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2023-24 NFL Power Rankings Heading Into Week 3

2023-24 NFL Power Rankings Heading Into Week 3

We’re 2 weeks into the NFL season now and man… has a lot changed already. We’ve already seen some flashes of teams that are going to make some noise and teams that are going in a downward spiral currently.

Whether it’s the Commanders being 2-0 and surprising everyone or even the Bengals surprising everyone for different reasons… let’s get into the Week 3 power rankings.

RankingTeamChange (+/-)Record
1Dallas Cowboys+52-0
2Philadelphia Eagles2-0
3Miami Dolphins+62-0
4Kansas City Chiefs-41-1
5San Francisco 49ers+22-0
6Baltimore Ravens+52-0
7Buffalo Bills-31-1
8Jacksonville Jaguars1-1
9Cleveland Browns+71-1
10Washington Commanders+142-0
11Atlanta Falcons+122-0
12Detroit Lions1-1
13Seattle Seahawks1-1
14Pittsburgh Steelers1-1
15New Orleans Saints+22-0
16Tampa Bay Buccaneers+142-0
17Las Vegas Raiders+81-1
18Cincinnati Bengals-150-2
19New York Giants1-1
20Green Bay Packers+21-1
21Los Angeles Chargers-110-2
22Los Angeles Rams+71-1
23New York Jets-171-1
24Indianapolis Colts+41-1
25Minnesota Vikings+20-2
26Tennessee Titans+11-1
27Denver Broncos-80-2
28New England Patriots-70-2
29Carolina Panthers-30-2
30Chicago Bears-100-2
31Houston Texans0-2
32Arizona Cardinals0-2

Big Movers…

Washington Commanders (#10) (+14)

We already knew how good the Commanders’ defense was, but seeing their offense flourish as well… insane. Young quarterback Sam Howell has looked extremely promising so far and has the Commanders 2-0 already.

Their 1st round pick Emmanuel Forbes has already started contributing as well, getting his first career interception vs Broncos. If the Commanders offense can continue to make noise and grow, they’re only going to continue moving up the power rankings. A dark horse candidate so far this season to make the playoffs.

Cincinnati Bengals (#18) (-15)

Man… what’s going on with the Cincinnati Bengals? They’ve struggled heavily on the offensive end these first two games and a lot of blame will be put on the new highly-paid quarterback Joe Burrow. It does seem like Burrow is going through a calf issue again which might’ve been the reason why he’s struggled these first two weeks and has looked quite immobile.

Nonetheless, the Bengals haven’t done much so far these 2 weeks. If they’re going to make the playoffs again, they’re going to need to be better around Burrow.

New York Jets (#23) (-17)

Again, another team with quarterback injury troubles. The Jets were seen as one of the top contenders in the AFC prior to the Aaron Rodgers injury. Rodgers is now out for the year and Zach Wilson hasn’t really shown much to give hope that the Jets can still make the playoffs with him. He’s thrown 4 interceptions already in 2 weeks and hasn’t looked too well.

I’m still rooting for Wilson so hopefully he puts on some solid stretches going against some easier defenses than the Bills and Cowboys, arguably two of the best.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (#16) (+14)

Considering I thought the Buccaneers were bound to be a top-5 pick team, they’ve looked quite promising so far. Baker Mayfield has looked great and has distributed the ball really well to his star receivers.

It’ll be interesting to see if Mayfield can continue to play well. The Buccaneers defense has played it’s part, playing like a top 10 performing defense in scoring and yards per game.


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