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2024 NBA Mock Draft 4.0 with Trades

2024 NBA Mock Draft 4.0 with Trades

9 Days Away!

The draft is right around the corner and yes this draft is touted to be weaker than normal but that just makes the job of a scout all the more important. Drafts are pivotal NBA moments that always directly or indirectly seeing an NBA title and this one will be no different.

Here I predict all 58 picks and to make things more fun and interesting I included 8 trades that could happen on draft night. These picks are NOT what I myself would do but instead a prediction on how I think June 26th and 27th could go.

There Has Been a Trade!

Cavaliers Receive: Mikal Bridges and Dennis Schroder

Nets Receive: Darius Garland

Before draft night two Eastern Conference teams swap stars. Here the Cavaliers are able to sign Donovan Mitchell to an extension which in turn means Klutch wants Darius Garland out of Cleveland. Talent-wise this is a very fair swap from two teams trying to break into the top echelon of the East.

Mikal Bridges immediately gives the Cavaliers a talented starting wing and allows Donovan Mitchell to fully be the primary ball handler. Strus, Okoro, and anyone else they acquire in the offseason will piece together the minutes around their big four.

The Nets are in a strange situation with a lot of good role players and picks but none of their own. Darius Garland resets their timeline and allows them to be more patient and enter an unconventional rebuild. Garland can still be a big star in this league and a change of scenery may be the best thing for the 24-year-old.

1. Atlanta Hawks: Zaccharie Risacher

<strong>NBA Role <strong>Off ball shooter and defender
Team: JL BourgPosition: ForwardAge: 19.20
Height: 6’9.5Weight: 195 lbsWingspan: 6’9.5

It seems as if the tides are starting to turn. I expect the Hawks to maintain the course and select Risacher with the #1 pick. Risacher immediately takes the De’Andre Hunter minutes and theoretically is a good fit next to Trae and Jalen Johnson.

2. Washington Wizards: Alex Sarr

<strong>NBA Role<strong> Switchable rim protector and offensive play finisher
Team: Perth Position: BigAge: 19.15
Height: 7’1Weight: 224 lbsWingspan: 7’4.25

Alex Sarr is the best prospect in this draft and I would be SHOCKED to see him fall farther than 2. The Wizards are in a position to draft the best player available and not think too much about it. Alex Sarr immediately improves the Wizards defense while allowing him runway to develop offensively.

There Has Been a Trade!

Rockets Receive: Jimmy Butler and #43

Heat Receive: #3, Jalen Green, and Dillon Brooks

A Blockbuster! After failing to meet Jimmy Butler’s max extension demands the Heat capitalize on Butler’s value. Jalen Green showed some real flashes towards the end of last season but maturity questions make him more expendable in Houston than most would think. Ime Udoka and the Houston Rockets clearly want to win next season and this move allows them to do this.

Trading someone who will be 35 at the start of next season for the #3 pick, an interesting young prospect, and a role player who clearly plays Miami’s style is a huge win for the Heat. Is Jalen Green a Heat type of player? Only time will tell but there is clearly talent there and with Butler gone the Heat can explore that.

The Rockets are now ready for a playoff push in the West. FVV, Butler, and Sengun headline a team that has vets like Steven Adams and still plenty of young players who could break out. This is a risky move by Houston but if the reports are right a move that the front office is willing to make.

3. Miami Heat: Reed Sheppard

<strong>NBA Role<strong> SNIPER who is also a pesky defender
Team: KentuckyPosition: GuardAge: 19.99
Height: 6’3Weight: 182 lbsWingspan: 6’3.25

After the departure of Butler the Heat hope to have a quick retool not a long rebuild. Drafting Sheppard immediately adds elite shooting and someone who fits the Heat Culture. This roster does not need to fall too far down the standings and should still be in contention for the play-in.

4. San Antonio Spurs: Stephon Castle

<strong>NBA Role<strong> Defensive specialist who applies pressure on the rim offensively Interesting offensive upside
Team: UConnPosition: GuardAge: 19.63
Height: 6’6.75Weight: 210 lbsWingspan: 6’9

The Spurs have been very openly tied to Stephon Castle and here they get him. Castle for whatever reason seems against playing for a team with a point guard and he is in luck going to the Spurs. Castle immediately offers defense and rim pressure and he has a platform to become more offensively.

