Rank
35 (Washington)35.0
Draft Day Age: 19.63Height: 6’7.75Weight: 197 lbsWingspan: 6’11.5
PPG: 8.3RPG: 4.7APG: 1.4BPG: 0.5
SPG: 0.6FG%: 41.1%3P%: 23.9%FT%: 82.2%

Selling Point: Athletic defensive minded wing with shooting upside.

Biggest Hesitation: Shooting consistency/offensive role.

Best Fit(s): Hornets, Spurs, Nuggets

Worst Fit(s): Magic, Kings

Resembles: Trevor Ariza

33. Trayce Jackson-Davis, Big, Indiana

Draft Range: 27-40
Mock Draft PositionConsensus Big Board Rank
38 (Sacramento)31.0
Draft Day Age: 23.33Height: 6’9.25Weight: 240 lbsWingspan: 7’0
PPG: 20.9RPG: 10.8APG: 4.0BPG: 2.9
SPG: 0.8FG%: 58.1%3P%: 0 ShotsFT%: 69.5%

Selling Point: Atheltic, strong, defensive big with touch and passing ability.

Biggest Hesitation: Shooting.

Best Fit(s): Kings, Hornets

Worst Fit(s): Spurs, Pistons

Resembles: Domantas Sabonis lite, Alperen Sengun, Brandon Clarke

34. Marcus Sasser, Guard, Houston

Draft Range: 25-38
Mock Draft PositionConsensus Big Board Rank
36 (Orlando)36.3
Draft Day Age: 22.75Height: 6’2.25Weight: 196 lbsWingspan: 6’7
PPG: 16.8RPG: 2.8APG: 3.1BPG: 0.2
SPG: 1.6FG%: 43.8%3P%: 38.4%FT%: 84.8%

Selling Point: Shot making and guard defense.

Biggest Hesitation: Playmaking and size.

Best Fit(s): Spurs, Clippers, Jazz

Worst Fit(s): Nuggets, Wizards, Pistons

Resembles: Gabe Vincent. Jevon Carter

35. Noah Clowney, Big, Alabama

Draft Range: 18-34
Mock Draft PositionConsensus Big Board Rank
34 (Charlotte)25.5
Draft Day Age: 18.94Height: 6’10Weight: 210 lbsWingspan: 7’2
PPG: 9.8RPG: 7.9APG: 0.8BPG: 0.9
SPG: 0.6FG%: 48.6%3P%: 28.3%FT%: 64.9%

Selling Point: Fluid big man with shot blocking and shooting potential.

Biggest Hesitation: Everything is theoretical/frame.

Best Fit(s): Magic, Kings, Hornets

Worst Fit(s): Nuggets, Pistons

Resembles: Nicolas Claxton

36. Ben Sheppard, Wing, Belmont

Draft Range: 20-36
Mock Draft PositionConsensus Big Board Rank
31 (Detroit)38.3
Draft Day Age: 21.93Height: 6’6.25Weight: 195 lbsWingspan: 6’7.75
PPG: 18.8RPG: 5.2APG: 2.9BPG: 0.2
SPG: 1.4FG%: 47.5%3P%: 41.5%FT%: 68.4%

Selling Point: Shooting and passing upside.

Biggest Hesitation: On ball creation.

Best Fit(s): Nuggets, Kings, Jazz

Worst Fit(s): Clippers, Trail Blazers

Resembles: Landry Shamet, Luke Kennard

37. Colby Jones, Wing, Xavier

Draft Range: 25-35
Mock Draft PositionConsensus Big Board Rank
30 (LA Clippers)28.8
Draft Day Age: 21.07Height: 6’5.5Weight: 199 lbsWingspan: 6’8
PPG: 15.0RPG: 5.7APG: 4.4BPG: 0.6
SPG: 1.3FG%: 50.9%3P%: 37.8%FT%: 65.3%

Selling Point: Point wing with shooting potential.

Biggest Hesitation: Shooting legitmacy.

Best Fit(s): Clippers, Celtics, Trail Blazers

Worst Fit(s): Hornets, Lakers

Resembles: Delon Wright

38. Andre Jackson Jr., Wing, UConn

Draft Range: 30-42
Mock Draft PositionConsensus Big Board Rank
39 (Charlotte)36.0
Draft Day Age: 21.61Height: 6’6.5Weight: 198 lbsWingspan: 6’9.75
PPG: 6.7RPG: 6.2APG: 4.7BPG: 0.5
SPG: 1.1FG%: 43.2%3P%: 28.1%FT%: 64.6%

Selling Point: Athletic do it all wing that makes winning plays.

