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The Phoenix Suns Are Victims Of Their Own Insatiable Greed

The Phoenix Suns Are Victims Of Their Own Insatiable Greed

The Phoenix Suns were on the right trajectory to remain serious contenders for an NBA title. Even after trading for Kevin Durant the Suns had size and enough role players to be a threat in the West. They were amongst the title favorites and only a few moves away from being one of the most complete teams in the league.

Everything isn’t enough

The Suns had a core that most other teams would consider trading their entire roster to replicate. Two of the very best scoring threats in the NBA. One in his prime and the other arguably past his but still one of the greatest scorers alive. An All-Time point guard who would benefit from deferring scoring responsibilities and focusing on running the offense. In addition to one of the best centers in the NBA, who at the time was struggling to buy in but was still a force on the floor.

Yet, this team wasn’t perfect, but they were good enough to secure the fourth seed in the West. They even made it to the second round of the NBA Playoffs. Where they fell to the Denver Nuggets, who would go on to win the NBA Championship.

Noted they held things together after bringing Kevin Durant in a culture-changing trade in the middle of the season. The price was two instrumental pieces in Mikal Bridges and Cameron Johnson. A reasonable price for one of the greatest players to ever play the game. Nevertheless, the goal was to extend the championship window of this team by bringing in another scorer to take some of the load off Devin Booker and Chris Paul.

The departure of Deandre Ayton was a real possibility so team management knew things could change the following season. They could’ve used this information to fill in the Center position and bring in extra depth. Instead, the Suns decided to do the worst thing they could’ve done, they got greedy.

Greedy Suns

To say this team went out of their way is an understatement. They had a roster that only needed to add extra help. At their disposal multiple draft picks to use in trades and drafting young talent.

Instead, they traded an obnoxious 10 draft picks along with their hall-of-fame point guard and a decent rotation player. In return, they got a player with a long and detailed history of injuries who has missed close to 50 percent of games in his career. To top it all off he comes with a hefty 50 million dollar contract that maxes out at 57 million in 2026. Let’s not forget the cherry on top, a no-trade clause. This means he can hold the Suns hostage if he chooses to. The Suns inadvertently closed their championship window the instant the trade for Bradley Beal went through.

This is not a knock on Bradley Beal, he is a phenomenal player. A 3-time All-Star who commands respect any time he steps on the floor. But that’s part of the problem, it’s hard for him to stay on the floor. On top of it all, the fit doesn’t work. There is no structure and no help.  Beal struggled to get anything going and was a non-factor in the playoffs.

The Suns were swept in the first round and now have to decide what to do with this roster. With three guys making about 150 million dollars next season you would think ownership has seen enough. Apparently they didn’t and are running it back again with their big three next season.

Mission Impossible

Their solution? Firing their head coach Frank Vogel and hiring Mike Budenholzer to do a miracle. However, while I believe Frank Vogel wasn’t the right coach for this group he is lucky to be out of that mess. Now Budenholzer is walking into an impossible situation.

Depending on the delusional expectations of the Suns management and their new owner, Phoenix is walking a dangerous line. Next season could see this team do a complete turnaround and be elite. Or lose everything and set the Suns up for years of irrelevancy.


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