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Battle in The East: Part One

Battle in The East: Part One

With four games remaining in the 2023-2024 NBA season, playoff standings are likely to change. For now, we will focus on the Eastern Conference, where every seed but the first is possible to vary due to the Celtics’ dominance in the East. How can each of these teams end the season? Let us see.

2nd – 5th Seed

In these positions of the Eastern Conference, the battle is mainly between Milwaukee Bucks, Orlando Magic, and New York Knicks.

They are currently experiencing quite different situations within their organizations, which makes it quite difficult to anticipate the outcome of their seedings.

Milwaukee Bucks

While they are on paper the better team of the group, they have been somewhat inconsistent thus far throughout the season.

However, when they actually manage to lock in, it is a scary, effective team that achieves versatility across the board on both ends. It will all boil down to how they perform in their upcoming matches, which can be considered difficult, especially with Antetokounmpo’s recent injury.

Upcoming Matches:

vs. Orlando Magic

@ Oklahoma City Thunder

@ Orlando Magic

New York Knicks

Despite the loss of Julius Randle, the Knicks have been able to win crucial matches and continue in the battle for a top seed in the East, which will grant them the home-court advantage at least in the first round. Consistency in these last few matches is bound to define their seeding.

Upcoming matches:

@ Boston Celtics

vs. Brooklyn Nets

vs. Chicago Bulls

Orlando Magic

This team has been one, if not the most surprising of the NBA this season. They managed to perform exceptionally in important games and have improved their chemistry as a group overall. However, they recently lost an important matchup that would have allowed them to get closer to a second or third-seed scenario. Therefore, they are in dire need of winning their next games.

Upcoming Matches:

@ Milwaukee Bucks

@ Philadelphia 76ers

vs. Milwaukee Bucks

Cleveland Cavaliers

The last team of the first part. The Cavs are the worst-performing in this list since they have only won three of their last ten games.

However, that does not diminish their consistent performances since the beginning of the regular season, where they were a true menace in the East. Fortunately for them, they have arguably the “easiest” schedules for the next three games.

Upcoming Matches:

vs. Memphis Grizzlies

vs. Indiana Pacers

vs. Charlotte Hornets

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