Biggest Hesitation: Shooting is poor.

Best Fit(s): Celtics, Lakers

Worst Fit(s): Wizards, Magic

Resembles: Herb Jones, 2022 Andre Iguodola

39. Olivier Maxence-Prosper, Forward, Marquette

Draft Range: 18-32
Mock Draft PositionConsensus Big Board Rank
27 (Charlotte)34.1
Draft Day Age: 20.97Height: 6’7.75Weight: 212 lbsWingspan: 7’1
PPG: 12.5RPG: 4.7APG: 0.7BPG: 0.1
SPG: 0.9FG%: 51.2%3P%: 33.9%FT%: 73.5

Selling Point: High motor defender that gets downhill with shooting potential.

Biggest Hesitation: Playmaking, on ball role.

Best Fit(s): Hornets, Wizards

Worst Fit(s): Nuggets, Kings

Resembles: PJ Tucker, DeAndre Hunter

40. Terquavion Smith, Guard, NC State

Draft Range: 36-48
Mock Draft PositionConsensus Big Board Rank
48 (LA Clippers)40.1
Draft Day Age: 20.47Height: 6’3.5Weight: 163 lbsWingspan: 6’6.75
PPG: 17.9RPG: 3.6APG: 4.1BPG: 0.4
SPG: 1.4FG%: 38.0%3P%: 33.6%FT%: 70.1%

Selling Point: Dynamic scorer with playmaking skills.

Biggest Hesitation: Frame, defensive ability, effeciency.

Best Fit(s): Wizards, Spurs, Clippers

Worst Fit(s): Lakers, Trail Blazers, Hornets

Resembles: Jordan Poole, Jordan Clarkson

41. Amari Bailey, Guard, UCLA

Draft Range: 27-39
Mock Draft PositionConsensus Big Board Rank
42 (Washington)39.1
Draft Day Age: 19.34Height: 6’4.25Weight: 191 lbsWingspan: 6’7
PPG: 11.2RPG: 3.8APG: 2.2BPG: 0.3
SPG: 1.1FG%: 49.5%3P%: 38.9%FT%: 69.8%

Selling Point: 5 star, playmaking, mid range scoring.

Biggest Hesitation: 3 point shooting, defense, handle.

Best Fit(s): Wizards, Magic, Jazz

Worst Fit(s): Hornets, Trail Blazers

Resembles: Avery Bradley, Monta Ellis

42. Tristan Vukcevic, Forward, Partizan (Serbia)

Draft Range: 37-58
Mock Draft PositionConsensus Big Board Rank
40 (LA Lakers)43.1
Draft Day Age: 20.28Height: 7’0.25Weight: 223 lbsWingspan: 7’2.5
PPG: 5.6RPG: 2.4APG: 0.9BPG: 0.4
SPG: 0.4FG%: 55.8%3P%: 37.3%FT%: 80.0%

Selling Point: Fluid 7 footer who shoots the ball well.

Biggest Hesitation: Defense, horrendous screen setter, and poor playmaker

Best Fit(s): Pacers, Trail Blazers, Lakers

Worst Fit(s): Hawks, Grizzlies, Clippers

Resembles: Frank Kaminsky

43. Jordan Walsh, Forward, Arkansas

Draft Range: 26-41
Mock Draft PositionConsensus Big Board Rank
44 (San Antonio)42.9
Draft Day Age: 19.30Height: 6’6.75Weight: 204 lbsWingspan: 7’1.25
PPG: 7.1RPG: 3.9APG: 0.9BPG: 0.5
SPG: 1.1FG%: 43.3%3P%: 27.8%FT%: 71.2%

Selling Point: High effort defender, great rebounder, connector piece.

Biggest Hesitation: Shooting and on ball abilities are weak.

Best Fit(s): Spurs, Pistons

Worst Fit(s): Kings

Resembles: Jae Crowder, Richard Jefferson

44. Ricky Council IV, Wing, Arkansas

Draft Range: 38-55
Mock Draft PositionConsensus Big Board Rank
50 (Oklahoma City)46.1
Draft Day Age: 21.88Height: 6’6Weight: 208 lbsWingspan: 6’9
PPG: 16.1RPG: 3.6APG: 2.3BPG: 0.3
SPG: 1.1FG%: 43.3%3P%: 27.0%FT%: 79.4%

Selling Point: Eplossive athlete that thrives around the rim and in transition.

