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Caitlin Clark and Her Potential Success in the WNBA

Caitlin Clark and Her Potential Success in the WNBA

Caitlin Clark has been the most polarizing figure in not only the women’s college basketball scene. But also seemingly the basketball world as a whole with her pure excellence on the court. She’s breathed life into a side of basketball that’s been ignored by the majority of casual basketball fans, and made it must see TV.

But with her college career coming to a close in heartbreaking fashion after a loss to South Carolina, and her declaring for the WNBA draft. The question that is on everyone’s mind is will Catilin continue her amazing play after she’s drafted?

The Accolades..

Love it or hate it, women’s college basketball athletes must play all 4 years in college before being eligible for the WNBA draft. And although many have said that Caitlin was WNBA ready by her second year. We’ve all had the pleasure of witnessing history at the collegiate level. With Caitlin surpassing Pete Maravich’s seemingly untouchable D1 career points total earlier this year. Her career averages of 28.4 PTS, 7.1 TRB, and 8.3 AST on 46/37/85 splits also look absolutely stellar as well.

Beyond that, Caitlin has won nearly every award there is to win at the collegiate level outside of a championship. She’s been an All-American four times. A three time big ten player of the year. And won both the AP player of the year and the Naismith award in 2023. With many more awards that could be listed off as well. To put it lightly, Caitlin has basically done it all. And that certainly never hurts anyone’s case to be the greatest college basketball athlete ever. However, the big question remains. How will Caitlin fare in the WNBA?

The Truth..

Opinions on this topic have greatly varied from person to person. Some even veering off basketball entirely to try and push their own agenda when it comes to Caitlin. But, keeping it strictly basketball related. There is no reason that Caitlin can’t go on to continue to succeed at the highest level of the sport. Many state that she doesn’t play defense like that. Or she shoots too many threes, and not enough mid ranges. But to that I say, why fix something that isn’t broke?

We saw last year and this year when Caitlin matched up against South Carolina. She was forced to take more midrange shots because they threw bigs at her. And she still made a lot of those shots as well despite them being heavily contested. So even though she’s more than capable of making those shots. She doesn’t shoot them because the three ball has been proven to be a more effective way to win basketball games than tossing up middies all game. Also, she doesn’t play as much defense due to her having to carry such an offensive load all the time on her squads.

However, her defensive impact will begin to shine through after she’s put around a more talented roster. Where she won’t have to put all of her energy out on offense. But with all of that being said. There’s no reason that Caitlin’s Clark’s game will not only translate well in the WNBA. But she’s already shown the potential to be up there with the likes of Diana Taurasi and Sue Bird as one of, if not, the greatest WNBA player of all time.


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