5. Detroit Pistons: Ron Holland

<strong>NBA Role<strong> Elite athlete with two two way upside
Team: G-League IgnitePosition: WingAge: 18.95
Height: 6’7.75Weight: 197 lbsWingspan: 6’10.75

I am not a huge Ron Holland fan but it seems to be the way Detroit may go. Averaging 18 PPG in the G League at 18 years old is no joke and we may look back and realize that was the sign he was going to be a star. In the league, he will need to limit the turnovers while becoming a better creator and shooter to fully reach his potential.

There Has Been a Trade!

Grizzlies Receive: #6

Hornets Recieve: #9, #39, Ziaire Williams, and 2025 2nd (via HOU)

The Grizzlies do not have to be desperate this offseason and I wouldn’t be shocked if they go into next season with Jaren Jackson as their starting center. With that being said they are better suited with a true center of at least someone who can eat up a lot of minutes. Enter this trade.

With Clingan falling outside the top 5 the Grizzlies take the opportunity to get their big man. Two years ago Ziaire Williams was a top 10 pick but he has had a tough time finding minutes in the rotation. If two 2nd Round picks and Ziaire are the price to pay here to move up and get someone who can play 25 minutes a night next season then Memphis will pull the trigger.

The Hornets themselves could stay put and select Clingan but for whatever reason it is unclear if Charlotte has that interest. If Charlotte can select one of their guys at 9 why not take a flier on Williams and gain more assets in the early stages of the rebuild? This isn’t the sexiest trade but it makes sense if the Hornets do not want Clingan.

6. Memphis Grizzlies: Donovan Clingan

<strong>NBA Role<strong> Defensive anchor and rim deterrent
Team: UConnPosition: BigAge: 20.32
Height: 7’3Weight: 282 lbsWingspan: 7’6.75

Memphis sees their guy and goes and gets him. Clingan is an instant 20 minutes a night in Memphis and gives them much-needed help at the center position. Donovan Clingan reminds me a lot of Marc Gasol outside of the offensive touch and footwork (which is still a good player).

7. Portland Trail Blazers: Cody Williams

<strong>NBA Role<strong> Two way wing Shooting will ultimately decide the upside
Team: ColoradoPosition: WingAge: 19.58
Height: 6’7.75Weight: 178 lbsWingspan: 7’1

Portland takes a swing on Cody’s incredible combination of touch, size, and defense at the top of the draft. Portland has started assembling talent and this offseason they could liquefy Brogdon, Williams, Ayton, and maybe Simons to further accelerate their rebuild.

8. San Antonio Spurs: Tidjane Salaun

<strong>NBA Role <strong>Long term project Complimentary jumbo wing
Team: CholetPosition: ForwardAge: 18.86
Height: 6’9Weight: 203 lbsWingspan: 7’1

I don’t agree with this pick. Keeping Wembanyama happy is important but that can also be accomplished simply by drafting good players. That isn’t to suggest Salaun couldn’t be a good player but I would feel much more comfortable taking this swing outside the lottery or top 20. The Spurs most likely will not be ready to win next season which gives Salaun some time to develop into his own.

9. Charlotte Hornets: Rob Dillingham

<strong>NBA Role<strong> Dynamic guard creator
Team: KentuckyPosition: GuardAge: 19.46
Height: 6’2.25Weight: 164 lbsWingspan: 6’3

Charlotte accumulated some assets trading down and they add talent with Rob Dillingham. The fit between LaMelo and Dillingham is questionable but also unquestionably dynamic. Regardless of who the pick is it is important Charlotte gets it right and starts the upward trajectory as a franchise.

10. Utah Jazz: Dalton Knecht

<strong>NBA Role<strong> Wing scorer
Team: TennesseePosition: WingAge: 23.17
Height: 6’6.5Weight: 212 lbsWingspan: 6’9

Knecht and Markkanen is an incredible 1-2 offensive punch. There are concerns about Knecht’s defense but between his 6’9 wingspan and his great lateral quickness time at the combine, he will be fine. Last season the Jazz selected Hendricks, George, and Sensabaugh all are players who needed some bit of development. Knecht will differ from them and should be able to take minutes in year one.

