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Anthony Edwards: A Playoff Beast

Anthony Edwards: A Playoff Beast

With the start of the 2024 NBA Playoffs first round, we have seen postseason basketball in full display. Throughout these first-round series, different teams and players are showing dominance across the board, with unreal performances so far. While we do have a list of the playoffs’ best performers coming up, we will focus on Anthony Edwards this time. How good of a postseason is he having?

First Round Dominance

Clearly, “Ant” has been exceptional in this first-round series. Not only because of his otherworldly stats but also due to his leadership implemented in his teammates while on the court, which is impressive at such a young age. His mentality, selfishness and overall hunger to work as a team and get the win is the difference between him and other stars.

Playoff Averages So Far (Per Game)

31.0 Points, 8.0 Rebounds, 6.3 Assists, 2.0 Steals, 51.2 FG%, 43.8 3P%

Against the Phoenix Suns, Edwards had a stellar performance on both ends of the court, being extremely versatile for the Minnesota Timberwolves, helping out in whatever aspect the situation requires. Whether it is with offensive production, playmaking, or different variations of defense, Edwards has stepped in accordingly, hugely impacting the outcome of the series, sweeping the Suns and securing a spot in the Western Conference Semifinals, against the Denver Nuggets.

Anthony Edwards

Same Dominance Against Denver?

While it is clear that Edwards can definitely continue playing at the highest level, and even surpass his previous performances throughout the series, it is somewhat unclear whether he can have the same dominance in the West Semis against the Nuggets.

Denver has a much more physical roster in all positions, which makes the outcome of the series hard to predict, and at the same time one of the most exciting of the entire 2024 NBA playoffs.

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