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Underrated NBA Players So Far in 2023-24 Season

We’ve seen many players have breakout games and seasons this year so far. Many are getting recognition and some just aren’t getting enough. These certain NBA players have become underrated with the lack of recognition they’ve gotten this year so far.

Whether it’s Fox not getting enough praise for averaging 30+ PPG or Coby White putting up career numbers with a starting role. Let’s get into some of the most underrated players this year so far…

De’Aaron Fox, PG, Sacramento Kings

Averaging 30 points a game in the NBA used to be a huge deal and now we have players being underrated and scoring 30… crazy. De’Aaron Fox has been stellar all year for the Kings and has shown more improvement in scoring variety.

We already knew Fox could drive and score like the best, but now shoot as well? After shooting low 30-32% from three his whole career, he’s shooting 40% from three this year on 9 attempts. An absolute bucket.

Desmond Bane, SG, Memphis Grizzlies

A lot of attention goes towards Ja Morant or reigning DPOY Jaren Jackson Jr. on the Grizzlies, but let’s not forget Desmond Bane. He’s currently averaging 24.9 PPG while being very efficient (47.4% from field, 38.4% from three).

Although the Grizzlies didn’t win many games without Ja, Bane continued to ride the ship and perform at an insanely high level. He proved to be more than a 3pt specialist, with an ability to make plays for others (5.2 APG) and push the ball inside.

Jalen Williams, SF, Oklahoma City Thunder

The Oklahoma City Thunder have been one of the best teams in basketball right now. One of the more underrated reasons has been Jalen Williams. He’s been a complete wing for the Thunder, with his ability to defend multiple positions and make plays for others.

Not only that, he’s also improved his scoring while being uber-efficient as well. He’s averaging 18 PPG on over 50% from the field and over 40% from three.

Coby White, PG, Chicago Bulls

After having a down year with the Chicago Bulls, Coby White is having career highs in scoring, rebounds, and also assists. After being given more of an opportunity to handle the rock, he’s been showing the Bulls flashes of why they drafted him with a top 10 pick. He’s started every game this year and has looked very promising.

He’s still really young at 23 and can still improve his overall playmaking. We already know he can score and shoot the ball at a very high clip, but if he can grow as a passer, it will only help the Bulls and make him a more complete offensive weapon.


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