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The Fallen Coliseum: The Last Gasp of The A’s in Oakland

The Fallen Coliseum: The Last Gasp of The A’s in Oakland

It has been known to everyone in the city of Oakland that the Athletics would be leaving to Las Vegas. A relocation considered by many to be unjust and cruel, many fans have simply forsaken the games and left the Oakland Coliseum a quiet shambling piece of itself. Or did they?

The Oakland Athletics have always been a staple in the Bay Area since they first moved to the Town in 1968. Their stadium, the Oakland Coliseum, was built that same year. Since then, it has remained relatively unchanged (aside from the construction of the concrete monstrosity we call Mount Davis.) from when it was initially built. When the A’s announced their move from Oakland to Las Vegas in April 2023, every person in the Bay Area was infuriated. How could a team with such a loyal fanbase leave their fans in the dust, a fanbase that stuck through cheap ownership, a poorly run stadium, and patchwork teams the past three years? I grew up going to both Giants and A’s game, with me being from San Jose, they both were a BART ride away from the stadium and seeing tickets for $3 online a game (Athletics versus Mariners, June 5th 2024) , my friend Alex and I had to go check the stadium out again in 2024. To preface this, I did go to a game in 2023 right after they announced their move from Oakland to Vegas and as such, the stadium attendance when I went was only about 2,000 to 3,000 fans that game. Lets see if this game was an improvement.

To start off, going back to the Coliseum after only a year, it was nearly desolate before the first pitch. In a way, we were concerned at the fact the stadium was empty and nearly zero of the concession stands were open in any way, shape, or form. Me and Alex were able to find out inadvertently, that it was in fact…dollar dog night! A pleasant surprise indeed for us both!

When we initially came to the stadium, the initial plan was to sneak from our crummy seats in the boondocks into some stands close to home plate. Our plan, in our terms, sort of worked? We were able to relax at part of the stadium before the opening pitch thanks to a kind usher who allowed us to sit there for the beginning of the first inning. Shoutout that usher by the way!

We made our way to our correct seats and sat down for the beginning of the second inning. As the game continued, the stands began to fill up and in our wonderful delight, we ended up right in the middle of the Oakland fan crowd. They were far louder in person and when runs were hit, the fans got loud. Practically shredding my eardrums and filling me with a euphoria that only baseball can give you, I shouted and jeered along with the other Oakland fans in our section.

Ignoring Alex’s comments (We may or may not have placed a prop bet on one of the A’s pitchers.), the crowd was quite loud for such a small amount of fans. The game pressed on and we continued to relish in the fun of the game. There also was this moment with an individual who was a little too engrossed in one of the races games played on the video board.

The game continued to engross until the 7th inning stretch and with it as close as it was, the fans showed out even in their sparse numbers. The video cam went everywhere, even to Alex and I! The video stayed until me and a few other fans flexed our “Sell” shirts, shirts protesting Jeff Fisher’s ownership of the Athletics. Although, it could also have been the fact they cut away quickly in general when it comes to those billboards.

To end off the game. A’s superstar closer, Mason Miller hit the mound. The fans were ready. The game sat 2-0 in the 9th and Miller wasn’t intent on giving that up.

Unfortunately, we ended up having to leave the game early in order to reach our curfew and not miss the BART train back home to San Jose so we saw most of the ninth on the way out. However, this changed the way I viewed Oakland fans, not just as baseball fans but truly loyal individuals that even knowing their team is struggling still showing out when they are at their lowest. Jeff Fisher should be ashamed of himself for the product he has put on the field, the Athletics will forever belong in Oakland and it is a damn shame they won’t be come next season.


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