11. Chicago Bulls: Matas Buzelis

<strong>NBA Role<strong> Two way off ball player
Team: G-League IgnitePosition: WingAge: 19.68
Height: 6’10Weight: 197 lbsWingspan: 6’10

A Lithaunian running the Bulls takes a Lithuanian from Chicago…Maybe it is a little corny but the Bulls do have interest. With such a guard-loaded roster the Bulls look to give Patrick Williams a co-star at the forward position. In high school, Matas shot incredibly well but this season he struggled. If the shot returns he will be a steal picked outside the top 10.

There Has Been a Trade!

Thunder Receive: Deni Avdija and #52

Wizards Receive: #12, Josh Giddey, 2025 1st (via MIA, Lottery Protected)

Maybe not the grand slam some are hoping the Thunder swing for but it is still a very good trade. Deni Avdija had a very underrated season last year and instantly becomes the Thunder’s starting 4 man. OKC completes this trade without emptying the cabinet giving up Giddey and two first for the 23-year-old.

The tough part about this trade in actuality is that the Wizards may just prefer holding onto Avdija. On a bargain of a contract and only 23 years old there is a lot of logic in keeping him in Washington. With that being said as Nikola Topic falls down the board and with additional first as a sweetener the deal allows Washington to accumulate much-needed assets.

12. Washington Wizards: Nikola Topic

<strong>NBA Role<strong> Lead guard offensive engine
Team: Red StarPosition: GuardAge: 18.86
Height: 6’6.75Weight: 201 lbsWingspan: 6’5.5

STEAL! A top 4 talent falls outside the top 10 because of an ACL injury that is unlikely to take him out most of his rookie year. It doesn’t make much sense to me but it seems like this is the direction we are headed. You know this is a mock draft and not a real draft because the Wizards have had two fantastic picks with Sarr and Topic.

There Has Been a Trade!

Kings Receive: Cam Johnson

Nets Receive: Davion Mitchell, Colby Jones, Trey Lyles, Sasha Vezenkov, #13, and 2027 Top 10 Protected 1st

After trading Mikal Bridges the Nets made their team younger and therefore the 28-year-old Cam Johnson is movable, enter the Kings. After scoring the market for a superstar trade (Butler, DeJounte, Durant) the Kings decide to add a high-level starter in Cam Johnson.

For the Kings this is simple. They were not good enough last season and here they virtually trade two firsts for Johnson. The Kings are teetering on the edge of purgatory, a continuous play-in team that can’t win a playoff round. With this trade, they are a Keegan Murray breakthrough away from being one of the better teams in the West.

From the Nets’ perspective, they liquify their 28-year-old and get two firsts in addition to a whole bunch of throws at the dart board. I don’t specifically love any of the players Brooklyn gets back in the deal but the Nets can try each player in training camp and cut whoever doesn’t have a long-term future.

13. Brooklyn Nets: Devin Carter

<strong>NBA Role<strong> Ball handling scorer lockdown defender
Team: ProvidencePosition: GuardAge: 22.26
Height: 6’3.5Weight: 193 lbsWingspan: 6’8.75

The rebuild of the Nets is officially under weigh and they are set at the guard position. Darius Garland, Cam Thomas, and Cam Thomas headline the guard room and a resigned Nicolas Claxton is the big man. Devin Carter should impact winning right away and is a seamless fit next to Darius Garland.

14. Portland Trail Blazers: Ja’Kobe Walter

<strong>NBA Role<strong> Sharpshooting off ball player
Team: BaylorPosition: WingAge: 19.79
Height: 6’5.5Weight: 198 lbsWingspan: 6’10

I am slightly lower on Walter but Portland needs shooting and wing help that makes this pick make sense. Walter struggled during portions of the season but volume, free throw percentage, and shot difficulty suggest he will be a good pro shooter.

15. Miami Heat: Tristan Da Silva

<strong>NBA Role<strong> High level two way role player
Team: ColoradoPosition: ForwardAge: 23.10
Height: 6’9.5Weight: 217 lbsWingspan: 6’10.25

The Heat don’t rebuild, they retool. Trading Butler is a seismic trade for the franchise but they add Jalen Green, Reed Sheppard, and Tristan Da Silva to the team. All three of those players are fun prospects with potential upside but they can each contribute to a playoff run next season. Add those players on top of Bam, Rozier, Herro, and Jacquez and it is a competent roster.

There has Been a Trade!

