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The NBA Has a Huge Problem

This season, there has only been a small margin of players that have entered the COVID-19 health and safety protocols. These protocols keep a player out and suspended from games and practices for at least ten games, unless a player shows two negative tests in a row. But this week, there have been over 55 players that have entered the health and safety protocols, which is a huge scare for teams, and the NBA as a whole.

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Teams and Big Names That Have Been Hit

Some teams have not been affected much by the protocols, but teams like the Brooklyn Nets, Chicago Bulls, and the Sacramento Kings have been big COVID-19 landing spots.

Kevin Durant has been on a tear, but as of this morning, he has entered into the health and safety protocols. Most of the NBA world was delighted to hear about the return of Kyrie Irving, being a part-time player, playing games only outside of New York. But we have gotten the unfortunate news that he has not only been exposed to COVID, he also now has the virus. Meaning it will be a while until we see the Nets at full health again, especially since James Harden is also out because of protocol reasons.

Players like Giannis Antetokounmpo, Anthony Edwards, Zach LaVine, and Ja Morant have been some of the big names that have went out recently. And not only has it been NBA players, coaches have also been placed in the protocols, such as Sacramento Kings Alvin Gentry, and Indiana Pacers Rick Carlisle.

What This Means for the NBA

The NBA has already dealt with a surge like this, last year placing players in “the bubble” where they were isolated with no fans in the arenas, and they were only centered in Orlando, Florida. Now, it would be unfortunate to see something like that happen again, it would probably be unlikely. With the NBA’s most exciting regular season day upcoming, Christmas Day, it is almost impossible that we will see a shutdown before then. This is because of all the revenue and advertising they get for these games. But after Christmas, if the surge continues, it is more than likely that we will see a pause in the season. We should also hope and expect there to be a difference in these guidelines regarding the virus, which is already being discussed. NBA players have also agreed to additional protocols through the holiday.


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