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Biggest Surprises Of the 2023 NBA Finals So Far

With game 5 of the 2023 NBA Finals taking place tonight in Denver, it is high time we listed the biggest surprises of this series while also explaining how they impacted the outcome of the first four games and whether they can still be a factor in tonight’s match. Let us find out.

Jamal Murray

Biggest Surprises Of the 2023 NBA Finals So Far. Jamal Murray

Even though he is known for being an amazingly consistent player throughout his career, he has blown out initial expectations of him in this series. He has increased his versatility on both sides of the court, significantly improving his shot selection, off-ball movement, and playmaking.

2023 Finals Stats (Per Game): 23.3 PTS, 5.8 REB, 10.5 AST, 1 STL

Jimmy Butler

Biggest Surprises Of the 2023 NBA Finals So Far. Jimmy Butler

He started the postseason with an INCREDIBLE individual basketball level and was the main reason why the Miami Heat began this historic run in the first place. However, his performance has decreased in the Finals, which is quite surprising at this point. If the Heat wants to even have a shot at bouncing back in the series, he needs to step up.

2023 Finals Stats (Per Game): 21.8 PTS, 5 REB, 6.8 AST

Nikola Jokic

Biggest Surprises Of the 2023 NBA Finals So Far. Nikola Jokic

By now, we are accustomed to seeing Nikola Jokic put up UNREAL numbers every single game. Nevertheless, that does not mean it is not surprising by any means. The Nuggets’ best player is dominating this Finals series, as no opposing player can come close to stopping him, especially on the offensive side. We are witnessing one of the most impressive individual performances in NBA History.

2023 Finals Stats (Per Game): 30.8 PTS, 13.5 REB, 8.0 AST, 1.5 BLK


Biggest Surprises Of the 2023 NBA Finals So Far. Aaron Gordon.

The rebound difference is substantial between Denver and Miami. With almost EIGHT more rebounds per game, Miami has squandered more opportunities, especially when it comes to offensive rebounds. This has resulted in more offensive second chances for the Nuggets, who have effectively made the most of them.

Field Goal Percentage

Again, Denver has been the superior team in terms of shot consistency. 50.8%, compared to Miami’s 42.4% per game. This massive difference means that the Nuggets have managed their possessions in a much better way, which ultimately allows them to score more points, resulting in three victories so far in the series.

We can only wait for game five to take place tonight. Every single one of these five surprises will definitely be a decisive factor when deciding the winner of this NBA Finals. Can the Heat survive, or will the Nuggets finally achieve their first ring in franchise history?

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