Knicks Receive: #16 and #41

76ers Receive: #24, #25, #38

The Knicks are competitive and have a little wiggle room in free agency. Tom Thibedeau has never been a fan of rookies so it seems hard to believe the #24 and #25 picks would be able to find minutes in this rotation. For this reason, the Knicks condense and move up in the draft to target someone they wouldn’t be able to get in the 20s.

Philly called around the league about adding a starter but couldn’t find the right deal/ The 76ers have two notable players under contract next season (Embiid and Reed). For this reason, the 76ers double their first-round picks and grab more players to take a roster spot.

This most certainly is the least sexy trade of the mock but it makes sense all around. The Knicks don’t have a lot of roster spots so they condense and the 76ers virtually have no players so they add more picks in the first.

16. New York Knicks: Yves Missi

<strong>NBA Role<strong> Rim protector play finisher
Team: BaylorPosition: BigAge: 20.10
Height: 7’0Weight: 229 lbsWingspan: 7’2

Isaiah Hartenstein may price out the Knicks in free agency, leaving New York with Mitchell Robinson and Jericho Sims. Robinson is consistently unreliable as a big man because of his health so this is a position of need in New York. Missi is a Thibbs guy because of how hard he plays and his defensive prowess. The Knicks do not need to add multiple rookies to the roster so trading up for Missi makes a lot of sense.

17. Los Angeles Lakers: Jared McCain

<strong>NBA Role<strong> Sharpshooter with creation upside
Team: DukePosition: GuardAge: 20.33
Height: 6’3.25Weight: 203 lbsWingspan: 6’3.5

Surround LeBron with shooters! The one thing we can say for certain about McCain is that he can shoot the ball. In the years where he is surrounding LeBron, he will operate off the ball and can be an ideal 3 and D guard. After the LeBron years, LA can experiment with McCain more on the ball and see if he can tap back into some of the playmaking he showed in high school.

There Has Been a Trade!

Magic Receive: Anfernee Simons and #40

Trail Blazers Receive: Anthony Black, Jett Howard, and #18

The last trade is a big one! The Magic trade 3 young pieces to Portland for their 25-year-old point guard. The Magic desperately needed shooting last season and Simons brings that immediately. Only 25, Simons fits Orlando’s timeline along with Paolo and Franz.

Portland has a crowded backcourt with Scoot, Brogdon, and Shaedon Sharpe so trading Simons makes sense. Anthony Black was the #6 pick last season and although he is a guard he is 6’9 so there is positional flexibility next to Scoot. Portland should be ramping up their rebuild and the addition of these three assets gives them their core moving forward.

Orlando was the youngest team in the East last season and they went to a game 7 in the first round of the playoffs. They clearly have a talented nucleus and adding Simons gives them a true point guard and boosts their shooting profile. This deal makes Orlando a contender for home-court advantage and makes them a true threat in the East.

18. Portland Trail Blazers: Johnny Furphy

<strong>NBA Role<strong> Swiss army knife jumbo wing
Team: KansasPosition: ForwardAge: 19.53
Height: 6’8.75Weight: 189 lbsWingspan: 6’8

Cody Williams, Ja’Kobe Walter, and Johnny Furphy join Toumani Camara and Jabari Walker (Grant will probably be traded) in Portland which gives them a lot of throws at the dart board. The Blazers now have the group of talent, it is on the coaching staff and development team to figure out who can stay on the roster as the team progresses.

19. Toronto Raptors: Bub Carrington

<strong>NBA Role<strong> Starting level offensive creator
Team: PittsburghPosition: GuardAge: 18.92
Height: 6’5Weight: 195 lbsWingspan: 6’8

My favorite prospect in this draft and my personal #6 prospect. it would not shock me at all if Bub snuck into the lottery. In Toronto, Carrington can play next to Quickley, Barrett, and Scottie Barnes as their core starts pushing back toward the playoffs. Carrington’s combination of youth, ball handling, on-ball creation, playmaking, and size should make him a lottery pick and he is an absolute steal here.

20. Cleveland Cavaliers: Kyshawn George

<strong>NBA Role<strong> 3 and D wing with creation upside
Team: MiamiPosition: WingAge: 20.52
Height: 6’8.25Weight: 209 lbsWingspan: 6’10.25

Swiss Army Knife (literally). Kyshawn George is being rumored to go as high as the late lottery so this may be a little bit of a fall. Only 21 players received green room invites with George being one of them. A knockdown shooter with size and over 20% assist rate is intriguing and could warrant a lottery pick.

