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Rising Heat

Rising Heat

In 2020 the Miami Heat were a ball of energy that competitively ripped through teams in the NBA bubble, leaving NBA fans in awe during a pandemic ridden year with their grit and toughness. Led by Erik Spoelstra’s charismatic attention to detail and newly-acquired star Jimmy Butler, they managed to make it to the NBA Finals against a stacked Lakers team in what appeared to be one of Lebron James’ last years as the top talent in the Association. The acquisition of Jimmy Butler has rebranded this franchise as a contender, player-friendly market, and winning organization. They boast a brand and style of basketball like a storied collegiate basketball team and you can expect them to exhibit A-type swagger on a nightly basis.

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Butler, though the consensus leader of this ball club, isn’t alone; he is joined by 2021 Olympic-Gold medalist Bam Adebayo, Tyler Herro, NBA champion P.J Tucker and potential Hall of Fame point guard Kyle Lowry. Though still very early in the season the Heat have a sense of urgency, toughness, and cohesiveness that is reflective of a championship pedigree. They defend well, have plenty of veteran experience, multiple scoring options in the half-court setting when the game slows down, and a selfless mentality amongst the entire team. During the 2020 Finals they managed to squeeze out two wins against the Lakers with an inexperienced and small backcourt. They also lacked another polished scoring option because Adebayo and Herro were younger and getting their first taste of playing under the bright lights. Jimmy Butler had to play a lot of point forward to manipulate scoring opportunities for them but those duties this season have partially been passed along to NBA Champion guard Kyle Lowry. He is currently averaging 10.8 points, 5.3 rebounds, and 7.5 assists per game. I’d be surprised if this club finished anywhere out of the top 3 spots in the Eastern Conference standings at the end of the season. Due to the additional offensive options they have now with Herro, who has accepted and starred in a 6th man role, they are able to excel more in the half-court and have successful isolation plays.

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This organization wants to solidify itself as a storied franchise and get back to where they were at the mark of the last decade. Whatever glory, laurels, or championship banners this organization has hung in recent history has certainly been spearheaded by the Gambino Pat Riley who, as the presiding official in the Heat organization, has consistently checked players, holding them accountable for their roles, overseen off-season conditioning, built lifestyle habits among the roster, and fostered loyalty to the organization. This has propelled them this season as they journey to add to their continuing legacy.

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