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The 2022 NBA Trade Deadline’s Biggest Trades and Winners

The 2022 NBA Trade Deadline’s Biggest Trades and Winners

After one of the biggest days in the NBA, the trade deadline has concluded. With some of the most surprising players traded, let’s check it out.

Winners #1 and #2

First, we will start out with the biggest of them all, the Nets sent James Harden and Paul Millsap to the 76ers, and in return, Brooklyn received Ben Simmons, Seth Curry, Andre Drummond, and 2 first round picks. As it was finally starting to seem as if the trade rumors regarding Harden were dying down, he is now a 76er. Although many people will hate on Harden for his decision on agreeing/pushing to leave the Nets, he went to the Nets to fill out a playmaking, and scoring position. As a second or third option. what was supposed to be a fully healthy Big 3, fell apart and became consistently injured. Especially this season, with Durant out for 4-6 weeks, and Kyrie’s vaccine decision, it was as if Harden had the same position he did in Houston, which was the exact opposite of what he wanted. This season, it has been mostly on his shoulders to carry the team, and with a massive streak of losses, it was not working out.

For Ben Simmons, the trade was a true relief for the Sixers and Simmons. Simmons has not touched an NBA court this year, and has been fined loads of money for being so inactive. With this new squad, the Sixers now have one of the scariest duos in the league, consisting of Harden and Embiid. For the Nets, they have gained back everything they didn’t have. They gained back spacing in Seth Curry, a pure big in Andre Drummond, and an amazing playmaking, defending power forward in Ben Simmons. This trade was a win for both teams.

New Orleans Makes a Massive Trade

The NBA world knew some changes would be made to the Trail Blazers’ roster. Most people thought Damian Lillard would be traded, but it ended up being CJ McCollum. CJ has been incredibly loyal to the franchise, and was always fun to watch when playing alongside Lillard, especially years ago. The Pelicans traded Josh Hart, Nickeil Alexander Walker, Tomas Satoransky, and draft compensation in order to acquire the veteran shooting guard. The end of an era has come in Portland, and now Blazers and Pelicans fans must wait to find out the true winner of this trade.

The Largest Trade This Year

Not the most important trade, but the largest, a 4 team trade consisting of the Kings, Bucks, Clippers, and Pistons. The 2 best trades made by the 4 teams were the Kings getting Marvin Bagley out of their hands, while acquiring Donte DiVincenzo, Trey Lyles, and Josh Jackson. Although the Kings did well in this trade, out of the blue, in a separate trade, they traded Tyrese Haliburton to the Indiana Pacers, which did not make much sense, with how well he has produced for them. The second winner in this trade was the Bucks who gained Serge Ibaka, two future second-round picks, and cash. Not many winners or losers of this trade, as no players acquired will make drastic improvements or downfalls.

Bigs Goin’ Places

At the last minute, two very well-performing Centers / Power Forwards were traded. First off, Kristaps Porzingis was traded from the Mavericks to the Wizards, alongside a second-round pick. In exchange, the Wizards gave up an above average guard in Spencer Dinwiddie, and a 6″11 three point specialist in Davis Bertans. The Mavericks were expected to give up Porzingis for quite a while after he showed his opinion on his position for the team. He felt he didn’t have too big of a role for the team, being their second best player. Washington may have not been the best position for him though, as the Wizards’ star shooting guard, Bradley Beal is out for the season with an injury, and they also just traded their best center away, being Montrezl Harrell. Harrell was sent to the Charlotte Hornets for Vernon Carey Jr., Ish Smith, and a second round pick. The Hornets won this trade without a doubt, gaining a very aggressive, strong, and good hustling center, while not trading away very valuable assets.

Recapping Minor Trades

To end off the trade deadline, Josh Richardson was traded to the San Antonio Spurs, and Derrick White was sent to the Celtics. An average defense to offense move, as Richardson has provided incredible perimeter defense over the years, and White provides strong offense averaging 14 and 5 for the year.

And to cap off the deadline, Dennis Schroeder moves again, this time to Houston, and is swapped positions with Center Daniel Theis, who gets to be reunited with Boston once again.


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