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Scoot Henderson Scouting Report

Scoot Henderson Scouting Report

Welcome to a Joey Barrett scouting report. I have been watching games and film all season and it is finally time to compile my thoughts into scouting reports, mock drafts, and more big boards. So far this draft cycle I have written two big boards, a mock draft, one scouting report, and many miscellaneous articles that I encourage you to check out!

For my first scouting report, I’ll be doing one of the stars of this draft… Scoot Henderson!

To see my overall and detailed thoughts, read until the end.

My Big Board Ranking as of 5/13: 2

Draft Night Age: 19.38Height: 6’2Weight: 195 lbsWingspan: 6’9 (reported)
PPG: 17.6RPG: 5.1APG: 6.4SPG: 1.2
BPG: 0.4FG%: 44.3%3P%: 32.4%FT%: 75.0%

Stats via Tankathon

Most Impressive Stat

Staggering 35.7% AST%


  • Incredible Playmaker
    • Makes advanced reads, confident as a playmaker
  • Great Athlete
    • Elite vertical, lateral, and functional athlete
    • Dangerous in transition
  • Three Level Scoring Potential
    • Great in the mid-range, good at the rim, touch and mid-range suggest 3 will follow
  • Great Frame
    • Built like a brick house, won’t get pushed around
  • Hard Nosed Defender
    • +7 wingspan and great frame should allow him to be at least average on defense
  • High Basketball IQ


  • 6’2
    • Is able to survive currently but there is a small list of people at that height that can last in the NBA (I think he will be on this list)
  • 3 Point Shooting
    • 32.4% from 3, has yet to ever be a “good” shooter from distance

Best Potential Fits: Rockets, Jazz, Bulls, Magic

Worst Potential Fits: Pistons, Trail Blazers, Wizards (they will be on everyone’s list)

Shades Of: Derrick Rose, Dwyane Wade, Damian Lillard

Best Game: 11/16/22 @Oklahoma City Blue


Worst Game: 1/12/23 Vs Oklahoma City Blue


Best 5 Games Stretch: 11/4/22-11/16/22 Vs Blue, Stars, Warriors @Lakers, Blue


Overall Thoughts

Victor Wembanyama is the crown jewel of this draft, but Scoot Henderson is more than the average consolation prize. In most drafts, Henderson would easily go #1 but unluckily for him, this year he simply won’t. Henderson is a well-rounded point guard; his only real downside is his 6’2 stature. With that being said, Scoot Henderson is built like a 28 year old seasoned pro and won’t get pushed around in the NBA.

Scoot is an overall weapon on offense. Henderson is fantastic around the rim and just might have the best mid-range pull-up jump shot I have ever seen from a 19-year-old. The 3-point shooting is a work in progress but his touch and form indicate he will be a good (I believe great) 3-point shooter in the NBA. Henderson’s best offensive skill is arguably his playmaking. Henderson makes advanced reads and is among the best playmakers in this draft.

As of now, the defense is pretty good but I would expect productivity on that end to fall off slightly as he faces bigger and more athletic players in the NBA. Henderson is hard-nosed on defense and can be valuable as a point-of-attack defender. He has quick hands that will be able to rack up steals but the only worry is how teams try to scheme switches with Henderson guarding bigger players.

Scoot Henderson is a phenomenal prospect and his combination of offense and athleticism should make him a no-brainer to be the second overall pick in this draft. Henderson has a long and illustrious career ahead of him and whoever gets the second pick in this draft won’t be crying for long.

Career Projection (yes this is stupid, let me have fun): 9x All-Star, Career Star, Hall of Famer


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