Biggest Hesitation: Jump shot is bad, form and everything.

Best Fit(s): Thunder, Suns, Cavaliers

Worst Fit(s): Nets, Kings, Pacers

Resembles: JR Smith without a shot, Justice Winslow

45. Keyontae Johnson, Wing, Kansas State

Draft Range: 36-50
Mock Draft PositionConsensus Big Board Rank
41 (Charlotte)48.3
Draft Day Age: 23.08Height: 6’5Weight: 239 lbsWingspan: 7’0
PPG: 17.4RPG: 6.8APG: 2.1BPG: 0.2
SPG: 1.0FG%: 51.6%3P%: 40.5%FT%: 71.5

Selling Point: Great athlete that shot well from 3.

Biggest Hesitation: Older player and isn’t great with ball.

Best Fit(s): Thunder, Kings, Timberwolves

Worst Fit(s): Grizzlies, Clippers

Resembles: Saddiq Bey, Tobias Harris

46. Mouhamed Gueye, Forward, Washington State

Draft Range: 38-54
Mock Draft PositionConsensus Big Board Rank
46 (Atlanta)56.0
Draft Day Age: 20.62Height: 6’11.25Weight: 213 lbsWingspan: 7’3.25
PPG: 14.3RPG: 8.4APG: 1.9BPG: 0.8
SPG: 0.8FG%: 48.8%3P%: 27.5%FT%: 67.4%

Selling Point: Athletic, fluid, big player with potential in every category.

Biggest Hesitation: Shot poorly, everything is hypothetical.

Best Fit(s): Timberwolves, Cavaliers, Pacers

Worst Fit(s): Clippers, Nets, Suns

Resembles: Moussa Cisse, Christian Wood

47. Jaime Jacquez, Forward, UCLA

Draft Range: 24-43
Mock Draft PositionConsensus Big Board Rank
43 (Portland)31.3
Draft Day Age: 22.34Height: 6’7Weight: 226 lbsWingspan: 6’9.5
PPG: 17.8RPG: 8.2APG: 2.4BPG: 0.6
SPG: 1.5FG%: 48.1%3P%: 31.7%FT%: 77.0%

Selling Point: Great footwork, dynamic mid range scorer.

Biggest Hesitation: Believe he will struggle against NBA talent on offense and defense.

Best Fit(s): Suns, Pacers, Thunder

Worst Fit(s): Nets, Timberwolves, Kings

Resembles: Josh Hart

48. Isaiah Wong, Guard, Miami

Draft Range: 39-58
Mock Draft PositionConsensus Big Board Rank
53 (Minnesota)51.9
Draft Day Age: 22.40Height: 6’3.5Weight: 22.40Wingspan: 6’6.75
PPG: 16.2RPG: 4.3APG: 3.2BPG: 0.4
SPG: 1.4FG%: 44.55%3P%: 38.4%FT%: 84.5%

Selling Point: Do it all guard.

Biggest Hesitation: Is any skill at an NBA level?

Best Fit(s): Timberwolves, Suns, Clippers

Worst Fit(s): Pacers, Wizards, Thunder

Resembles: Gabe Vincent

49. D’Moi Hodge, Guard, Missouri

Draft Range: 47-Undrafted
Mock Draft PositionConsensus Big Board Rank
54 (Sacramento)69.6
Draft Day Age: 24.48Height: 6’4Weight: 187 lbsWingspan:
PPG: 14.7RPG: 3.9APG: 1.6BPG: 0.5
SPG: 2.6FG%: 47.7%3P%: 40.0%FT%: 73.4%

Selling Point: Shooting and on ball defense.

Biggest Hesitation: Everything else.

Best Fit(s): Kings, Cavaliers, Spurs

Worst Fit(s): Trail Blazers, Hawks, Grizzlies, Knicks

Resembles: Isaiah Joe

50. Emoni Bates, Wing, Eastern Michigan

Draft Range: 43-Undrafted
Mock Draft PositionConsensus Big Board Rank
51 (Brooklyn)54.1
Draft Day Age: 19.40Height: 6’9.25Weight: 179 lbsWingspan: 6’9
PPG: 19.2RPG: 5.8APG: 1.4BPG: 0.5
SPG: 0.7FG%: 40.5%3P%: 33.0%FT%: 78.2%

Selling Point: Pedigree and tough shot making.