21. New Orleans Pelicans: Kel’El Ware

<strong>NBA Role<strong> Modern Big Man
Team: IndianaPosition: BigAge: 20.17
Height: 7’1Weight: 230 lbsWingspan: 7’4.5

Another steal here where New Orleans gets Jonas Valanciunas’ replacement. At 7’1 Ware tested great athletically and plays in a modern way that should intrigue teams. Ware is a good fit next to Zion and will progress into a Myles Turner-like pro. There aren’t many people who have Ware’s blend of rim protection, back-to-the-basket scoring, passing, and shooting potential.

There Has Been a Trade!

Celtics Receive: #22

Suns Receive: #30, #54, and 2025 2nd (via WAS, DET, GSW, or DAL)

A little boring but a trade that makes a lot of sense. The Suns asset cabinet is empty and here they add two seconds to move down 8 spots. This works better for the Suns than others because 2nd round picks will go into their 2nd round exception and therefore help them financially. The Suns pay less over the tax line and gain assets and flexibility for future moves.

Boston is coming off a championship but they are looking to get greedy. Dealing two 2nds to move up makes sense if they are able to get a player that can impact winning on their rookie deal. This is the portion of the draft where players start falling and the Celtics jump up and can grab one.

22. Boston Celtics: Isaiah Collier

<strong>NBA Role<strong> Elite advantage creator who puts consistent pressure on the rim
Team: USCPosition: GuardAge: 19.70
Height: 6’3.75Weight: 205 lbsWingspan: 6’4.75

The Boston Celtics offensive system works with rim pressure and shooting. Isaiah Collier will immediately be able to add rim pressure in Boston and help their shooters have better looks. Collier himself is not a great shooter or defender but there will be little pressure for him to add that immediately. Payton Pritchard is not on an expensive deal but Collier could be looked at as the eventual replacement in that role.

23. Milwaukee Bucks: Baylor Scheierman

<strong>NBA Role<strong> Wing sharpshooter
Team: CreightonPosition: WingAge: 23.73
Height: 6’7.5Weight: 202 lbsWingspan: 6’8.25

The Bucks add a sniper with Scheierman and someone who is built for the playoffs. I understand team’s concerns about his lack of high-end upside but Scheierman knows his role and does it very well. The Bucks offense gets better and Scheierman’s job becomes easier playing next to players with such high gravity.

24. Philadelphia 76ers: Kevin McCullar Jr.

<strong>NBA Role<strong> Defensive minded wing who can make offensive strides
Team: KansasPosition: WingAge: 23.27
Height: 6’6.5Weight: 206 lbsWingspan: 6’9

The 76ers need players and people who can crack the rotation soon. Kevin McCullar if he stays healthy screams role player in the NBA. McCullar will be able to defend on day one and as he adjusts his playmaking and potentially his shot can translate to the NBA. The 76ers are star-hunting this offseason and McCullar is a great complimentary piece next to Embiid, Maxey, and anyone else they add.

25. Philadelphia 76ers: Tyler Smith

<strong>NBA Role<strong> Modern forward who protects the rim and has shooting upside
Team: G-LeaguePosition: ForwardAge: 19.63
Height: 6’10.25Weight: 224 lbsWingspan: 7’1

After adding an immediate impact player the Sixers take more of a project. Theoretically, Smith makes a lot of sense next to Embiid stretching the floor and providing some additional defense but I would not expect that in his rookie season. I soured on Smith slightly throughout the season because of a lack of foot speed and confidence in his jumper long term.

26. Washington Wizards: Pacome Dadiet

<strong>NBA Role<strong> High upside wing
Team: UlmPosition: WingAge: 18.90
Height: 6’9Weight: 216 lbsWingspan: 6’9

Alex Sarr and Nikola Topic are massive additions for Washington in the lottery so at the end of the first round they take a swing. Dadiet can score the ball but because of his low minutes, his production is usually characterized more as theoretical. I can’t help but wonder if Dadiet got big-time minutes such as other international prospects he would be regarded much higher.

