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Donovan Mitchell Should Be A Top MVP Candidate

I’m sure you all have read the title by now, now give me a reason why Donovan Mitchell shouldn’t be one… go on. Are the Cavaliers not a top 2 seed? Is he not the leading scorer (top 4 in the league in scoring as well)? Is he not the main reason for the Cavaliers’ success this year? Exactly. There are more reasons for Mitchell to be considered a serious MVP candidate, than not.

It’s absurd that Donovan Mitchell isn’t being considered as a top MVP candidate this year. Mitchell is currently tied for 8th in odds for the coveted MVP award.

Don’t get me wrong, Jayson Tatum has been stellar, so has Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, and others… but why isn’t Mitchell being discussed with these others?

The Stats..

Donovan Mitchell is averaging 28.2 PPG while also passing a career high in assists per game (6.2) and being fairly efficient (47.4% FG, 37.0% 3PT). Not only that, he’s top 10 in PER (Player Efficiency Rating), VORP (Value Over Replacement), and box plus-minus.

So if we’re talking statistics, he’s more than worthy. Not only is he filling up the traditional stats, but also the intricate advanced ones as well.

Not only are his statistics impressive, he’s also been instrumental in the Cavaliers winning games. The Cavaliers have the 2nd best record in the past 20 games and Donovan Mitchell has been the biggest reason why.

The Cavaliers have dealt with various injuries all year, whether it’s been Darius Garland or Evan Mobley, still… they’re at the #2 seed in the East due to Mitchell keeping the boat afloat.


Although Donovan Mitchell won’t be considered a top MVP candidate, he 100% should be. He’s definitely deserving of the true meaning of the award. Sure, he doesn’t necessarily have the best statistics in the league, but is that what the MVP is all about now? He’s been one of the most valuable players for his team and the league itself.

So when you take a look at the top MVP candidates like Jayson Tatum or Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, ask yourself… what are they doing that Donovan Mitchell isn’t? Not much.


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