Biggest Hesitation: Frame, defense, playmaking

Best Fit(s): Suns, Nets

Worst Fit(s): Clippers, Hawks

Resembles: Bones Hyland

51. Charles Bediako, Big, Alabama

Draft Range: 48-Undrafted
Mock Draft PositionConsensus Big Board Rank
52 (Phoenix)65.0
Draft Day Age: 21.28Height: 7’0Weight: 225 lbsWingspan: 7’3.25
PPG: 6.4RPG: 6.0APG: 0.6BPG: 1.8
SPG: 0.6FG%: 65.9%3P%: 0.00%FT%: 35.5%

Selling Point: Shot blocking and finishing.

Biggest Hesitation: Shooting, on ball creation.

Best Fit(s): Grizzlies, Suns

Worst Fit(s): Cavaliers, Nets, Timberwolves

Resembles: Bismack Biyombo

52. Jalen Wilson, Wing, Kansas

Draft Range: 39-Undrafted
Mock Draft PositionConsensus Big Board Rank
Draft Day Age: 22.63Height: 6’6.5Weight: 230 lbsWingspan: 6’8
PPG: 20.1RPG: 8.3APG: 2.2BPG: 0.5
SPG: 0.9FG%: 43.0%3P%: 33.7%FT%: 79.9%

Selling Point: Scoring, ball handling.

Biggest Hesitation: Shooting, scalability.

Best Fit(s): Clippers, Suns

Worst Fit(s): Kings, Grizzlies

Resembles: DeMarre Carroll

53. Jalen Slawson, Wing, Furman

Draft Range: 50-Undrafted
Mock Draft PositionConsensus Big Board Rank
49 (Cleveland)62.6
Draft Day Age: 23.67Height: 6’7Weight: 215 lbsWingspan: 6’11.75
PPG: 15.6RPG: 7.1APG: 3.2BPG: 1.5
SPG: 1.5FG%: 55.6%3P%: 39.4%FT%: 77.5%

Selling Point: Shooting, efficiency, rebounding.

Biggest Hesitation: Age, level of competition, offensive role.

Best Fit(s): Suns, Thunder

Worst Fit(s): Grizzlies, Clippers

Resembles: Kyle Anderson

54. Adama Sanogo, Big, UConn

Draft Range: 45-Undrafted
Mock Draft PositionConsensus Big Board Rank
47 (Indiana)49.9
Draft Day Age: 21.36Height: 6’8.25Weight: 256 lbsWingspan: 7’2.75
PPG: 17.2RPG: 7.7APG: 1.3BPG: 0.8
SPG: 0.7FG%: 60.6%3P%: 36.5FT%: 76.6%

Selling Point: Powerful big with shooting potential.

Biggest Hesitation: Defense, NBA speed.

Best Fit(s): Grizzlies, Suns

Worst Fit(s): Wizards, Pacers

Resembles: Montrezl Harrel, Isaiah Stewart

55. Seth Lundy, Wing, Penn State

Draft Range: 36-55
Mock Draft PositionConsensus Big Board Rank
58 (Milwaukee)47.1
Draft Day Age: 23.22Height: 6’5Weight: 214 lbsWingspan: 6’10.25
PPG: 14.2RPG: 6.3APG: 0.9BPG: 0.6
SPG: 0.8FG%: 45.0%3P%: 40.0%FT%: 80.7%

Selling Point: Shooting versatility, rebounding.

Biggest Hesitation: Defense, playmaking.

Best Fit(s): Thunder, Suns, Trail Blazers

Worst Fit(s): Nets, Hawks

Resembles: Caleb Martin

56. Colin Castleton, Big, Florida

Draft Range: 43-Undrafted
Mock Draft PositionConsensus Big Board Rank
45 (Memphis)60.3
Draft Day Age: 23.07Height: 6’11Weight: 250 lbsWingspan: N/A
PPG: 16.0RPG: 7.7APG: 2.7BPG: 3.0
SPG: 0.9FG%: 50.0%3P%: 13.3%FT%: 72.9%

Selling Point: Shot blocking, passing upside, ability to push the ball.

Biggest Hesitation: Finishing, defensive abilities at next level.

Best Fit(s): Grizzlies, Suns, Thunder

Worst Fit(s): Nets, Hawks

Resembles: JaVale McGee

57. Hunter Tyson, Forward, Clemson

Draft Range: 46-Undrafted
Mock Draft PositionConsensus Big Board Rank
57 (Washington)56.4
Draft Day Age: 23.02Height: 6’8Weight: 215 lbsWingspan: 6’9.75
PPG: 15.3RPG: 9.6APG: 1.5BPG: 0.1
SPG: 0.9FG%: 47.9%3P%: 40.5%FT%: 83.8%

Selling Point: Shooting, rebounding.

