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Fight for the Play-In: Warriors & Rockets in Battle

As we know, we are only 9 games left from the end of the 2023-2024 NBA regular season. With it, the expectations of the playoffs are through the roof, and the play-in tournament is no exception. Especially in the Western Conference, there is more excitement regarding this, with the Golden State Warriors and Houston Rockets fighting for the 10th seed.

Will the Warriors defend their minimal advantage, or can the Rockets overtake?

Key Matchup: Apr. 4, Warriors @ Rockets

Houston Win Streak

Play-In: Rockets or Warriors?

These two teams are going through different scenarios as of now. On the one hand, the Houston Rockets could not have been more dominant, closing the season with an ELEVEN GAME win streak, and 12-3 over the last 15 games. The squad is gaining plenty of confidence and improving because of this, which may be exactly what Houston needs to take the upper hand, secure the play-in seed, and ultimately have a perfect shot of advancing to the postseason.

They are a young, versatile team that is currently demolishing all of the expectations of them. They were slowly but surely experimenting throughout the season, allowing themselves to fit in more and more as games went by, which helped with team chemistry overall.

Warriors Instability

On the other hand, Golden State is undergoing a strange period within the organization. Their chemistry, energy, and consistency can be low at times, which results in them squandering their point advantages, losing games, and making unnecessary efforts on many occasions. However, there are other times in which the team has shown glimpses of their former selves from a couple of seasons ago, being effective, energetic, and performing well across the board, characterized by superb offensive performances and playmaking.

Having said this, the team is now in dire need of finding consistency whether they want to maintain the 10th seed in the West, not only to advance to the play-in tournament but also if they are planning on performing well in it, as well as attempting to make a championship run.

Prediction: Warriors take the 10th seed.

This is bound to be an exhilarating ending to the regular season. Nevertheless, there are slim chances of the Los Angeles Lakers also getting involved in this whole situation, as they are only 1.5 games ahead of the Warriors and 2.5 from the Rockets. Either way, we are definitely looking forward to these last games, and of course, the play-in tournament once it begins on Apr. 16th.

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