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Top 3 Contenders for A Ring for the 2024 NBA Season

As we approach the end of the 2023-2024 NBA season, we’ve started feeling the playoff environment across the association. Not only have we been able to witness a plethora of surprises throughout the matches, but we have also seen the dominance of certain teams in both conferences. Even though the playoffs are an entirely different basketball atmosphere, three teams stand out as the favorites for a title run.

Who are they? Let’s get into the teams with the highest odds to win a ring this year so far…

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Boston Celtics

The current state of the Celtics is dominance across the board. When they manage to focus, this team can be very close to unbeatable on both ends of the court. Playing solidly on the defensive side is what has brought them to their win record boost.

However, they are effective on the offensive side, and creating opportunities to score baskets when needed. The only real downside is their performance during the postseason as of recent, as they have struggled to go past other teams in the East, such as the Miami Heat.

Milwaukee Bucks

While this time around they have not been as dominant when it comes to the record, this Bucks team is looking extremely solid, and playoff-ready. Having Dame and Giannis as the two superstars is, without a doubt, essential for the team.

With their experience as generally good performers in the playoffs, things are looking promising for Milwaukee this year as well. Nevertheless, they also have a history of staying on the road during playoff series. Could they bring their third championship in franchise history? Only time will tell.

Denver Nuggets

The current NBA champions do not seem to back down on the idea of a back-to-back ring. From the starters to their bench, this squad is relentless, versatile, and this is only the tip of the iceberg. Having won last year, they have the necessary credentials and experience now to make a successful playoff run again.

On the other hand, the Western Conference is arguably the most competitive it’s been and we wouldn’t be surprised if a “worse positioned team” takes the upper hand in a 7-game playoff series.

Having these three teams as part of the list does not mean that other incredibly talented, experienced teams will not be able to have a shot of winning the championship by any means. Rather, this is based on likelihood and performance during this part of the regular season so far. What is your favorite team to win it all this year? Let us know!

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