27. Minnesota Timberwolves: Ajay Mitchell

<strong>NBA Role<strong> Good backup point guard
Team: UC Santa BarbaraPosition: GuardAge: 21.99
Height: 6’4.5Weight: 197 lbsWingspan: 6’6.25

A slept-on prospect by many, Mitchell is the heir to Mike Conley in Minnesota. A spreadsheet darling it is hard to find a direct hole in his game offensively. His 3-point volume leaves a little to be desired but in the league, he can develop as an off-ball player next to Anthony Edwards and their other ball-dominant players.

28. Denver Nuggets: Harrison Ingram

<strong>NBA Role<strong> Swiss army knife role player
Team: North CarolinaPosition: WingAge: 21.56
Height: 6’6.5Weight: 234 lbsWingspan: 7’0.25

Denver prioritizes experience and the ability to play next to their stars right away and I have no doubt Harrison Ingram can do that. Ingram does a little bit of everything but early in his career, he will be asked to play defense and play off of Jokic similar to what Christian Braun does.

29. Utah Jazz: Kyle Filipowski

<strong>NBA Role <strong>Versatile big man capable of all skills
Team: DukePosition: BigAge: 20.62
Height: 7’0Weight: 230 lbsWingspan: 6’10.5

Kyle Filipowski falls all the way to Utah and is a steal for them. The Jazz are adding talent at every position so they simply go best player available here. Utah was able to spark more life into Kelly Olynyk and Filipowski could play a similar role in the league as the Canadian.

30. Phoenix Suns: Zach Edey

<strong>NBA Role<strong> Massive presence rim protector and play finisher
Team: PurduePosition: BigAge: 22.10
Height: 7’5Weight: 299 lbsWingspan: 7’10.75

Trading down adding two 2nds and still selecting Zach Edey is a huge win for the Suns. The Suns have been linked to Kolek and selecting him would not be a bad choice but taking Edey gives them flexibility in terms of what they do with Jusuf Nurkic. The reigning two-time national player of the year Edey should give Phoenix value in year one.

2nd Round

31. Toronto Raptors: DaRon Holmes

<strong>NBA Role<strong> Complimentary off ball forward
Team: DaytonPosition: BigAge: 21.85
Height: 6’10Weight: 236 lbsWingspan: 7’1

32. Utah Jazz: Tyler Kolek

<strong>NBA Role<strong> Offensive table setter
Team: MarquettePosition: GuardAge: 23.23
Height: 6’2.5Weight: 197 lbsWingspan: 6’2.75

33. Milwaukee Bucks: Ryan Dunn

<strong>NBA Role<strong> Defensive specialist
Team: VirginiaPosition: BigAge: 21.45
Height: 6’7.5Weight: 214 lbsWingspan: 7’1.5

34. Portland Trail Blazers: Bobi Klintman

<strong>NBA Role<strong> 3 and D wing project
Team: CairnsPosition: ForwardAge: 21.29
Height: 6’10Weight: 212 lbsWingspan: 6’11

35. San Antonio Spurs: Jaylon Tyson

<strong>NBA Role<strong> Roleplaying wing
Team: CalPosition: WingAge: 21.55
Height: 6’6.75Weight: 218 lbsWingspan: 6’8

36. Indiana Pacers: Terrence Shannon Jr.

<strong>NBA Role<strong> Pacesetting bench guardwing
Team: IllinoisPosition: GuardAge: 23.89
Height: 6’7Weight: 219 lbsWingspan: 6’8.75

37. Minnesota Timberwolves: Cam Christie

<strong>NBA Role<strong> Wing prototype project
Team: MinnesotaPosition: WingAge: 18.91
Height: 6’5.75Weight: 190 lbsWingspan: 6’8

38. Philadelphia 76ers: Jamal Shead

<strong>NBA Role<strong> Bench disrupter
Team: HoustonPosition: GuardAge: 21.99
Height: 6’1.5Weight: 201 lbsWingspan: 6’3

39. Charlotte Hornets: Keshad Johnson

<strong>NBA Role<strong> Versatile forward defender off ball offensive player
Team: ArizonaPosition: ForwardAge: 22.99
Height: 6’7.5Weight: 224 lbsWingspan: 6’10.25

40. Orlando Magic: AJ Johnson

<strong>NBA Role<strong> Exciting guard project
Team: LlawarraPosition: GuardAge: 19.55
Height: 6’5.5Weight: 167 lbsWingspan: 6’8.5

