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Why the Harden Trade Will Work and Not Work…

Why the Harden Trade Will Work and Not Work…

The Simmons saga has finally ended. After nearly six months of fines and problems, Morey has finally found a new team for the super-criticized player: the Brooklyn Nets, who gave to the 76ers in exchange for him the former MVP James Harden.

4 Reasons the Harden Trade Will Work


Who’s the best scorer in iso situation in the league among guards according to statistics? James Harden. Who’s the best scorer in iso situation in the league among bigs according to statistics? Joel Embiid (after Antetokounmpo). Someone could see this as a problem, but I don’t. Since these two players can’t and don’t want to play another style of basketball, it might as well put them in the same team. Furthermore, we don’t have to forget that Harden is also an incredible playmaker, so he could be able to find the open man easily.


Reputation. Both Embiid and Harden are famous for their tantrums and after all of the failures they had received during their careers, they can’t allow this one to become one of them. So they will do anything it takes to make this trade work.


Simmons and Maxey. Brooklyn tried to add either Maxey or Thybulle to the deal ’till the last minute, but the 76ers were able to keep both of them. They are crucial for the team, especially after the Harden trade. Thybulle brings the defense that can balance a lineup with Harden on it, while Maxey is the opposite of the Beard: he runs, shoots with high FG%, and rarely loses the ball. These are two players that are going to be essential for the 76ers.


Simply free throws. Embiid and Harden are first and second in both attempts and made free throws in careers among active players. Imagine having them on the same team. Those are all free points, a lot of them.

3 Reasons Why it Won’t Work…


Defense. As much as Thybulle is a great defender, having him won’t solve the big defensive problems Philly is going to have after the trade. They have to build a team that can cover the weakness of the two stars.


Nobody on that team has ever won (besides Danny Green), and that could be a problem. Nobody has a memory of a title that can motivate him. The thing that could help them is that both of them have lost, and we all know that to win you have to lose before.


Injuries. Harden has sat out from the 25% of the games of his career, while Embiid nearly the 50% of his one. Those are scary numbers, that are not a good presage for the 76ers, who have to hope that their two stars can stay healthy.

Bonus: Embiid is playing at an MVP level, and that is also because of Simmons’s absence, can he keep doing that with Harden handling the ball that much?


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