Biggest Hesitation: Age, playmaking, NBA speed.

Best Fit(s): Bucks, Kings

Worst Fit(s): Wizards, Grizzlies

Resembles: Matt Ryan

58. Azuolas Tubelis, Big, Arizona

Draft Range: 48-Undrafted
Mock Draft PositionConsensus Big Board Rank
Draft Day Age: 21.25Height: 6’9.75Weight: 235 lbsWingspan: 6’11
PPG: 19.8RPG: 9.1APG: 2.0BPG: 0.7
SPG: 1.1FG%: 57.0%3P%: 31.2%FT%: 76.4%

Selling Point: Shooting, paired with big man skills.

Biggest Hesitation: Defense, size.

Best Fit(s): Wizards, Kings

Worst Fit(s): Grizzlies, Suns

Resembles: Kelly Olynyk

59. Jazian Gortman, Guard, Overtime Elite (USA)

Draft Range: 48-Undrafted
Mock Draft PositionConsensus Big Board Rank
Draft Day Age: 20.19Height: 6’2Weight: 184 lbsWingspan: 6’8
PPG: 13.9RPG: 3.9APG: 4.8BPG: 0.1
SPG: 2.5FG%: 45.8%3P%: 32.9%FT%: 80.8%

Selling Point: Dynamic ball handler, capable passer, shooting potential.

Biggest Hesitation: Weak competition, shooting, defense.

Best Fit(s): Timberwolves, Nets

Worst Fit(s): Grizzlies, Pacers

Resembles: Kevin Porter Jr.

60. Jaylen Clark, Wing, UCLA

Draft Range: 42-Undrafted
Mock Draft PositionConsensus Big Board Rank
Draft Day Age: 21.69Height: 6’5Weight: 204 lbsWingspan: 6’9
PPG: 13.0RPG: 6.0APG: 1.9BPG: 0.3
SPG: 2.6FG%: 48.1%3P%: 32.9%FT%: 69.8%

Selling Point: Great wing defender.

Biggest Hesitation: Shooting/offensive skill.

Best Fit(s): Bucks, Pacers

Worst Fit(s): Suns, Grizzlies, Kings

Resembles: Matisse Thybulle

61. Jalen Pickett, Guard, Penn State

Draft Range: 50-Undrafted
Mock Draft PositionConsensus Big Board Rank
Draft Day Age: 23.67Height: 6’3Weight: 198 lbsWingspan: 6’7.25
PPG: 17.7RPG: 7.4APG: 6.6BPG: 0.5
SPG: 0.9FG%: 50.8%3P%: 38.1%FT%: 76.3%

Selling Point: Versatility, playmaking, shooting.

Biggest Hesitation: Defense, Age.

Best Fit(s): Timberwolves, Bucks

Worst Fit(s): Grizzlies, Wizards

Resembles: Delon Wright

62. Mike Miles, Guard, Penn State

Draft Range: 43-Undrafted
Mock Draft PositionConsensus Big Board Rank
Draft Day Age: 20.83Height: 6’2Weight: 205 lbsWingspan: 6’0.5
PPG: 17.9RPG: 2.7APG: 2.7BPG: 0.3
SPG: 1.2FG%: 49.7%3P%: 36.2%FT%: 74.9%

Selling Point: Scoring, shooting, on ball defense.

Biggest Hesitation: Versatility, wingspan.

Best Fit(s): Wizards, Suns

Worst Fit(s): Timberwolves, Grizzlies

Resembles: Payton Pritchard

63. Omari Moore, Wing, San Jose State

Draft Range: 50-Undrafted
Mock Draft PositionConsensus Big Board Rank
Draft Day Age: 22.76Height: 6’6.25Weight: 189 lbsWingspan: 6’9.75
PPG: 17.4RPG: 4.7APG: 4.8BPG: 0.7
SPG: 0.7FG%: 42.9%3P%: 33.8%FT%: 75.8%

Selling Point: Versatile player whose intrigue lies in his potential.

Biggest Hesitation: Shooting, Age for being a project.