41. New York Knicks: Nikola Durisic

<strong>NBA Draft<strong> Seasoned pro wing initiator
Team: Mega BasketPosition: WingAge: 20.32
Height: 6’8.25Weight: 209 lbsWingspan:6’8

42. Charlotte Hornets: Enrique Freeman

<strong>NBA Role<strong> Rebounding defense
Team: AkronPosition: ForwardAge: 23.89
Height: 6’8.5Weight: 212 lbsWingspan: 7’2

43. Houston Rockets: Jalen Bridges

<strong>NBA Role<strong> 3 and D role player
Team: BaylorPosition: WingAge: 23.10
Height: 6’8Weight: 213 lbsWingspan: 6’10

44. Houston Rockets: Melvin Ajinca

<strong>NBA Role<strong> Off ball sniper
Team: Saint-QuentinPosition: WingAge: 19.98
Height: 6’8.25Weight: 214 lbsWingspan: 6’7.5

45. Sacramento Kings: Dillon Jones

<strong>NBA Role<strong> Bench wing initiator
Team: Weber StatePosition: WingAge: 22.64
Height: 6’5.75Weight: 237 lbsWingspan: 6’11

46. Los Angeles Clippers: Adem Bona

<strong>NBA Role<strong> High motor high effort big man
Team: UCLAPosition: BigAge: 21.23
Height: 6’9.5Weight: 243 lbsWingspan: 7’3.75

47. Orlando Magic: Justin Edwards

<strong>NBA Role<strong> Athletic defensive wing
Team: KentuckyPosition: WingAge: 20.51
Height: 6’7.25Weight: 209 lbsWingspan: 6’10

48. San Antonio Spurs: Juan Nunez

<strong>NBA Role<strong> Elite creating point guard
Team: UlmPosition: GuardAge: 20.04
Height: 6’5Weight: 205 lbsWingspan: 6’6.5

49. Indiana Pacers: Ulrich Chomche

<strong>NBA Role<strong> Upside Project
Team: NBA AfricaPosition: BigAge: 18.47
Height: 6’11.5Weight: 232 lbsWingspan: 7’4

50. Indiana Pacers: KJ Simpson

<strong>NBA Role<strong> Bench guard
Team: ColoradoPosition: GuardAge: 21.87
Height: 6’1.5Weight: 187 lbsWingspan: 6’4.5

51. Oklahoma City Thunder: PJ Hall

<strong>NBA Role<strong> Undersized versatile bench big
Team: ClemsonPosition: BigAge: 22.33
Height: 6’9.5Weight: 240 lbsWingspan: 7’1.5

52. Golden State Warriors: Oso Ighodaro

<strong>NBA Role<strong> PnR big man versatile defender
Team: MarquettePosition: BigAge: 21.97
Height: 6’10.75Weight: 222 lbsWingspan: 6’11

53. Detroit Pistons: Jaylen Wells

<strong>NBA Role<strong> Off ball wing shooter
Team: Washington StatePosition: WingAge: 20.82
Height: 6’7.75Weight: 206 lbsWingspan: 6’7.25

54. Phoenix Suns: Pelle Larsson

<strong>NBA Role<strong> Do it all modern role player
Team: ArizonaPosition: GuardAge: 23.32
Height: 6’6.5Weight: 212 lbsWingspan: 6’7.5

55. Los Angeles Lakers: Bronny James

<strong>NBA Role<strong> Guard 3 and D role player
Team: USCPosition: GuardAge: 19.70
Height: 6’2.75Weight: 210 lbsWingspan: 6’7.25

56. Denver Nuggets: Cam Spencer

<strong>NBA Role<strong> End of rotation energy role player
Team: UConnPosition: GuardAge: 24.21
Height: 6’4.25Weight: 202 lbsWingspan: 6’5

57. Memphis Grizzlies: Jonathon Mogbo

<strong>NBA Role <strong>Advanced forward minus a shot
Team: San FranciscoPosition: ForwardAge: 22.64
Height: 6’7.5Weight: 217 lbsWingspan: 7’2

58. Dallas Mavericks: Antonio Reaves

<strong>NBA Role<strong> Limited minutes creator and off ball shooter
Team: KentuckyPosition: WingAge: 23.58
Height: 6’5.75Weight: 187 lbsWingspan: 6’8.25


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