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Trades the Thunder Should Make For Next Season

Trades the Thunder Should Make For Next Season

The Thunder have proven already as a young up and coming team that they’re capable of competing with anyone. They were able to be the #1 seed in the Western Conference as one of the youngest teams in the league and have shown all the signs of repeating it next year as well.

One way to assure that would be to get some new assets and the Thunder have a hell of amount of assets to trade… so let’s get into some trades the Thunder should make before next season.

Lauri Markkanen

Oklahoma City Thunder get: Lauri Markkanen

Utah Jazz get: Josh Giddey, 2024 1st (12th pick), 2025 1st (via HOU or LAC), 2026 1st (Top 3 protected)

The Thunder desperately needed a secondary scorer in the 2024 playoffs and it was very evident vs the Dallas Mavericks. They were way too reliant on Shai Gilgeous-Alexander for offense constantly and it was easier for the Mavericks to focus on Shai and force the others to beat them and they were unable to. Jalen Williams and Chet are great supporting players currently, but stepping up as the #2 option in a playoff atmosphere… they are not capable yet.

This is where Lauri Markkanen would be key for the Oklahoma City Thunder. Markkanen could take on some of the scoring load and also provide plus-rebounding from the power forward position. Lauri has shown to be a #1 option on the Jazz in the last seasons, averaging 24.5 PPG and 8.4 RPG for the Jazz. With the addition of Markkanen, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander gets to take a backseat sometimes instead of having to be completely relied on at all times.

Clint Capela

Oklahoma City Thunder get: Clint Capela

Atlanta Hawks get: Josh Giddey, 2025 1st (via HOU or LAC)

If you watched the Thunder vs the Dallas Mavericks then you’d completely understand the Clint Capela addition immediately. The Thunder had a huge glaring issue at all times, an answer for lobs and a lack of inside presence. They had no one to take up the paint or prove to be a threat in the paint from a rebounding aspect or just presence.

Sure, Chet Holmgren is an elite shot blocker, but he’s just a dominant inside presence and plays more like 4 than a 5. They need a center that can rebound at an elite level and Clint Capela does that to a tee. Capela has averaged double-digit rebounds a game 7 seasons in a row. That’s what you call a consistent elite rebounder.

Adding in Clint Capela gives the Thunder a starting 5 of:

  • PG: Shai Gilgeous-Alexander
  • SG: Isaiah Joe
  • SF: Jalen Williams
  • PF: Chet Holmgren
  • C: Clint Capela

Deandre Ayton

Oklahoma City Thunder get: Deandre Ayton

Portland Trail Blazers get: Josh Giddey, Jaylin Williams, 2024 1st (12th pick)

Again with the idea of needing an inside presence, Ayton would also be another solid option. Ayton gives more offensive ability than Capela does, but his mannerisms/attitude are what might want the Thunder to shy away from him.

A motivated Ayton has proven to play like one of the best centers in the game, keyword: motivated. Ayton has proven to lack motivation or drive to play to his best abilities and it hasn’t really gotten any better since the Suns gave him that max contract a few years back. If the Thunder can acquire him and get him to buy-in to be motivated, man… the Thunder would only get much more dangerous.


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