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Wildest Stats From 2022-23 NBA Regular Season

Wildest Stats From 2022-23 NBA Regular Season

This NBA season has been quite the interesting one. We’ve seen a lot of accolades being claimed throughout the year, for example LeBron breaking the all-time scoring record. With a few games left till the playoffs, let’s get into some of the craziest statistics we’ve seen all year that were kind of shocking.

Donovan Mitchell: Most 40+ Games in A Season in Cavs History

This is more impressive considering the rest of the list of Cavaliers players in their history is all LeBron James. Donovan Mitchell has shattered the record with 3 more 40+ point games and also had the highest-scoring game we’ve seen since Kobe had 81 in 2006. He’s been exactly what the Cavaliers needed in the post-LeBron era.

Kings Break Playoff Drought of 17 Years

The Sacramento Kings fans have suffered for a while which led to the team having the worst playoff drought in all major sports. They made a trade to acquire All-Star Domantas Sabonis last season, and boy has it paid off. They’re the 3rd seed with a few games left and lead the league in points per game this year (121.4). They’ve built a great culture and have been lighting the beam all year cause of it.

Mikal Bridges On Pace to Play 83 Games

Mikal Bridges has been one of the most reliable players in the NBA in the course of his career, if not the most reliable. He’s played the most minutes this season, the most minutes last season, and also never misesd a game in his whole career.

29 out of 30 NBA Teams Average 110 PPG+

Every single team in the NBA except the Heat (109 PPG) average at least 110+ PPG. That is absolutely insane considering no teams averaged more than 104.9 20 years ago. It really shows how much offense has grown over the years and how the NBA’s landscape has changed. We’ve gone to a game of offensive explosion.


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