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NFL Referees Are Ruining The Game…

Over the years, there have been various questionable decisions by NFL referees. This has led to changes by the NFL to make it easier for the referees and also correct mistakes made. You’d think all these changes and rules in place would improve the refereeing… nope. The NFL referees have been awful this year and have been ruining the game of football.

Let’s get into some of the terrible calls made that have ruined tremendous games this season so far…

Whether it was the very incorrect call made against the Lions in a pivotable game for the #1 seed in the NFC:

or these many other ones…

It would take me a very long time to go through some of the insanely terrible calls made by referees this year. There are literally compilations for every week of this season of bad calls made by refs.

The NFL needs to start taking accountability for not having full-time refs and for referees that have cost teams potential seedings and playoff chances with their incompetence.

What’s been a very good season so far, it’s been plagued with questionable decisions and calls by NFL referees that have caused a lot of controversy (for good reason).


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