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Battle in The East: Part Two

Battle in The East: Part Two

Just like in the first iteration of this series, we are going to focus on the season-closing matches in the Eastern Conference.

These last few matchups of the 2023-2024 regular season are of prime importance to these teams, as any win or loss can be the differential factor in deciding the team’s position in the East. Which teams will close the season more efficiently?

Indiana Pacers

Battle in The East: Part Two

The Pacers are, without a doubt, finishing the regular season on a strong note. In their last ten matchups, they have managed to win seven of them, and are currently on a three-game win streak, which can definitely allow them to climb up a spot or two in the East and potentially avoid the play-in tournament.

Upcoming Matchups:

@ Cleveland Cavaliers

vs. Atlanta Hawks

Philadelphia 76ers

Battle in The East: Part Two

The 76ers group is undoubtedly one of the teams that are having a solid season-closing run, with a winning streak of six games so far, the #1 in the NBA right now. With the return of Joel Embiid after that meniscus injury that sidelined him for two months, Philadelphia is proving why they are a top-three team in the East. Hopefully, they regain the lost confidence and strive for a solid playoff run.

Upcoming Matchups:

vs. Orlando Magic

vs. Brooklyn Nets

Miami Heat

Miami has proven time and time again over the recent years that they are one of the best teams in the Eastern Conference, especially when it comes to playoff basketball. Their “underdog mentality” is close to unbeatable when it matters most, and this year might be no exception. Right now, they are looking to clinch a sixth seed to prevent participating in the play-in tournament.

Upcoming Matchups:

vs. Dallas Mavericks

vs. Toronto Raptors

vs. Toronto Raptors

As we can see, the East is filled with exceptionally talented teams that are capable of winning it all providing they find consistency in this last stage of the season. Therefore, we could not be more excited about the end of the regular season, and the start of both the play-in and playoffs. Who is your favorite team in the East to be the Conference champion? Let us know!

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