Best Fit(s): Pacers, Thunder

Worst Fit(s): Cavaliers, Grizzlies

Resembles: Rookie Jonathon Kuminga

64. Jordan Miller, Wing, Miami

Draft Range: 45-Undrafted
Mock Draft PositionConsensus Big Board Rank
Draft Day Age: 23.41Height: 6’5.5Weight: 192 lbsWingspan: 6’11.75
PPG: 15.3RPG: 6.2APG: 2.7BPG: 0.4
SPG: 1.2FG%: 54.5%3P%: 35.3%FT%: 78.4%

Selling Point: Good at everything, versatile player.

Biggest Hesitation: Age, shooting, does he have an NBA skill?

Best Fit(s): Cavaliers, Bucks

Worst Fit(s): Thunder, Wizards

Resembles: Bruce Brown

65. Toumani Camara, Forward, Dayton

Draft Range: 48-Undrafted
Mock Draft PositionConsensus Big Board Rank
Draft Day Age: 23.12Height: 6’8Weight: 220 lbsWingspan: 7’0.5
PPG: 13.9RPG: 8.6APG: 1.7BPG: 0.8
SPG: 1.2FG%: 54.6%3P%: 36.2%FT%: 66.9%

Selling Point: Rebounding, defense.

Biggest Hesitation: Age, just okay shooter.

Best Fit(s): Bucks, Suns, Timberwolves

Worst Fit(s): Celtics, Kings

Resembles: Torrey Craig

66. Adam Flagler, Guard, Baylor

Draft Range: 54-Undrafted
Mock Draft PositionConsensus Big Board Rank
Draft Day Age: 23.56Height: 6’2Weight: 192 lbsWingspan: 6’4.5
PPG: 15.6RPG: 2.4APG: 4.6BPG: 0.1
SPG: 1.2FG%: 42.6%3P%: 40.0%FT%: 79.0%

Selling Point: Shooting, playmaking.

Biggest Hesitation: Size, age.

Best Fit(s): 76ers, Suns

Worst Fit(s): Wizards, Bucks

Resembles: Tyus Jones

67. Chris Livingston, Wing, Kentucky

Mock Draft PositionConsensus Big Board Rank
Draft Day Age: 19.68Height: 6’7Weight: 6’11.25Wingspan: 219 lbs
PPG: 6.3RPG: 4.2APG: 0.7BPG: 0.4
SPG: 0.4FG%: 42.9%3P%: 30.5%FT%: 72.2%

Selling Point: 5 Star propsect, high potential.

Biggest Hesitation: Showed limit upside at Kentucky.

Best Fit(s): Timberwolves, Pacers, Wizards

Worst Fit(s): Bucks, Clippers

Resembles: Dwayne Bacon

68. Sir’Jabari Rice, Wing, Texas

Draft Range: 55-Undrafted
Mock Draft PositionConsensus Big Board Rank
Draft Day Age: 24.48Height: 6’4Weight: 180 lbsWingspan: 6’9
PPG: 13.0RPG: 3.5APG: 2.0BPG: 0.3
SPG: 2.0FG%: 46.4%3P%: 37.1%FT%: 86.3%

Selling Point: Shooting, Quick Hands.

Biggest Hesitation: Playmaking, Age.

Best Fit(s): Clippers, Kings, Suns

Worst Fit(s): Pacers, Bucks

Resembles: Armoni Brooks

69. Drew Peterson, Forward, USC

Draft Range: 54-Undrafted
Mock Draft PositionConsensus Big Board Rank
Draft Day Age: 23.62Height: 6’9Weight: 205 lbsWingspan: N/A
PPG: 13.9RPG: 6.2APG: 4.3BPG: 0.8
SPG: 1.1FG%: 44.2%3P%: 35.8%FT%: 75.2%

Selling Point: Versatility

Biggest Hesitation: Defense, Age

Best Fit(s): 76ers, Bulls

Worst Fit(s): Grizzlies, Wizards

Resembles: Skinny Luka Garza

70. Drew Timme, Big, Gonzaga

Draft Range: 55-Undrafted
Mock Draft PositionConsensus Big Board Rank
Draft Day Age: 22.78Height: 6’9.75Weight: 243 lbsWingspan: 7’1.75
PPG: 21.2RPG: 7.5APG: 16.7BPG: 1.0
SPG: 0.6FG%: 61.6%3P%: 16.7%FT%: 63.2%

Selling Point: Footwork, low post.

Biggest Hesitation: Shooting, Size.

Best Fit(s): Pacers, Nets

Worst Fit(s): Grizzlies, Timberwolves

Resembles: Ethan Happ if he could shoot 5 feet farther


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